Learn the British Sign Language version of the Peace

Katie Hello
Hello Paul. Are you alright? Yes, fine
Why are we here Paul? We are here because with the rising concerns
with the coronavirus, and particularly with shaking hands and sharing the Peace, we thought
we’d share with everyone an alternative didn’t we? A different way of doing it that doesn’t involve the traditional hugs, handshakes or kisses
on the cheek, which are somewhat problematic anyway, but actually, rather than not share
the peace, is there a different way of doing it that’s non-contact. The deaf churches come
into their own right here because deaf churches sign the Peace like this. Peace With You (signs
the peace). It’s non-contact but still shares the Peace
which is great. Shall I teach you?
Yes Please Are you ready?
Yes Peace is like this so pinch your finger and
thumbs together, fingers up otherwise its twins or baked beans and we don’t want to
do that. Peace With You.
Katie: It’s an open hand for lots of people. If it’s just one person you point. It seems
a bit rude in the hearing church, but in the deaf church it’s specific. You is one person,
you is many people. Great
But the question is, what’s the Peace about. Why do we do it in church anyway?
Okay let’s keep this to a very short version. It’s sharing with our neighbour what God has
given us. Excellent
And I suppose that’s not a bad as a summary of the whole Christian faith
That’s not bad. God gives us all the gifts he has and we then give them to other people.
Not isolated Christians on their own but in community together.
Great So a final Peace to everyone watching and
you all get to learn this as well. So fingers up. First finger and thumbs together. Peace
With You. Amen.

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