The Gospel Changes Everything: Cedarhome Baptist Church

[Dan] One of the big ways of The Gospel Project is shaping our church is by teaching us that our acceptance with God is not based on our works, but is based on the perfect work of Christ.

[Samantha] Once we had The Gospel Project—once we understood it and how to use it—our lives just, like, totally changed. We have this wonderful curriculum that told the kids the gospel every week.

[Kim] And then when you can appeal to someone’s passion for Christ and you can say, “We have a material that really lands on Jesus Christ and really these kids are gonna hear the gospel.”

People will get behind vision right, so they got excited about that and that was just really a big change for our church it was really exciting to see volunteers step up that weren’t just stepping up for childcare they were stepping up to disciple these kids

[Samantha] It’s one big story, and everything connects to each other and that’s one thing I really love about The Gospel Project. It connects it back to Jesus and it gives it in a simple package that you can understand even though the Bible is not always simple.

[Kim] It is really exciting when you see a kid get convicted,
and when you see them not only understand it, but start to apply it to
their lives.

That’s a privilege to watch and I get really excited about that. [Dan] I hope that when kids go to our Sunday School classes, go to junior church charities, that they walk away knowing God loves me, He loved me first, He died for me, and He rose again, and because of that I want to love and worship Him with my life.

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