Your Words Determine Your Direction

I wanna talk to you for a few moments today about silent sermons you have been stuck in a loop of life you don’t limit it but some of your relationships when off track not because of what was said in the relationship but because of what was not said what you started saying to yourself it matters where you start with what you think about and self is a very small sun for your life to orbit around I don’t think I’m gonna figure out the solution if I start with myself I need a new loop some of you came the church today not just to hear a sermon but the preach one to yourselves want to start with your source and not with yourself every loop that starts with self ends in one of to places and I want you to look for this in your life this week it seems that gonna end in scarcity or shame I wonder if you got a new loop and started with the source instead starting with yourself I wonder how the cycle would change as I found out that I have a second self I have the self that tells me everything that’s wrong with me and then I have this second self it’s not really even me it’s a holy spirit of God dwelling in me I think that I need to let the guide in me talk to the me in me you’ll be finishing the devil’s sermons in all times he might start them but you like grace finish them because every failure he brings up it’s gonna trigger within your mind a new loop to realize that grace is greater than my failure grace is greater I don’t know. Maybe you get living a new loop it is not the sermon that I preach to you that determines the courses of your life it’s a sermon you preach to yourself except what God says about you reject everything else and live your life under an open heaven.

30 thoughts on “Your Words Determine Your Direction”

  1. Yes a second self…oh yes God in me talking to me..Grace has started to build up in me..πŸ•Šβœ¨πŸ•Šβœ¨πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™βœ¨πŸ•Šβœ¨πŸ•Šβœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

  2. Hi Pastor Furtick I always listened to sermons and it brought breakthrough. I thank Jehovah for using you mightily. Be blessed man of God

  3. I am TOTALLY AMAZED. I struggle. I've ALWAYS believe but I struggle. Pastor Steven popped up OUT OF THE BLUE and I have not missed a day of watching a sermon from 2018 to ten years ago. He is AWESOME. Their b MORE comments to come.

  4. I swear your videos always touch base with what's going on around me or in my life. Please never stop uploading

  5. While sitting in class I’m gonna start saying wow and so good at completely unnecessary times and see how people react.

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