You don’t have to find your calling | Pastor Steven Furtick

I want to set you free today from the
feeling that you have to find your calling that’s a cultural concept it’s
not a biblical one you don’t have to find your calling in fact if the text is
correct if Samuel is an illustration then I don’t have to find my calling
because if I will serve the purpose of the season that I’m in in my life right
now watch this get ready to shout my calling will find me isn’t that good news
Christian soldiers aren’t you glad to know that when Samuel heard a voice and
he didn’t even know whose voice it was and here’s the thing about it I want to
talk about the culture and then I want to talk about the contact the contact
because when he first heard the voice it sounded like something he had heard
before have you ever noticed it’s hard to know the difference between when you’re
speaking to you and when God is speaking to you we still have to realize that the
only way that the will of God or the word of God or the voice of God can be
recognized that’s what the Bible said that Eli who was old who couldn’t
see physically I’ve been on this thing lately that we really need people in our
life who are older than us who have been along the journey and to respect the
price that they paid and to not just think that because they don’t go on
Soundcloud or because they don’t have a lot of Instagram followers that they
have nothing to teach us I’m really seeing the value and people who they may
not have the physical vision that they used to have but they can discern
spiritual things and Eli wasn’t even a perfect priest in fact God was in the
process of moving him out of the way and even in that transition because the
whole passage is about transition it’s Samuel transitioning from a boy to a man
from boy boy boys to men I was just thinking you know
it’s hard to say goodbye but when Eli is transitioning out and
when Samuel is transitioning up and he’s ultimately stepping into the thing
God created him for God deals with Samuel but he does it through Eli and
whatever God is going to speak in your life is going to come in the context of
relationships and I chose the word contact to describe it
because whoever you put around you the most will start to affect the voice
inside of you that speaks to you and have you ever noticed that God’s voice
sometimes in your life sounds like your wife
sometimes for me it sounds like my kids sometimes in my life I’ve noticed that
if I am not selective about my contacts I will start hearing I don’t mean like
out loud voices I don’t want you to send me off after I preached today or
anything like that I mean the voice in my mind a lot of times when I was
going through a counseling session to try to understand myself better the one
thing that the therapist would keep saying is whose voice is that you know
these things you say to yourself you go like you know I’m so stupid and you
never get anything right and well of course you screwed it up you screw
everything up you know all that and she keeps saying whose voice is that whose
voice is that and I didn’t know she was just trying to
get me to say you know it was my dad my mom it’s like the point of all therapy my
diapers were too tight but what I realized is that most of us who are not
clinically insane don’t actually hear voices we process thoughts right so we
say the voice of God of does the voice of God come into your life through thoughts
through thoughts and that’s why Samuel was confused right because he heard
something so he went where he knew to go and I want to point out something about
this he did the right thing he did the right thing he
ran I noticed the Bible said that when he heard his name called Samuel first of
all it didn’t sound strange to him it sounded like what he
was used to so he ran because that’s what he did because he had the right
passion but he ran to the wrong person some of you right now you have the right
passion but you’re running to the wrong person or the wrong place now this is
not only true in the case of Samuel it was true of Moses God called him to
deliver his people from the Egyptians Moses had the right passion but where he
messed up listen to this UC when he killed the Egyptian it was the right
passion but it was misplaced he tried to do it his way he didn’t get it right the
first time and some of the things that you’ve gotten wrong in your life some of
the mistakes that you’ve made it was God stirring you up but it was Eli that you
ran to you ran to the thing that God was trying to remove out of your life
because that’s what you were used to you ran to the thing that you were familiar
with because it’s all your mind could understand and so God gave you a gift
but you use that gift for you for a little while until you found out unless
I offer the gift back to the giver it’s gonna come back empty but God brought
you here today to let you know that was my voice calling you that was me that
gave you that talent that was me that made you good at that
that was me that opened the door for you that was me that gave you that
responsibility that was me that gave you health that was me that gave you
strength that was me that gave you that connection it was him the whole time
it was the Lord that called Samuel but it was Eli that Samuel ran to
what are you running to if you’re running to something that is
not your purpose you’ll feel it in several ways but one of the things
I want to mention is I’m trying to surround myself in this stage of my life
with people who bring out the God in me and that’s just me now I don’t mean I’m
gonna be mean to people who don’t know the Lord or I’m gonna go and live in a
monastery or something like that but you know there are some texts
that I don’t return in this stage of my life
because I feel like I’m in a season where I’m trying to do important things
and my calling is valuable and so my contacts are very important because
certain stuff is contagious and I know there are certain people when
I get around them I feel something rise in me that lets me know I
can overcome and I need them around me I need them to rub off on me I need them
to speak into my life I need them to encourage me I don’t need people who are
laying back on the last thing God did in this season of my life I need people to
push me forward yes I do yes I do I gotta be careful reading the comments on
my Instagram in this season because whatever I make contact with I catch and
see I need the word of the Lord I need vision I need hope I need purpose
I need security so he runs to Eli but Eli tells him it’s
God you need to speak to and the right contacts in your life will always point
you back to the only one who has real power thank you God for this word I feel
your spirit on this one this will help you cuz what the concept of calling that
most of us have is that you’re gonna go on a forty day fast in the Holy Land and
God’s gonna speak to you when you walk where Jesus walked on the Sea of
Galilee but the Lord is not gonna speak to you on the Sea of Galilee from a
voice on the water he’s gonna speak to you and I know you don’t want to hear it
because it’s sexy the thing that some day there’s gonna be a voice that
speaks from heaven it’s not gonna be like that it’s gonna sound like Eli it’s
gonna sound like Eli and it is through Eli that God called Samuel Eli this isn’t
Billy Graham this is the dude who blew it and this is how bad he blew it
watch what ultimately happens when Samuel after three times
everybody say three times how many times do I have to tell you one time Holly she
loses her temper with our kids a lot y’all pray for her
I’m just kidding she’s a very patient mom but one time she was so mad at Elijah he was
only about four she said how many times do I have to tell you he got this real
fear look in his eyes he goes three times look at verse 8 again a third time
how many are glad that God has called waiting that God will call you
again ask Jonah Jonah wasn’t even a talented preacher he didn’t have funny
stories he didn’t have good charisma he didn’t even like people but God used him
because when God calls you he will call back you know how there are some people
when you call him you have to call him and so you’re secretly hoping you get
their voicemail because you really don’t want to talk to him anyway some of you
think God is like that like he really wants someone else and he’s really glad
that he doesn’t have to deal with you but God wants you God wants you God
chose you God put the genetics in you the DNA in you the passion in you
the opportunity is for you what God has for you it is for you that’s why you
don’t have to be jealous insecure bitter resentful that’s why you don’t have to
get back that’s why you don’t have to take revenge because what God has for
you is for you y’all awake somebody shout here I am hey thank you for watching
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