Xenomorph Biology Experiments Performed by Dr. Church – Explained

Most of those unfortunate enough to encounter
the Xenomorph within the Alien Universe recognize the severe danger of the species, but for
a select few, the Xenomorph would become an object of admiration, and obsession. One such case would be Colonel Dr. Paul Church,
as depicted in Aliens: Labyrinth. Working under the United States Colonial Marine
Corps, Dr. Church was the lead researcher on the Innominata Space Lab, studying captive
Xenomorph specimens and aiming to understand the creature’s behavior, with the ultimate
intention of possibly being able to control them for use within the USCM. Church claims to have performed hundreds of
expirments of the Xenomorphs, compiling a data overview that, in Church’s words, would
set a new standard for bioanalysis. The alien specimens held within the research
lab were branded with tracking devices and for Dr. Church’s experiments, held captive
in a 30-feet deep pit consisting of Solid, Acid-neutralizing alloy. To prevent escape, the pit had been protected
by sensors controlling a Motion-Activated electrode forcefield. Any escape attempt would be recognized by
these sensors, shocking the creature into submission. Periodicall, shocks would be admistered by
Church regardless, to prevent his test subjects from going into a dormant state – as previous
expirimentation determined that the Xenomorphs don’t survive long while separated from their
clan. Within this pit, there were doors, leading
into Church’s maze, with further opportunities to study the intelligence and behavior of
the species, and further twisted expirimentation. Dr. Church notably studied the eating habits
of the Xenomorph, determining that they seem to be carniverous, though consuming food for
sustinance is second-priority to eliminating threats to the species. In its captivity, one particular xenomorph-
given multiple “cute” , ironic nicknames by church that one would more likely give to
a puppy, such as Trixie, Taffy, and Toodles – was being starved for an extended period
of time. With the pit doors open, the specimen was
lead into a maze and presented with two choices: a pig, readied for the slaughter on one side,
and on the other, an armed guard. Immediately, the alien moves in to attack
the guard. Church observes, “As you saw, it didn’t hesitate. It will starve to death before it will neglect
an opportunity to attack an enemy. I believe they don’t consider themselves as
individuals. They fight for their species, not themselves. They cannot be frightened, intimidated, or
bribed into not attacking. Pain, fatigue, overwheliming odds…nothing
mitigates their aggression.” It was clear to Church that the “Hive Mind”
of the Xenomorph could be something that may be able to be exploited, and his tests, though
sometimes repetitive, held the purpose to somehow understand it better, with, at least
officially as far as the USCM had been concerned, a stance of “Know Thy Enemy.” In another expirment, Two himan subjects are
presented before the captive xenomorph in Church’s maze. One had been injected with FITR, a telepathine
that induces a sense of invulnerability and increased mental strength, the other, stone-cold
sober, and quite visibly, as Church puts it, “Scared whizzless.” The results of this expiriment lead to an
interesting find regarding the alien’s psychic capabilities, as theorized earlier. The good Doctor explains, “First, it went for the scared man. What caused it to pause was the will of the
drugged man. Aliens communicate with each other telepathically
, they can sense fear in other animals. MY working hypothesis is that they can psychically
“see” the minds of men, but cannot understand them. The man under the influence of the FITR was
willing the Alien to stop its attack… and it did! This and previous experiments indicate that
a weakened alien can have its actions influenced by a human mind in an exalted state.” No opportunies were wasted by Church, and
once expired, he was quick to perform dissections, opening up the skulls of the dead creatures,
and trying to see what makes them tick, observing the bilogical makeup of what would serve as
the alien mind: “The surface is lined with a compound of cells
of fullerite-encased hurlantium. The internal structure is solid neurons in
two binary fans. Very, very dense. I think it’s the alien psychic reciever. The fullterite and hurlantium pickup e-waves
and the binary fans create interference patterns from electro-magnetic fields. So it would not only receive brainwaves but
enable the alien to asses another animal’s physical characteristics by seeing its subtle
body. That’s why stron electromagnetic fields really
affect the aliens…gives ’em the equivelant of an ice-cream headache. It became to clear to Dr. Church’s peers what
could be unlocked by his studies of xenomorph biology. The Fullerite and hurlantium could be synthesized,
the psychic reciever could be replicated, and limitless possibilities could follow suit. “Of course, the psychic sense organ is only
part of the picture,” Church explains, “This structure here is very like a cerebellum. There is an enormously complex neurological
structure in the dorsal region that I suspect is what the alien has instead of a brain.” To put it mildly, however, there were concerns
over Dr. Church’s expiriments, about what exactly had been authorized, whether or not
he was misappropriating USCM funds for ulterior motives, and several highly suspect deaths
taking place under his jurisdiction. Most alarming of all was his erratic behavior,
far beyond forgivable eccentricies and suggesting complete madness, with beliefs and claims
that suggest a morbid admiration for the alien enemy. Despite results that showed promise to his
superiors, Church would be hiding many secrets and a terrifying history connecting him to
the Xenomorph. Perhaps the most interesting of Church’s findings
would be unlocking the key to what leads to what naturally ends the Xenomorph lifecycle. With his test subject dying, Church supposes
the cause of its demise: What exactly caused this creature to fade away and die? “Who knows?” says Church, “Too long away from
the give, too long away from the queen…old age, discouragement…in captivity they just
die, as I told you… they just die.” Disturbingly, Dr. Church expresses mourning
over the death of his alien “friend.” “Does your heart know this monster? Do you see the desperate fear of your fathers
in its blind, destroyer’s head? When men first looked into the outer void,
into space, they looked into the soul of this soulless creature. When men kill each other and hurt their children,
and close their eyes? So that good will not distract them, they
are worshipping that creature. In their hearts, all men would like to be
like this one: hideously strong, unchained by conscience, charged by the black heart
of the cosmos to go forth and annnhialite. Goodbye, you dark thing.” Despite his methods, it’s hard to deny that
Dr. Church’s studies lead to some integral breakthroughs regarding a better understanding
of the Xenomorph, in particular his theory regarding their psychic abilities and hive
mind. Do you think his hypothesis is sound, or do
you believe the Aliens communicate and connect in other ways? Comment below and let me know what you think. And stay tuned for more on Dr. Church, I’ll
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100 thoughts on “Xenomorph Biology Experiments Performed by Dr. Church – Explained”

  1. NOTE: In case you were wondering why acid blood didn't spray everywhere and kill everyone during the autopsy, there is an explanation if you pause this video @ 3:38

  2. Has no one mentioned simpler additions. Pheromones etc. Smell fear.
    Added to the known ideas of Herr Doctor?

  3. I don't fault Dr. Church for anything he was doing to get the much-needed understanding of the Xenomorphs. The human race if vulnerable next to the creatures and we can't have them running a-muck destroying our world.I see them as vermin and nothing more.

  4. See, this kind of thing is much better than the "hurr durr experiments, made by experiments of experiments lmao" origin story the movies gave the aliens.

  5. It's been theorized that the xenomorphs actually consume metal, that is first melted down by their acid and then sucked up with the probosis. The idea that they eat meat seems silly.

  6. The telepathy is a red herring, they just use movement, noises and pheromones to communicate, just like wasps, bees, ants and naked molerats do

  7. If the aliens are remotely controlled than it would be useless for the controller to keep one who is stuck in captivity. Hence they die.

  8. Well I mean they can communicate like elephants, if one stumps the ground, it’s sends a vibration through miles which another elephant picks.It could easily be echolocation for Xeno’s.And thought that vibration they can send a psychic message.

  9. Everyone in the alien universe: PURGE THEM IN HOLY FIRE
    Doc Church: pet them, and treat them with love and they won't hurt a thing!

  10. Wait…so if you strap a strong EMP to yourself that is constantly outputting a strong electromagnetic pulse causing them to stay away for an amount of time? Well until it wears off and everyone knows where you are and none of your devices work. So maybe just take it off before it wears and just continue along an alternate path to wherever.

  11. I read years ago something about the Aliens being able to communicate using infra-red, patterns appearing on their head, so it would have to be line of sight.

    I wonder if that was in the pen & paper RPG?

  12. If they can see our minds so to speak then couldn't space marines wear protective headgear to camouflage themselves?

  13. So they would prefer to attack a creature that appears as a threat to their hive rather than an easy kill for food?

    I guess we now know how that cat survived in the first movie.

  14. Psychically, yes, they definitely can see their prey's mind, but also by smell, pheromones, etc. They can probably "see" in every wavelength from radio, infra-red, visible and ultra-violet right up to X-Ray and Gamma rays.

  15. Alien Theory do you think their is some mastermind behind the Xenomorphs? Maybe or individual that is using them? Church's experiments suggest that Xenomorphs can be influenced by ESP to a certain extent. Can you do a video whether their is such a thing. Your videos make me look at this in ways I never considered. Maybe the engineers have psychic abilities? Is there anything to support any of this?

  16. Hm… Well, Church is half-insane, obviously, but not incompetent.
    And He's most likly correct, regarding the psychic hive mind, but there are so many different offshoots of the basic xenomorph that it may not be true for all of them. It may be possible for some, but not all.
    I don't think the albino-esque neomorphs possessed this trait (heads are too small.), but I may be wrong, and they could be more compressed (if possible)

  17. Obviously, the movie franchise could be more… Much more than what's been done. Especially, when one takes into account the pervasive confusion and lack of definition that was Prometheus. Largely the movies have been well done. It's the editing cutting too much out or writing/directing not putting enough in that leaves the movies (recent) well short of what they could be. A true shame, maybe they'll start getting it right. There are so many more movies that could be made than are.

  18. Could you provide a brief timeline of when the source material you reference was published? Even if just in the description. I like to be able to put together what may be based or influenced or perhaps ignored by the writers. Thanks for your concise videos on particular topics.

  19. Did he succeed? Church. Did he manage to create his vision? And what was that talk about bordering on something mystical? Interesting stuff. I hope that once Ridley's new AI focused alien run ends, we get to go into these type of things. It's all so… a l i e n

  20. Y'know, before, I would propable just write off Dr. Church as another crazy scientist villain who has no idea what he's doing with his obsessions… but the thing is, the first video ever I watched about him was you covering his Origin story.
    While I don't agree with the guy nor do I really empathize with him, I kind of understand why he is the way he is and how he got to where he is now.
    I can't help but respect and admire him a little. All that undescribable hell… and he managed to walk through it.

    Trully, if I were to label his character, I would call him and antihero.
    The struggles he endured and overcame are no joke and worthy of great praise.
    It is unfortunate his character made the turn it did, but at the same time, it's understandable why it did.
    I actually got curious to know how his story ends. Knowing the Alien franchise, I'm not expecting a happy ending, but I do hope he at least goes out fullfilled. Realized.
    I know it's weird for me to say this, but I can't help it. I gotta be honest. This is how I feel about this guy.

  21. ha general spear could have used the info that they do not neglect attacking the enemy over starving to death! they cannot be bargained with they exist as a species not a single purpose!

  22. Considering how complex and full of back up plans xeno biology is; I would assume they use more then just telepathy, maybe pheromones as well, or a sound/light wave that we can not detect

  23. I think I'd tell Dr. Church to go fuck his xeno if he told me to volunteer for one of the experiments. It's not worth the $23/hr and free dental they provide.

  24. The alien acts through a hive mind. By itself it becomes a single entity that doesn't know what to do. So it shuts down because a part of the brain kind of like the modula oblongata becomes exhausted and the rest of the body shuts down. And maybe it's also because it needs to be linked with the queen to get that stimulation.

  25. Hey man, I just randomly stumbled upon your channel a few days ago, and while I've only had a very mild interest in the Alien universe, I have to say, your videos are really intriguing and the content you cover in pertinence to the comic series (and the universe at large) is really though provoking. Great job covering these things. A good combination of cohesive and concise verbal analysis and really cool story substance! Cheers! 👍

  26. Speaking of the "hivemind" – it's safe to assume that they are like ants in so many ways (their blind loyalty to their Queen, their aggressive nature, etc.) ; Rather than telephathy, they use pheromones to communicate most of their information, like positioning, disposition and mood. Just a thought.

  27. xenomorph being even slightly psychic makes them scarier, i think. i wonder if you would be willing to make a video where you discuss defense strategies vs aliens? surely you could draw from the materiel but i want to know what you think would be viable or permanent vs them, or even just a compilation of failed ideas?

  28. this is a combination it all boils down to this " Everything for the Hive" in Alien's they where clearing out threats and establishing a Beach head to start a colony. using the the human colonists as incubators. First one becomes the queen and then it lays more eggs and the drones protect and expand the hive. by the time the Colonial Space marines arrive the Xenomorphs had had several months to establish a full hive and with no living creatures to act as serrate hosts there population plateaued…. and they went into hibernation…. Dr church only expanded the theory of how they make a coordinated attack… and how the sense there surroundings for potential threats and food…. em-towers as seen in first few panels of Royal jelly hunt established that they could be controlled for a time with bearers. personally knowing what I know about the Aliens it is pure folly to think they can be controlled. Ripley established that they could be forced to back off for a short time…. but they where back with a vengeance really quickly. you only have to stir up an ants nest to get an Idea of how they will react.

  29. i think they are mainly telepathic but they can still vocalize (talk audibly) if the need arises i mean how do you think they communicate with the queen when they are "told" by the queen in Alien 2 to stand down when Ellen Ripley aim the flamethrower at the eggs

  30. great videos and theories! ALIENS: LABYRINTH has always been my favorite side story in all the films, games, books, and graphic novels (with Rogue an Stronghold in 2nd and 3rd place) – the writing and art really captures a monster somehow scarier than the xenomorph and I finally found the novel based on this comic that goes even deeper into Church's background with the xenos and what prompted his research. SUCH A COMPELLING STORY! OMG, Hollywood – the script is already written and we've got great young animators and practical FX people everywhere. Let's get a new, fresh, look at the Alien and PLEASE LET RIPLEY R.I.P.! Her story is over. This needs to be a film or series!

  31. I just can't understand why the US marine are full of these sicko, psychopath where everyone share the stupid common goal of controlling the xeno

  32. Drones evolve into queens when there is no queen. Queen suppresses others from evolving via pheromonal inhibitor

  33. In AvP 2 the in game lore suggested that they were basically linked but they also thought it was mainly because of the planet, that the xenos there had been evolved that way specifically. Which they also hinted at that it would mean that xenos are highly adaptable.

  34. The raid of the upcoming Area 51 is just a excuse to gather a bunch of weak minded people for breeding stock for xenomorphs

  35. Would be interesting to see if 2 different alien colonies would treat each other as enemies similar to how ants would behave

  36. What matters understanding in the presence of total unstoppable carnage. Did the good Doctors discoveries come to any good? The Earth fell regardless….

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