What’s happening Forum? Really quick I wanna talk about this viral video. Mainly because I can’t open my inbox without someone having sent it to me. So the scenario is this kid’s mom canceled his World of Warcraft account. And he’s a little upset about it. Check it out. (screaming) I wanna run away! I wanna run away and never come back! I wanna run away and never come back. I swear! You’ll never see me again! (screaming) A couple of things here: One, how does he go under the blanket fully clothed and emerge almost completely naked? I’ve actually tried that before with… your mom. It’s not an easy task to perform. Second, he hits his head with his own shoe. Is this what you want? I hate my life! (screaming) Yeah, that’ll teach his parents a lesson. Third, at one point, he just randomly shoves his
remote control up his own ass. (screaming) You know, there really is no explanation for that. Again, I tried that with your mom and… you know, never mind. Fourth, this kid freaks the f***
out for a full 2 minutes, and the second someone yells at him, he suddenly stops. (screaming) Shut up! Like he’s just suddenly like, “Oh, okay, I guess I’ll go play Call of Duty instead.” It’s funny cuz he put a remote… in his ass. Forum, my friend Meekakity sent me this homemade music video you need to check out. The video is actually of this church singing We are the World. Oh, but this isn’t any church. This is the Westboro Baptist Church. You know the one church full of lunatics who always claims that God hates homosexuals. And, that God hates the U.S. military. And, really just claiming that any natural disaster that occurs is God’s revenge on the gays, the Jews… or both. So, here is the video of them singing We are the World and you’ll notice they change the lyrics around a little bit: *You are all a part of* *The devil’s family* *And the truth* *You’re all headed straight to hell* *God hates the world* *And all her people* *You, everyone, face a fiery day
for your proud sinning* What a bunch of a**holes. This is terrible, but I can’t wait for the day when one of the members of the church dies in a horrible car accident. That way I can be like, “Oh, oh, oh, I guess God hates you too, bitch.” Alright, two quick things before I go Forum. Last week, I asked you to submit a video yourself saying, “I approve this message,” thinking that I would only get like 20 submissions. And, I was hoping to make a really cool montage out of it, like: I approve this message As it turns out, I got almost 300 submissions. And, I absolutely can’t rip and edit all 300 videos, nor do I have the space on my hard drive. So, I need your help Forum. How should I resolve this? What should I do with all 300 of those videos? Help me out, leave me some suggestions
in the comments section Second thing, you may have already heard that. What the Buck is having a contest
to pick the next Mr. Youtube. The contest is based on votes. No, I’m not stupid. I don’t have a chance at winning this contest. But, for some stupid, unexplainable reason, it’s important to me. I would be happy just to place somewhere in the contest. 11th place, 12th place, I don’t care. So, you could Forum, if you want, go to the comment section of that video and vote for me. I’ll put the link at the top of the sidebar so you can go check it out. And, if I don’t place, I’m not gonna freak out. (screaming) Well, I may freak out a little, but I’m definitely not gonna shove
a remote up my ass. You know what time it is Forum. It’s time for the Comment Question of the Day, which comes from a user who you’ve all probably have heard of named SenorRatMan. What would you do for a Klondike bar? All right. You heard him. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Leave your interesting or creative answers in the comments section below. And don’t forget to submit your video for the next episode’s Comment Question of the Day. Well, thanks for watching today’s episode of=3. I’m RayWilliamJohnson and I approve this message. So, tell me Forum. Would you rather be a jedi or a sith? Captioned by Jessica Allen for And I approve this message.

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