Women’s Self Defense, Shirley Phelps-Roper Coming Back?

welcome timidly politics i’m david
packard welcome not only submit we politics radio but i guess i don’t know lewis for lack of a better
term is it is admittedly politics t_v_ is that more recalling about an hour interim interim um… name for a is made
of over we have some cameras in the studio we did a trial run of the
scenario actually got what i guess is our debut episode of the t_v_ version and we’re glad to be
on not only locally and northampton cable access t_v_ are rather not have been community
television amherst community television but we’re hoping to roll this out
nationwide and of course on youtube and you can actually see these videos are
you might even be seeing them right now the youtube mid-week politics channel
and a lot of excitement lewis i’ll tell you this pilot a couple a couple months
back and then uh… you know you were traveling and avoiding getting sick on
planes and other that consumes it’s almost a full time job and many humane
senses right and it will now we’re finally launching it for shilts of
september and i think this will be great rex lee lined up to have a women’s self-defense trainer hoop speaks about violence against women
but also the teacher self defense and she will we’re either going to read you
up with one of these over super padded outfits and a huge basically three times
the size of a normal motorcycle helmet will set you up at that and she’ll
defend herself from your sexual advances but which and trust which is a trained
professional i know if i run in sees u then i think is she really equipped but i i i was she’s telling us that she
is well you know i’m not sure how much of damage i can do to someone in a bubble
suitable city rather well you’ll be wearing the bubble
sydney exact we could do it either way right
exactly boca of course mid-week politics dot com is
the website and bus you can follow us on twitter and all that stuff but we won’t
we won’t get into the minutiae of that a couple of emails here when that will
surely from westborough baptist church p back on the show she’s radio cold that’s
karen in ashland wisconsin we cameron too often even though every
time she’s on it’s the most-watched interview we do
she’s been on twice so far and if our audience doesn’t remember
exactly what she sounds like we can we can play a little bit for you and uh…
i warning that this could be you can’t you
might be shocked by this insanity that that you’ll hear in her voice undercover
repairing rapid got here let the making your head and of course in the lord your god is
punishing this nation one of these weapons of choice concerning your
children home dead from the battle i feel good about morning this nation
and around the god of pouring out on their head u will have a backache insists as soon as
she once the it’s almost like an open invitation for shirley well you know uh… our doctor said it
did that for our blood pressure and cholesterol if we had a rough georgian
anytime right that even though i i surprisingly shooting maybe not
surprisingly she’s the one who gets agitated when she’s on the show we
stayed more last call i guess that’s all really try to stay
calm is alright but

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