Will & Grace – Everyone Loves Karen (Episode Highlight)

35 thoughts on “Will & Grace – Everyone Loves Karen (Episode Highlight)”

  1. Thanks for making my wish come true! But I want more Val episodes. I hope season 2 will bring Val again! Thanks, Will & Grace!

  2. This episode was ok, but it seemed a little rushed and things didnt click so well..im hoping the episodes will come together more like they used to. There were perhaps stronger story lines, more depth. The magic is definitely still there as the youtube episode for the elections plus the comeback sketch were bloddy amazing, so looking forward for things to start falling into place as the season progresses. After all, its only normal coming back after so many years. My love and appreciation to the best show ever! ❤️

  3. I was able to hold back my laugh through "nuttier than a treeful of squirrels," but the "blood type" joke got me.

  4. Everyone does not love Karen. I for one would like to make that voice an even higher pitch with the aid of some finger screws.

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