Why does the Church need social media? Season 1, Episode 1

For the first time in human history every
one of us has the potential to witness to the world via the power of social media. Facebook alone, with over 2 Billion monthly
active users, has become the world’s largest country. This presents a bold new frontier
for mission. We need to be intentional about reaching souls
on these platforms that are already designed for engagement and relationship building. The average young person spends 7-12 hours
a day behind a screen. 5-9 hours of that time is spent on social
media. To accomplish our mission in the 21st century,
we must reach people where they are, and not where we want them to be. Over one hundred years ago, these words were
written: Join me for more videos,
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  1. How are you using technology to creatively share the gospel in the digital space? Share below!

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