When The Grand Priest Decides to Fight

Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball
theorist when Goku went to meet Zen-oh for the first time he could tell that the Grand
Priest was incredibly strong. Whis let Goku
know that the Great Priest is among the top five in battle strength in all the Universes. … Or so it is said. Goku excited is calmed immediately by Whis
to remove any foolish thought of fighting him. Since even he is no match for the Daishinkan’s
power. There was something here that I missed long
ago that recently occurred to me after watching the recent Super Dragon Ball Heroes. I know it’s only a promotional Anime but it
made me ask the question does the Grand Priest ever fight? An even better question has anyone even seen
the Grand Priest fight? When we saw the Daishinkan in the recent Super
Dragon Ball Heroes leave everything up to Goku and just vanish as fast as he arrived. Many of us thought why isn’t he getting
involved. Then I thought back to this moment in the
Anime and these words by Whis are very important and what I missed. After stating how strong the Grand Priest
is he immediately followed with ….Or so it is said. Which makes you wonder has Whis never seen
his father fight? That is thee exact implication of his words. The Grand Priest is the father to the Angels
and watcher of the Omni-King. He is Zen-ohs right hand and in a way guardian
as the Daishinkan lets him know what is transpiring in
the multiverse. The highest duty is bestowed upon him and
always found that his relationship is much like most Angels with their God of Destruction
except he is watching over the King of everything. How did the Grand Priest arrive at his postion? How did he become so strong? I could come up with more questions than answers
it seems but the main focus is…When does the Grand Priest decide to fight? Does it have to be a Multiversal threat for
the Daishinkan to get involved? If this were the case and there is a real
Multi-versal threat then where was the Grand Priest when
Merged Zamasu became the Universe? We call him Multi-versal Zamasu for a reason
and he even started to leak into a different timeline. Whis and Beerus sensed his presence and stated
how unpleasant it was so surely the Grand Priest would of sensed him too! Not just in the current timeline but the Futures. However as we know… he did nothing. Was the future time-line Grand Priest watching
everything unfold and the fight between Zamasu and our heroes? Does he even care if a multi-versal threat
destroys everything? The short answer is
no!.. the Grand Priest didn’t care what Multi-versal Zamasu did because he let everything transpire
and Goku to summon Zen-oh. Which by doing so Zen-oh erased that entire
time-line destroying everything including Zamasu. Why didn’t one of the top battle powers in
the Multiverse step in? He absolutely could of prevented the future
time-line from being erased. Talk about cold and calculating and I
don’t know who scares me more…. Zen-oh or the Grand Priest. So when does the Grand Priest decide to fight? What would be his trigger if you will if sitting
back and letting an entire time-line get erased isn’t it? Well it has to do specifically with his job. The Daishinkan’s job is to ensure Zen-oh sits
at his thrown and stays happy. The reason he stopped the fight with Goku
and Toppo was someone might get seriously hurt ruining the
tournament that is for Zen-oh. The Grand Priest only directly cares about
Zen-oh and what he wants. Which is why he doesn’t interfere with anything
unless it involves Zen-oh. This is why Whis stated … or so it was said
that the Daishinkan’s power is so great. No one knows for certain because there is
almost never a time to see him actually get involved
and fight. The only real way for the Grand Priest to
fight would be if someone launched a direct attack at Zen-ohs palace. This would directly interfere in his job. Only Zen-ohs
guards and him would be there to stop an attack before they reach Zen-oh. If the Grand Priest did have to repel an attack
he still might not even fight unless Zen-oh directly
orders him too. You see the Grand Priest code is absolute
and he won’t waiver from his job functions ever! It is his purpose. So it is likely that we won’t see the Daishinkan
in action or decide to fight anytime soon. Well unless it interferes with his job with
Zen-oh and is ordered too that is. Hope everyone has been having a great week
and that you have a fantastic weekend. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to
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67 thoughts on “When The Grand Priest Decides to Fight”

  1. Happy Friday everyone and wanted to get this video out now discussing the Grand Priest and what would actually make him decide to fight. With the recent SDBH where the Grand Priest left everything to Goku it made me go back and look at the Anime and have reason to believe that even Whis has never seen his father fight!! The Grand Priest let Multiversal Zamasu take over so what does it actually take to get the Daishinkan to actually fight?

  2. Super Sayan was about unlocking inner potential/strength.
    The God ki was about Perfect Ki Control.
    Ultra instinct is the mastery of Self Movement.

    The next power boost should be about tapping into Ki from the Spiritual Realm or another dimension… this way you never run out of Energy during a fight.

    They can even give it a cool name like Limitbreaker Goku or something

  3. Super Sayan was about unlocking inner potential/strength.
    The God ki was about Perfect Ki Control.
    Ultra instinct is the mastery of Self Movement.

    The next power boost should be about tapping into Ki from the Spiritual Realm or another dimension… this way you never run out of Energy during a fight.

    They can even give it a cool name like Limitbreaker Goku or something

  4. He may not need to "fight" This is highly speculative but he may be able to neutralize any assault and that's if even anybody can get to where they're at to assault the grand priest or Zeno

  5. If he doesn't fight then he should train goku since whis has done his job taking goku to ultra instinct. The grand priest should train goku to achieve his form and master it

  6. Laggz and hearts will show up eventually to zeno before goku and threatens zeno but the grand priest is there to defend before Goku arrives or so its said…..

  7. Shaggy vs. Grand Priest

    Shaggy : beats grand priest with 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of his power

  8. I'd love to see that dude get his fight on…I believe it would be a one sided fight. Someone besides Goku and friends has to be able to just wreck stuff. Idk really but it would be fantastic to see him get down of only for one episode.

  9. the Grand Priest is looking after Zeno, basically making sure nothing happens to him. But it's actually so Zeno doesn't do anything to huge. Zeno is basically god. The Grand Priest is like his bodyguard

  10. I feel like their was a supreme being but then that being split into Zeno and grand priest
    With Zeno being the ultimate powerhouse
    And grand priest being the ultimate brains
    To ensure well whatever

  11. I feel like the grand priest had battles in the past with very strong and powerful enemies that threatened the multiverse think about it people he's in the top 5 in battle strength and battle power and I feel like. He battled demons that was so powerful that he probably had to break his limits and he probably battled warriors from other dimensions or other multiverses I feel like it's 18 universes so. It could be other multiverses out there as well and zeno father big zeno is king of all multiverses think about people lil zeno doesn't know everything and I feel like father zeno put Grand priest in charge of watching over and protecting little zeno and he's watching everything in another dimension he might not be the strongest and then again he might

  12. It really did irritate me when goku uttered those words in the same conversation about the grand priest. He's just too dam happy-go-lucky in the super series and it pisses me off sometimes. Vegeta's maturity needs to rub off on goku.

  13. There are only 4 strongest in the multiverse that we know of:
    1. Grand Priest
    2. Zeno (second Zeno came after they found out that Grand Priest was top 5)
    3. Zamala (Nemekian god who created super dragon balls)
    4. Super Shenron (Zarama)
    5. ?????

    Edit: one might not count Zeno since he is not technically a fighter.

  14. Yhea no one did even whis did not see how his father fight but goku did beacause he trained goku in DBS Heroes ep 8 that means goku saw what dioshin kon could do

  15. Bro the angels power is so scary after seeing how strong jiren, goku vegeta, and broly is THEN there's the god of destruction, then the angles bruuuuh…dragon ball should keep going…I wanna see more dragon ball and honestly db heroes has been adding new stuff which takes the db power scale to the next level..the moro arc has been good so far

  16. As to the Zamasu situation.. First Beerus was powerless at that point when zamasu was about to take the multiverse he could literally just sit and hope for the best, completely powerless, Second angels do not interfere in such matter unless they have orders to do so which i believe it works that way… Grand priest is too OP.. taking care of Zamasu would be so easy why bother himself travelling there to end it in like one second… I do believe that the grand priest cannot "hakai" anything but Zeno does.. implying an extremely similar situation with the gods and angels… Beerus can Hakai everything he wants except the angels.. if he would Hakai whis, whis would probably swat it away like a fly landed on his shoulders… Just like i believe that if Zeno decided to erase the grand priest, GP would just walk it off like nothing happened… Zeno is the supreme god but even the supreme needs a teacher/master.. I truly believe that the most powerful force of all wasnt revealed yet but the grand priest is like second or third strongest which makes you wonder the other beast thats lurking out there

  17. So the angels are the teacher of the gods of destruction which makes them stronger right?? so how can zeno be stronger than the grand priests if that's his teacher how does dat work??

  18. This gives me the same feeling as when the grand Kai was introduced. I feel as though toriyama left it this way and made Zeno so child like so later he could introduce the god over the universes

  19. Grand priest is the strongest fighter

    But they said grand priest is top 5 strongest character in all multiverse

    We know too 5 there zeno super shenron grandprist were the other 2 strongest

  20. In Dragon Ball Heroes, why didn’t Hearts attack the four strongest universes? The universes that didn’t fight in the tournament of power. You said in a pervious video that those universes were organized and whatever threatens them would be eliminated quickly. So did Hearts realize that they were too strong or does he not know about them? Please answer this, thanks 🙂

  21. Zeno dropped one of the pieces when he was playing with the other Zeno and as soon as the chess pierce touched the grand priest it immediately disappeared. Grand priest & Zeno are way too OP for everyone

  22. All the grand preist do is hold the multi verses together like when there is a huge battle or a god battle that last more than a day the space and time it self is cracked thats whre the grand preist comes in he holds them to not break after the fight is done zenos guards can help

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