What’s Your Favorite Thing About Advent? – Divine Child Parish

That you get to set up things. We put the ornaments on the Christmas tree and my favorite part is when we put the angel on top. So we can have the four candles – the purple and pink – and we light up every Sunday those lights. I like lighting the candles each Sunday. Seeing the house kind of transform when we put up all the different decorations as we get closer and closer. As a child, you know when you’ve got the pink candle when it was that week, you know, we were getting really close. To open your heart and you go to – you go to confession and you know get ready for the coming of Christ. I think so many people return to Church, maybe after not being here for awhile. You have so many things being thrown at you on the television and the radio and the sales and everything else and I just love spending at least a half an hour in adoration just keeping myself calm. To keep God the center of my life and to know that He is with me at all times. Sit, have some quiet time with the Lord. I have like the little blue book you know – I like to read the readings out of that every day. It means anticipation. The anticipation that builds up – the leading to Christmas – that’s what I enjoy. The presents. The music just moves me, it’s just so angelic. You almost imagine what it would be like. Maybe going to Heaven one day. Everyone loves to sing at Christmas time, regardless of where you come from. Having my friends and family with me. And everybody starts reaching out to each other and starting to work a little bit harder to be kinder to each other. It’s kind of a time to be more observant of our surroundings and how, how very blessed we are. Being a lot kinder to each other. It’s when people start to try a lot harder to talk to each other more. I just think it’s a wonderful time to be alive. I just enjoy being able to have all the Christmas time around our family and that they all live within the area of Michigan. Gets us away from the commercial end of things and just allows us to take a step back from everything else. Kind of gets us a chance to kind of refocus and recenter every year and anticipate the birth of Christ. My favorite part about advent is family and being close to Jesus. In Mexico, we kiss the little baby doll of Jesus. So we pass – every people that want to see the baby and we kiss his – and that part is like emotional for me. Probably the tree, I really love decorating it and seeing it up. Jesus’ birthday. Every year my family does an Advent calendar and like each day is like a different activity we do to sort of prepare for Christmas. The tree lighting and the night prayers. Just listening to each weeks passage. We do an Our father and we thanks, like what we are thankful for and that’s all. Buon Natale (Merry Christmas) from my family to yours. Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) Thank you for letting me present myself and family to you, at Christmas.

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