What You Should Know Before Eating At Popeyes

Beloved by everyone from chef David Chang
to the Kardashians, Popeyes isn’t just “Louisiana Fast,” it’s a cultural phenomenon. But before you dig into a biscuit combo, you
might want a little taste of the real story behind the brand. Calling Popeyes’ founder, Al Copeland, “colorful”
is a bit of an understatement. When he died in 2008, his obituary in The
Times-Picayune was filled with anecdotes like his tendency to keep his speedboats in a giant,
glass-walled display case along the interstate. He also once opened another restaurant in
New Orleans called Straya, which hugely offended author Anne Rice. She said, “The humblest flop house on this strip of
St. Charles Avenue has more dignity than Mr. Copeland’s structure.” She was attached to the location because it
made a key appearance in her book Memnoch the Devil. Her most famous vampire character was supposed
to make his final appearance while gazing through the windows of the building. “I might come up with some t-shirts that say
bite me.” Copeland took out a full-page newspaper ad
offering to help her find her lost vampire, and when she sued him, it was thrown out of
court. “Popeyes is jumping on the controversial emotional
support pet bandwagon, and I’m loving this.” For the 2018 holiday travel season, Popeyes
decided to do something a little extra special for the weary travelers passing through the
Philadelphia International Airport: give them “Emotional Support Chickens”. According to USA Today, the chicken-shaped
to-go box promo had followed recent headlines about passengers being denied the chance to
fly with emotional support peacocks, squirrels, and pigs. PETA, of course, was quick to point out the
irony when they tweeted, “Popeyes is selling boxes of dead ’emotional support chickens’
for the holidays, proving they’re not above mocking mental illness AND animals who died
gruesome deaths.” Long-time Popeyes fans remember when it used
to be called Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits. Today, it’s Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen – so…
what’s up with that? “You know what I love about Louisiana?” “Probably my cookin.” “I love the flavors that come out of here.” According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the
change came at a time when Popeyes was floundering. Over the course of 10 years, Popeyes turned
itself around under the leadership of former CEO Cheryl Bachelder, and the first step in
the chicken chain’s rehabilitation was the name change. Former chief brand officer Dick Lynch said
the state of Louisiana was chosen for the name – after a lot of debate – not just for
its close Creole heritage, but also because it allowed the company to branch out into
other things, like seafood. “You are good Annie.” “Not half as good as my shrimp.” There are a ton of celebrities who have spoken
out publicly on their passion for Popeyes. Everyone from Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kanye
West, to chefs Anthony Bourdain and David Chang, to MMA fighter Daniel Cormier have
posted on social media about their love for Popeyes. But… there’s a catch. “Oh it’s on.” “Oh no, please don’t do the ‘it’s on.’ What does that mean?” In 2017, WWD reported the FTC issued warnings
to various celebrities about just how careful they needed to be when they post. The alert essentially reminded celebs and
influencers that if they have any kind of contract or financial connection to the company,
they need to disclose that in their posts. Popeyes massive rebranding campaign was a
huge success, but it sure wasn’t flawless. Part of the restructuring involved the creation
of a spokesperson: Annie. According to AdAge, Popeyes described her
as the public face of the changes at Popeyes and a sign that they were tapping into their
Louisiana roots. But CBS reported that not everyone was thrilled
with Annie, a character some saw as more than a little racist. “I think we’ve made a lot of progress here. I feel great.” Then when Jerry Rice appeared in other cringe-worthy
Popeyes commercials, Atlanta Black Star reported that didn’t go over well, either. Yet no one seems mad enough to stop buying
their chicken. “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done
for chicken.” Skipping the healthy train These days many fast food restaurants have
overhauled their menus to include some healthier options. Even Taco Bell has healthy choices available. But Popeyes is still serving up the same fried
chicken. Their Live Well menu – which offers “healthy”
options under 350 calories – is basically just sides, and smaller portions of regular
menu items – without a leafy salad in sight. So what gives? Former CEO Cheryl Bachelder told the Financial
Post in 2015 that they’ve tried healthier options, but those just haven’t sold. She explained, “People are eating a lot of baked and broiled
chicken at home. […] I like to say we eat boring, healthy
food at home, and we eat things like Popeyes when we go out to enjoy a special evening.” Looks like Popeyes fried chicken is here to
stay. “Love that chicken from Popeyes.”

48 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before Eating At Popeyes”

  1. so after wasting 4:57 watching this video the reasons why Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is so dangerous is because of their deceased owner, the way they re-branded themselves & the Kardashians?

  2. I love the chicken! It's sad that where I live, the only Popeyes within a 20 min drive still sucks after being in business for over 3 years. Absolutely, unexcusable service that sure left an open wound with us. No side we asked for, and none of the Chicken they were supposed to have too! Thank You Google for letting folks comment on these sick places to dine. I'll stop by a different Popeyes if I'm in the neighborhood!

  3. If they come with a deep fried salad that taste like cajan emotional chicken does, I may consider it. Until then, I'll take a 8pc, extra taters, and spicy gravy please.

  4. I'm sorry, but this did not make in e me think twice a before going to popeyes. Was waiting to hear some outrageous reason why I shouldn't and ended up with nothing. Just a waste of time.

  5. Is this channel just trying to fear monger people into not eating? I saw the papa johns video and the one about certain cheeses. Now this?

  6. Love that chicken from Popeyes I love Popeyes so much I don't care about KFC chicken like that Popeyes that's my favorite restaurant

  7. I like Popeye's Chicken……but the store close to me seats at the tables are a mess all have been cut up taped over and over, and dirty, tried looking for an e mail address for Toronto area they don't seem to have one ,,,,,,,,

  8. That video was full of politically correct, trigger me BULLSHIT!!! Just let the food speak for itself. Fuck so tired of the MSM and the Demoshit party.

  9. Who cares if they don't have salads, most salads at McDonald's have more calories and fat than a Big Mac. I work at a place on Tuesdays a few times a month where Popeye's is on the way home and they have a two piece special so I just get that and go eat it with some healthy sides I make myself at home.

  10. I'm a chicken tender person…However Popeyes tenders…They ALWAYS taste awful to me…it I'm being EXTRA HONEST…They also look strange to me. Just to be fair to the company…I've tried tenders from several locations…spread out across a few states…Tenders had the same nasty taste every time. (Pointing out what should be obvious…Yes they also had that same bizarre shape. Obviously because they come in frozen.;
    Sorry if some of y'all are like "Duh!" Y'all know that ONE person who will comment talking about..*She's not being fair! She only talked about the shape of one location's tenders!)*

    Now….I will say I absolutely LOVE popeyes cajun rice! AMAZING!!❤👍

  11. garbage video. there's nothing in here that you really need to know before eating at popeyes. you can watch it after eating at popeyes, or not at all..it doesn't matter, they just got a chick to read the wikipedia page and monetize it…..

  12. I live in the philippines
    They say it doesnt taste good
    We were supposed to go today
    I cancelled going there cuz it got me so hyped and then they say that😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😠

  13. Here's what you should know before you eat at Popeye's: its delicious, and its chicken. You cant expect it to be healthy!!!!!!

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