What percentage of our income should Christians give to the church?

I think very plainly the Bible gives us the
tithe as ten percent, and I think that’s a good starting point and a good starting place
in how we give. And you know, the New Testament never repeals
that. Paul tells us that the Lord loves a cheerful
giver and that we’re not to give begrudgingly. But what Paul is not arguing against that
we’re not called to give. I think it was assumed that Christians were
still tithing, and Christians were still giving. Otherwise, I think it would’ve been a pretty
significant thing and we would’ve seen something in the New Testament to say, “You no longer
have to do this.” That which God’s people did throughout their
entire history for God to say, “You don’t have to do this anymore,” that would be significant. Jesus, in expanding upon this, though, throughout
His ministry, seems to say that it’s not just giving the bare minimum, the lowest common
denominator. But it’s giving as we can—being generous. And so I think the New Testament principal,
why I say ten percent is a good starting point, is the New Testament principal is really that
principal of generosity. So the question that people need ask themselves
is, “Am I being generous with what God has entrusted to me?” And while that certainly entails our money,
it entails our treasures, it also entails our talents and our gifts and our time. And so that’s a simple answer, we could spend
a lot more time talking about that. But I hope that suffices for the time being.

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  1. Yes. I understand now that those who are born again from the Spirit of God ARE the temple. That's why it's not specified in New Testament how much a child of God should give. It only instills to give generously, and offer sacrificially.

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