What Is the Orthodox Church? – Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

What is the Orthodox Church? The Orthodox Church is the original Christian Church, founded by Jesus Christ through His apostles. It has one purpose: to bring every human person into the love of God so that everyone can be healed of their brokenness, and woundedness, so that everyone can grow to their true potential which is to become like God. How do Orthodox Christians do this? We do it by participating in God. Which means connecting with Him in prayer, and in the sacraments where we physically touch God directly and experience His transforming presence in us. This changes us, first cleaning away the junk we’ve accumulated and then raising us to be illuminated and filled with His power and energy. This is possible because the Son of God became human, so through His humanity we can access His divinity. It’s because God became a touchable man that the Orthodox faith is so physical, so touchable, this is a faith that touches every part of the human person, the mind, the heart, the soul, the emotions, the body, and all the senses. And this is something we do together, which is why Orthodoxy is the Church, not just a private way of life. The Church is the extension of the Love of God into mankind. A lot of people don’t know about the Orthodox Church. They don’t know that it’s the second largest Christian communion in the world. They don’t know that it extends through history with the same faith, and way of Christian living through 2,000 years. They don’t know that it’s really different from the kinds of Christianity that they may already know. They don’t know that this is the Church for them, and their families. But everyone is welcome. And everyone is wanted. Have you ever looked us up? Find an Orthodox Church and check it out. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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  1. 22 years this month since I became an Orthodox Christian and I don't regret it! In fact, as much as I am thankful for my previous religious education…I wish I had even more years in the Faith!

  2. Thank you for speaking about the Eastern Orthodox Church in these videos! I'm the type of person who wants to know what I'm getting into, and I've read forums (with Priests that respond) that indicate that getting into this faith can be difficult due to how pure this particular faith is, and it creates apprehension on some levels. Videos like this help to quell that feeling, so thank you very much. I have an Orthodox Church nearby and I look forward to visiting them soon.

  3. Thank you so much for these wonderful videos! I enjoy them! Orthodox is not just one religion! Orthodox is faith of the True Trinity God, is life, is light! Thank God because I grew up in Orthodox faith! Thank you Lord for Your Love!

  4. Very beautiful video.. I consider that Father Andrew has to be fair, the Orthodox Churches and The Roman Catholic church are the the church that Jesus founded. What we know see as Roman Catholic is the Occidental Church or the Church of the West and the Orthodox is the Oriental Church or the Church of the East. Both are the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. There was a Schism, thats why we are separated.

    Greeting and blessing from a Roman Catholic Brother that is praying and hoping that we can overcome our errors and sins and we become one again.

    God Bless our Eastern Catholics brothers.

  5. I am a skeptic, I don't know what I believe. I was introduced to the orthodox church by my best friend and he wanted me to come to church with him so i could see it myself and learn more about it. The sad part is that here in Norway there is only like 13-14000 members and i think there is only one priest in the country and he have to fly all over the country.

  6. May peace be upon u my brother! 😊 although im not a Christian orthodox follower (im a Muslim 😊), in the Holy Quran told us that in time to come, we the Muslim will find out that the most closest in friendship,love and affection towards us will be those who say 'We are Christian'..and in those people,the are the community who are very humble and not arrogant people..now its very clear to us,it is the Orthodox Christian community.😊😊😊

  7. Beautifully said. If I wasn't already an Orthodox Christian I would want to become one! So happy to have found this on youtube.

  8. I have a question if a baby just born or a person do not know about religion (Hindu, Christian, Muslim) can he/she connect with god

  9. In America trec la Sfanta Ortodoxie credinciosii crestini in masa, au inceput si construirea de biserici si catedrale crestin Ortodoxe in multe orase. Un fenomen miracol, nemaiintalnit in aceasta parte a lumii. Si primii par a fi chiar americanii mai bastinasi . Nu se cunosc cauzele fenomenului, Poate Dumnezeu le-a deschis ochii. In timp ce in Europa se pare a se dorii invers pe toate palierele inclusiv sexuale. Acolo e de groaza !

  10. Sorry Father… the very first words you said, the Orthodox Church is
    " the original Christian Church, founded by Jesus Christ through His Apostles".
    Father that is a lie.
    The Orthodox Church
    didn't exist in year 50AD…1stC…
    If it was the first original church…there would be a billion Orthodox today.
    Please tell the truth…
    the first Church is the Roman Catholic Church.
    The Orthodox broke away from it, you left and created your own man made church which you have today, and many other
    different break away denominations, from the first and original Orthodox church.
    All Orthodox used to be Roman Catholics,
    but you schismed. Because of the schism you are not Christian, and you cannot call yourselves Christian ..you haven't got the whole truth of Christ….this is what you chose originally, when you broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in denial of the Pope …as Peter as the authority, you created you own Peter… Patriarch, who is man made .
    Father you must speak to your congregation about your history… they must know.

  11. May I know what orthodox view on Islam? Do both of them get along with each other despite the differences and the current political situation? Thanks.

  12. John 14:6 New International Version (NIV)
    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  13. I'm on the fence, myself. I admire the Orthodox Church and I agree on many of its teachings and traditions. However, there are some beliefs and traditions that (I'm no expert on Orthodox doctrine so I may be misinterpreting them) I feel seem to contradict what the Bible says.

    For example, in one of the other videos on this channel, the man in this video talks about the difference in evangelical and Orthodox views on salvation. I believe that the Bible teaches that salvation is a one-time process that merely requires one to be humble, come before Christ, repent, ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him to save them, and then affirm their faith in that He will save them. I believe that, at that moment, the believer is forever held by the Hands of God, nothing can take them away from Him (meaning there is zero possibility of anything but heaven for that person). But I also believe that we, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, grow in God to be more like Him. Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church — according to Fr. Damick — believes that salvation itself is an ongoing process that begins with faith and baptism (I believe baptism isn't essential to salvation but merely a means of declaring one's salvation) that lasts until the day we leave this earth.

    What I take issue with, in that case, is how this pursuit of God by cooperating with His work in us — what Orthodoxy calls salvation — leaves the possibility of us not doing the right things to let the ministry of the Holy Spirit do the work in us. I know I've had times in my life where I felt disconnected from God, almost as though I wasn't genuinely saved, even though I believed I was and know I was (and am still). My concern at that point, if I were within this Orthodox process of salvation, would times like that make me have more of a chance of not going to heaven?

    That's just one of my few concerns that honestly prevent me from becoming Orthodox myself. I have felt the Holy Spirit seemingly leading me to look into the Orthodox Church but I often also feel Him giving me spiritual "red flags", if you will, when I see certain doctrines within Orthodoxy. That's why I'm curious but on the fence.

  14. Where in the New Testament do we found icons? Jesus is THE ICON of God! Your church might be beautiful but it is far away from Scripture!

  15. My family is protestant we live in the countryside and they said that me and my siblings shouldn't join because you have to go to church Alot and you don't spread it fast but they don't tell anyone anyways so I figured would they baptize a 16yr older no how would I be able to convert

  16. Does Orthodox Church believe that salvation is by grace through faith alone? Or is it like the Roman Catholic Church that believes it’s by works?
    Do you pray to your “icons”?
    Are you associated with the Roman Catholic Church?

  17. I dont regret entering a Greek Orthodox church as an African American at my young age. And now Im wanting to become baptized into this church

  18. Fr. Andrew can I ask a question? What is the significance or importance of growing beard in Orthodox church? I observed that all of the Priests, Bishops have beards? Thank you and God bless

  19. I've just started thinking about the Orthodox Church (I'm a protestant) and I'm considering going to an Ortho church, just to see what it is. But I'm a bit confused about something: the Catholic church also claims to be the original church, started by Christ and handed to Peter. How does one know the truth?

  20. Kindly send missionaries to my country to spread the true Gospel of the one and holy catholic and apostolic faith?

  21. I know this is late but could someone (whoever may see this) recommend me some books, videos or websites to learn about the Orthodox faith? I'd appreciate it a lot and God bless you

  22. Orthodox faith is not true. Find traditional catholicism. Try to find FSSPX. Or try to find Eastern Catholics who believe in true catholic faith but have eastern liturgy.

  23. Bulgarian Orthodox here, I wish the other Christian branches were as alive as Orthodoxy but alas, I live in Australia and I see a lot of people that have lost their faith or are lost in it..

  24. I like the fact that you don't believe in the infallibility of a man. The '"infallibility " of the pope has always been the one big disagreement I have with Catholicism. The pope is a man and a man on Earth is not infallible in any circumstance, imo. Its refreshing to see Catholic like dedication to tradition and worship, but without making a man like God.

  25. And why your not reading the bible??? You need to rely on the bi ble…and not inyour own idea….read the verse and chapters.the bible is very sufficient :::*j

  26. I became Orthodox 2 years ago, I know that our Church don't have so much different rite. But I feel that I don't need another things. #ThankGod!
    And now I'm seminarian, please pray for me. <3

  27. I want to learn more about, because even if I was in catholic family and school, always thought something is missing, I’m from México and now I live in Japan, and really want to learn, the teaching of the priest is more like I really fell.

  28. Baptised since birth in the Orthodox Church. The one true Church of Jesus Christ, Son of God. God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity have mercy on us.

  29. Orthodoxy remains separated by nation states. The boundaries between countries are good for protection of their people and culture. However, when will Orthodoxy, now mostly free in the world and certainly in the USA, rise above ethnic background and language? How can the church evangelize Christ when it's nationality and language takes prominence?

  30. I never really got the “one true church” thing. For me it was just a way for people to feel superior to others. But when I found orthodoxy now I see that what I’ve been familiar with – the western church – is something so far off of what Christianity is in its full potential… I am terrified and scared to say this, but with every orthodox text, every orthodox teaching I read and with every liturgy I attend I become more and more convinced that this really is the One True Church

  31. This church restored my faith after being disenfranchised and discouraged by Protestant churches. I then went to Catholicism but I wasn’t welcomed and the Holy Spirit still didn’t connect me there. As soon as I stepped foot in the Orthodox I knew I was in God’s house and this church is his true bride. My faith is renewed and increased. Praise God!

  32. If the Orthodox is America's best kept secret how does that facilitate bring the gospel to EVERY human being?

  33. so physical, in the flesh? "Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we [him] no more. 2Co 5:16

  34. actually, Catholicism has been here since the VERY beginning, in fact the last supper was the first mass. Remember, the last supper was also a passover meal. Where was the lamb?? well i believe we all know that our Lord Christ was the lamb. Where was the high priest??? well our Lord was also the priest. He gave us the Holy Eucharist when he said, ''Eat of this, For it is my body.'' And Peter was the first pope! He said to him. '' You are Peter, and on this rock i shall build my church, and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it.

  35. I have some questions
    1 if Jesus is the son of God, then why should God keep one son
    2 if Jesus is the the son of God, it means that Mary is wife of God, so why should God keep one wife
    3 if Jesus is son of God it means that Mary was pregnant by God in sexual relationship
    4 if God wants sexual relation, then why should he keep with one girl, he is all in all,
    We are created by God if we got power and money we keep hundreds
    It means that God have millions of wives if he have sex
    But we say
    Ibrahim and isaq, samoil and moses, Jesus and mohamed all are selected people of God, they are people like us,
    And we say in the definition of
    1 He is Allah, the One and Only
    2 Allah, the Eternal, Absolute
    3 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten
    4 And there is none like unto Him

  36. “Second largest Christian communion in the world” unfortunately that isn’t the case, the Catholic Church is the biggest, the Protestant is the second, and the Eastern Orthodox Church is the third. Unfortunately westerners seem to think that the Orthodox Church is a really conservative, strict church and that it’s for eastern people only (Greek, Russian, Serbian etc) but it’s not the case.

  37. This father sounds like a prophet. I like him.

    I was a Protestant for many years and got lost. Now with these videos, I think I found the real path to God.

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