What is Tapping? And How To Do EFT with Dawson Church

Hi. Welcome to EFT Universe and to EFT in
general. My name is Dawson Church and the purpose of this very brief video is to give
you your very first experience of actually using EFT. It’s really simple to use and
it employs methods based in conventional psychology and also in Oriental medicine. It employs
parts of cognitive therapy and parts of exposure therapy, two therapies that have found to
be affective for various kinds of conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. But it
also has you add in to these established therapies the light stimulation of acupressure points,
acupoints on your body. Here’s how it works. Go ahead and grab a piece of paper and a pen
before we begin and try it yourself on one of your issues. If you already know how to
use EFT skip ahead to the many free videos on this website. You will find lots of places
that you can tap along for all kinds of problems and annoyances you might have. But if this
is your very first time go ahead and try just following along with me.
So grab your pen and paper and write down the name of an event that happened within
the last two weeks that annoyed you. This could be a problem of finding a parking spot,
it might be a dispute at work, it might be a disagreement with your spouse, your child,
or your parent. Whatever it is just write down in two or three words the name of an
event that bothered you emotionally in the last few weeks.
Now write down how much it bothered you and use a scale from zero to ten, with zero being
didn’t bother me at all to ten being bothered me to the max. So zero, no emotion, ten, the
most possible emotion. Now ask yourself the question, How do I
know it’s a six, a three, an eight, whatever number? Ask yourself how you know that
in your body. Where do you feel that emotion in your body as you tune into the experience?
Do you feel it in your heart, in your chest, in your head? Where do you feel the emotion?
And write down on your piece of paper where on your body you feel it.
Okay so you now have your event which you’ve written down the name of, you have your score
or how intense the emotion is for you, and you have your physical location in your body
where you feel that score, that emotional intensity. Now let’s try EFT on that.
Say along with me, Even though I have this problem, and name the problem, I deeply
and completely accept myself. Say that three times while tapping over here on the
heel of your hand. We call this the karate chop point for obvious reasons in EFT. So
tap here on either hand and say, Even though I have this problem I deeply and completely
accept myself. Even though I have this problem I deeply and completely accept myself. Even
though I have this problem, and name your problem, I deeply and completely accept
myself. Good. Now take the first two fingers of your
hand and tap lightly where your eyebrow meets the bridge of your nose and say again what
your problem is. State your problem. The problem. Tune into the problem. Tap lightly on the
side of your eye a few times. And again think about the problem and name the problem. Under
your eye, on the bone, and name the problem. The problem. Under your nose. The problem,
the problem. Under your mouth. Focus on that problem. The problem. Tap on the end of your
collarbone. The problem, the problem. Focus. Under your arm. Tap and say out loud the name
of the problem. And then take a breath. Now at this point we’ve been doing EFT in
this way for less than two minutes. So tune back into the same location in your body and
think about the issue and give me a new number. What number are you now? If you were a six
are you now a seven or an eight? Or are you a one or a two or a three? Write down your
new number. You’ve now done your very first round of EFT. And the chances are that you’ve
seen your number decrease maybe from a seven or an eight maybe to a one or a two. Let’s
try it again a second time on the remaining part of the problem you can still recall.
So tap here and say, Even though, and then name the problem, I deeply and completely
accept myself. Even though I deeply completely and accept myself. Even though I deeply and
completely accept myself. The problem. Think about the problem. Imagine vividly.
Tune into it. Problem, name the problem, say it out loud. Tap along each point with me.
Don’t forget to keep breathing. Collarbone point. Under the arm.
And then back into your body. Look at your body location that you wrote down earlier.
Write down your new number and see whether it went up or went down. And the chances are
it’s now down to a really low number. And that is basically how we do EFT. Over
and over and over again we look at all the different aspects of the problem, all the
different parts of the annoyance, and we bring down your level of triggering, your level
of stress that has to do with that issue. We’ll work on this with many dozens of issues
sometimes. If you go to the free videos part of the website
you will see videos of me and many other people who are offering EFT to clients and working
on their issues with them. Now your next step with EFT is to make sure
you’re signed up for our weekly newsletter and your free copy of the EFT mini manual.
Just click on the left hand side of your screen and enter your email address there and you
will then get that free manual along with weekly inspiration and tips on EFT.
Also, go and see one of our certified practitioners. I can tell you these are the most wonderful
people and excellent practitioners to help you through your emotional issues. Also take
an EFT workshop or class. You will find these all over the world. Almost every weekend there’s
an EFT workshop happening. You’ll find those under the training tab of the website. Also
you’ll find a rich selection of books and other training materials available here on
this site, as well as more than 10,000 pages in over a dozen languages showing how various
people like you have used EFT for an enormous number of problems. The reason EFT works so
well for all these different problems is that it simply reduces your stress. So whether
you’re anxious about an upcoming surgery, whether you’re worried about a test you
have to take, whether you have an anxiety over a sports performance or business performance
issue EFT helps deal with the stress. And by dealing with the stress you get down to
the real issue, not the stress layer that often sits on top of the real issue making
it worse. So love yourself. Love yourself and care for
yourself enough to deal with the stress in your life. Don’t keep suffering. Use EFT
on all of the emotional blocks and barriers you can unearth and watch your life change.
Thank you.

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  1. Thanks Dawson Came across you on Dana Williams interview. Question your tapping onto your right hand,right! Is the side important?  

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