What happens at a Mormon church on Sunday?

If you’ve never been to a worship
service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the first thing you’ll
notice is that we lead you into a dark room, strap you to a chair and we
brainwash you with bright images of green jello and the Book of Mormon. False.
That’s totally false. Hopefully nobody stopped before the
intro and was like, “I knew it!” That’s not what happens in church. In most of the
world, we have church services on Sundays but that can vary depending on which
country you’re in. If you live in Jordan, we worship on Fridays, if you’re in
Israel it will be Saturday, according to local customs. Normally church services
would last for three hours but a revised schedule was implemented at the
beginning of 2019 and now it’s only two hours. The first meeting is called
sacrament meeting. It lasts for one of those two hours. Everyone, men, women and
kiddos all gather in the chapel area. Everyone wears their Sunday best but
we’re not gonna throw you out if you don’t have a white shirt and tie. Anyway,
we’ll sing a hymn, have a prayer, and then participate in the sacrament. During the
sacrament, members each eat a small piece of bread and drink a tiny cup of water
symbolizing the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ in remembrance of his atoning
sacrifice. Visitors are free to participate as well or not, whatever
you’re comfortable with. We don’t kneel during sacrament meeting
nor do we recite pre-written prayers except when priesthood holders bless the
sacrament. We don’t have a band playing music, it’s usually just a piano or an
organ. It’s all very mellow. After the sacrament, the congregation
listens to a few prepared messages. There’s no official pastor that teaches
from the pulpit every week. Instead, congregation leadership asks different
members of the congregation to prepare a message to share the following week or
whenever. So in sacrament meeting you’ll hear a
few brief spiritual messages from average members. They might talk about
faith in Jesus Christ, repentance or the Holy Ghost or great aunt Kathy’s
rash. Who knows. The meeting closes with another hymn and a prayer.
You might even recognize some of the hymns. They’re not always exclusive to
our church, you’ve probably seen some of them in your congregation. For the second
hour of church, we attend a rotation of smaller, more specific classes. Children
will always attend what we call primary. For teenagers and adults, the class you
attend depends on the week. One week, Men and women
will separate and attend different classes. We call the adult women’s class
Relief Society and the men’s class Elders Quorum. Teenagers also attend a
class, young women with the other young women and the young men with the other
young men. The following week they’ll hold Sunday
School during the second hour. Again, youth and adults have separate classes
but Sunday school is not separated by gender. Adults will most likely have a
variety of Sunday School classes to choose from. If it’s your first time
attending you’ll probably want to go to the Sunday School class called Gospel
Principles which teaches the basic beliefs of our faith so you don’t get
lost in the other classes but if you somehow end up being the only person in
the class and you feel weird, you can go to whichever class you want. If that
schedule sounds complicated, don’t freak out. Here’s a super simple graphic the
church released for the new two-hour meeting schedule and if you get lost,
don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ask the members there or if you can find a
couple of missionaries in the congregation, they’re gonna be a great
resource for you so make sure to introduce yourself. That’s a brief
overview of what a Latter-day Saint Church service looks like but if you’re
really interested in what it looks like, go check it out for yourself. If you’re
gonna be surprised by anything it’ll be by just how normal we are there. If
you’re wondering where a Latter-day Saint church building is or when meeting
times are, there’s a link in the description, just pop in your zip code
and it tells you everything you need to know. If you learned something or want to
learn more, make sure you subscribe to the channel, leave a comment, ask us a
question, check out the links in the description, and have a great day.

37 thoughts on “What happens at a Mormon church on Sunday?”

  1. WRONG!! There is no more Gospel Principles class. There’s just adult Sunday School (I’m not even sure it’s still called Gospel Doctrine).

  2. I won't take the sacrament because, frankly, I don't want to eat bread that young teenage boys have touched with their fingers. Also, coming from a Catholic background, I think the casual way you guys do the sacrament doesn't show much reverence. Aside from that, I think there's much that's good about your service.

  3. Do you really need the "whoosh" and "pop" and other sound effects to jazz up the presentation? I feel like I'm watching the Disney channel.

  4. I'm quite fond of part of the service where the men in black robes chant in Latin and ritually sacrifice a goat.

    It's quite moving.

    (I'm joking)

  5. The church is not true. Its good for a sense of community, support, service, ect. Its not "true" in the sense that its the only pathway to heaven.

  6. LOL @ that intro!

    I had a friend in highschool who joined the Church, and her dad actually believed that every Sacrament Meeting was essentially a song, a prayer, announcements, the blessing and passing of the Sacrament,…followed by the Bishop setting up a giant spinning black-and-white hypnotic swirly wheel at the pulpit, with a monotone voice recording repeating the words, "the Church is true…the Church is true…the Church is true…" Then, after an hour of staring at this, the Bishop would put the wheel thing away, turn off the recording, and we'd all sing another hymn, pray, and continue to our classes. I'm not kidding, this is what he actually thought, and there was nothing I, his daughter, son, or wife (all of whom later joined the Church) could say to convince him otherwise.

    Some people say we're a cult, but I think the real cult is made up of those who still, in 2019, say we're a cult.

  7. Not only that but every month or so (I don’t know if the weeks had changed or if it’s different for every other stake) but second Sunday is also High Council Sunday where someone from the stake that oversees the ward from a different ward speaks as one of the speakers.

  8. I am totally convinced that the church saved my sanity. My life was going totally in the wrong direction, then I discovered the missionaries and the message. I am so thankful that I have the church even though I am one of the only two people in my immediate family to have joined the church. What a rich blessing I have.

  9. In my Ward in Idaho they no longer hold a Gospel Principles class. Is this a Ward by Ward choice? I was under the impression that it was just no longer an option.

  10. When I Was a Kid, when Elders Used to Come In The Living Room, I always had Habit of whacking them in the Balls!

    It was as if my will was telling me to do so for some reason.

    Well, for a kid my age, at least I brought some sort of justice.

  11. I'm going to ask the Mormons to baptize me, just for kicks , then I'll go to the Catholics and some of the other Christians , as long as they don't charge me . This should be a hoot, something to talk about at parties LOL . I might write a cool story about it .

  12. I know you dont see it, but you have conformed to Joseph Smith's False Christ image. Just look at everyone and listen to the way everyone speaks. There is no difference from the mormon cult, the jehovah's witness cult, the seventh day adventist cult, the catholic cult, the baptist cult…etc., etc., You partook of the fruit of it and its seed within itself took root in your brain and grew. You are all in big trouble.

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  14. Naturally, there is no video in which meetings inside the temple are conducted. Why the big secret? Jesus said the following: "I have spoken openly to the world; I always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all the Jews come together; and I spoke nothing in secret." See John 18:20 for proof.

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