What Are You Running From? | Pastor Steven Furtick

There is something about the nature of faith
that is illustrated by the rain in 1 Kings chapter 18. And so, we see it when Elijah says to Ahab,
“There is the sound of the heavy rain. There is the sound of the heavy rain.” That often when it comes to the realm of faith,
we hear things that we cannot see yet. There are a few stages that you’re going
to have to go through if you’re going to come of out the drought. Now when i say “the drought”, I mean the
dry season that you have been experiencing inside of yourself. So i want to speak to you today about coming
out of the drought, but I want to do it a little differently. What I want to do, is I want to talk about
the enemies that will keep you in a dry place. I believe our faith must survive the invisibility
stage. It’s kind of tough because you know what
you heard, and you know what you sense sometimes, but what you see is a direct contradiction
of what you sense. This is the second stage that your faith must
survive. It’s insignificance. Celebrate the small start. I want you to look at everything that seems
stupid that you’re doing right now, and I want you to say, “This is significant.” The devil won’t like it when say that, because
the way that he gets you to leave your assignment is to convince you that it doesn’t matter
what you’re working on. It’s so small. Because if the enemy can’t kill you in the
invisibility stage, or the insignificance stage, the only thing left for him to do to
keep you from receiving what God is pouring out in your life, is intimidation. Don’t you know the devil found out a long
time ago that he can’t curse what God has blessed? But since he couldn’t kill you, he tries
to contain you, so he intimidates you. Some of us are better at surviving in famine
than we are at living in blessing. So the message God gave me for somebody today,
you know who you are, is that you are running from the rain. You are running from the blessing of God. You are running from something that is already
defeated. You are running from shame that the cross
of Jesus Christ has already taken away. You are running from situations that God has
already worked out. Head back in the right direction, and run
toward the rain! It’s raining now. The drought is over. Come out of the drought, it’s raining now! Why would you run from the rain? Why would you run from the blessing of God? See, when you run from the resistance, you
run from the rain. When you run from the problem, you run from
the promise. When you run from the problem, you run from
the harvest.

52 thoughts on “What Are You Running From? | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. Wow, what amazing truth" this is so for our family at the moment.,. Thank you for your obedience to Gods word
    Gary, Mandy & Christian
    Faygate, West Sussex England.

  2. Another thing I also realized about the three tools the enemy uses is that he can use them at the same time.

  3. Open the floodgates of Heaven and let your rain fall on your children's. Praise God the message came just on time!

  4. My problem has always been the sting that comes from being conscious which comes from taking that step of faith. I'm also afraid of letting go of the false comforts I cling on to while away from God. The solution is to affirm the truth, to affirm that God has called me toward him, to affirm that deliverance is on the way. To affirm that these pains are birth pains and that this time in the desert is going to make Canaan all the more sweet. To affirm that God is going to minister to me the whole way. That each step I take is one step closer to Canaan. And we need to be like David and his defiance of Goliath. What is this nonsense that is keeping me from what God has called me to? We need to think of Jesus who for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising the shame.

  5. Yes drought is over… I am one of those who is running away from blessing. I used to fear the attacks I might have to face it I run towards rain. But God is great, He hasn't forsaken me in any of the situation… God is amazingly working through you. God bless you and use you more πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  6. I got the msg..
    I was about to quit my job bc I was running from Gods blessing..didnt quit n got the shift i always wanted n a raise..God is good n he keeps his promises

  7. What are you running from? Probably..taking responsibility for something you don't want to..or learning unselfishness. This is not often mentioned in the prosperity gospel.

  8. it really touched me..so true with my condition..many times im running from the rain..this message really open the eyes of my heart thankyou so much..

  9. Pastor pls preach about the end days and all the prophesies being fullfilled. Lord Jesus our king is coming soon. Pls preach
    May God guide you!

  10. If God says the same I will be able to receive a message from this man of God in person. He is amazing truly blessed by the Lord.

  11. I feel so far away from God. I feel I'm running away from him and I don't know why. I am just so confused. I want God back in my life , I want to stop ignoring and running. I need counseling.

  12. Endurance and patience is important while praying. Wait patiently for God to answer no matter how long it takes. Celebrate the blessings that God showers you with. Very inspiring indeed.

  13. Wow that was an awesome message. I love his expression when he speaks. He is awesome and it so touching god has really blessed that guy now I am only 9 years old but I am still as Christian as possible

  14. I am a survivor (and it’s only because of God) but I am done living in survival mode I am going toward God’s real blessings & let Him rain in my life! ❀️

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