Westboro Baptist Church Voicemail, Emails on George W. Bush, Liberal Gene, Rand Paul

bjbj Let’s do voicemails. You can call, when
we’re on live, you can call in to the show, 219-2DAVIDP. Off-show hours, it’s our voicemail
line. And we actually received a voicemail the other day from Tiffany about the Westboro
Baptist Church, which as you know, we’ve interviewed a number of their different… could we even
use the term officers? I guess it’s members of the church. And Tiffany had a comment about
the Westboro Baptist Church. Let’s take a listen. Tiffany: Hi, my name’s Tiffany, and
I’m calling to comment on Shirley Phelps’ interview that David had with her. I don’t
know how long ago it was because it doesn’t actually say a date. But I just wanted to
share my thoughts on that. That whack job came to our town, Omaha, Nebraska November
12th, this was yesterday, Friday, and tried to picket one of our South Omaha teachers’
funeral. And I just wanted to give a little insight on her, her and her family. They are
whack jobs. They need to find something else to do, because she’s a total hypocrite. She
has a son out of wedlock, and let him go to the military, and he unfortunately passed
away overseas fighting in Iraq. David: You know what? I actually, I didn’t know the part
about passing away overseas in Iraq. Many people have told me, “Ask Shirley about her
child out of wedlock.” And to be honest, the last time, we just forgot to mention it. It
is interesting, of course, because God hates a lot of things, and I’m assuming God hates
kids out of wedlock, right? Louis: If I had to guess, their… the church’s take on that,
yes. I would say God hates that. David: One funny thing I read about that happened with
the Westboro Baptist Church the other day is I guess they were at a protest somewhere
and somebody slashed their tires, and then none of the repair shops in the town would
agree to fix it. I don’t know if that story’s entirely true, but I read a couple of reports
about it. That’s pretty funny, that’s flat-out funny, I think. Louis: I like that. David:
Hopefully eventually, of course, they made it back to wherever they were going. All right,
let’s get to emails here. You can email us through our website, HYPERLINK “http://www.DavidPakman.com”
www.DavidPakman.com . Ellie wrote to me about the George W. Bush interviews that we’ve been
talking about. She said, “I’ve been following you for a few years now on YouTube. I have
to say I completely agreed with your judgments on the lackluster interview by Oprah and the
chap who interviewed Bush in another clip. In Britain, Tony Blair does very much the
same now. He only takes interviews from journalists who specialize more on showbiz gossip than
politics. It’s clever, but it’s chillingly obvious they’re avoiding accountability.”
You know, I would’ve thought maybe the Oprah interview would’ve led to real substance,
because Oprah certainly did not agree with Bush’s politics, but in those situations,
I think it’s clear she’s going to be deferential to the president. Louis: Yeah, of course.
David: On the liberal gene, Chris emailed me. He said, “Anyway, the point I really wanted
to make is that I believe the primary difference between social progressives and conservatives
is empathy. Progressives have it, conservatives don’t. I feel very strongly that someone can
only be a social conservative if they have absolutely no ability to imagine what life
is like for an American Muslim, a homosexual serving in the military, or a woman who needs
an abortion or otherwise she would die. I don’t have to be Muslim to imagine what they
feel when they hear the comments made on Fox News.” I don’t want to say no conservatives
are empathetic, right? I mean, that’s clearly not the case, but certainly there is an aspect
that is accurate there. Louis: It’s an interesting point. David: I mean, we can imagine, even
though neither of us is gay, we can imagine what it would be like to be discriminated
against legally and politically and in your everyday life if you were gay, so we can advocate
for gay rights on the show. Louis: Right. David: That’s empathy, in a sense. Again,
it’s not that no conservatives have empathy, but a nerve is struck here, is it not? Louis:
I think so. I mean, what, of course, we’ll state it again, we’re not saying this about
all conservatives. David: No. Louis: We don’t want to get all, you know, who knows how much
hate mail we’ll get about that. David: No, but related to the liberal gene, which says
that it’s not that the liberal gene, DRD4, I forget the name of it, makes you liberal,
it just makes you more predisposed to be empathetic about certain situations, which, in the U.S.
political system, probably means you associate more with progressives than with conservatives.
Louis: In that category, right. David: On the Rand Paul earmark flip flop, possibly
the quickest flip flop. Andrew wrote to me, “Let’s wait until he votes, maybe?” Typical,
Andrew, very typical. If it’s a campaign promise that seems far-fetched, conservative supporters
don’t accept “let’s see how he votes”. But when he’s saying he’s changed his position
and being very clear about it, you say well, we don’t really know what he’ll do, even though
he told us after the campaign was over he’s going to go back on that. Now you want to
wait? HYPERLINK “http://www.DavidPakman.com” www.DavidPakman.com Announcer: The David Pakman
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10 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Voicemail, Emails on George W. Bush, Liberal Gene, Rand Paul”

  1. consertives dont think politically using empathy. liberals do. not saying either side is bad for it just saying thats one huge difference between the 2 partys.

  2. @Sidney38SNJ You're not the first one I've heard say that Shirley throws stones. But I'm pretty sure that's just a rumor. The WBC is not violent.

  3. @Sidney38SNJ I've never heard them advocate murder, but it's true that many people interpret their signs that way. I know it's hard for you to believe, but we are living in a very strange era of human history. It's like we're under a cloud of delusion or something. Everything is upside down. The world calls them "the church of hate," but the reality is that no church on earth loves their fellow man more than the Westboro Baptist Church. Only a few seem to understand.

  4. Great vid! One problem though. I have been fallowing the Rand Paul campaign and in my view his position on earmarks has not changed. the appropriated money should not go un-earmarked and become discretionary spending for the executive. what did i miss? maybe someone in the tread can help me. tanx!

  5. @Sidney38SNJ : They also have displayed signs saying "God sent the shooter" which I think was in reference to the Virginia Tech massacre". Go to hell, WBC!


  7. Except we have a lot to level against Shirley.

    Mainly, being a putrid human being who gets off on the suffering of others.

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