Westboro Baptist Church Shirley Phelps-Roper Koran Burning

chile phelps of roper from the
westborough baptist churches on the phone with us truly has been a guest on
this show before charlie what’s going on it turns out we’re not sure if terry
jones is our isn’t going to burn bronze on nine eleven which is tomorrow but now
you’re saying your church will do it neither way et ect uh… acted crap backpack baker project that earth day carpet the out packet uh… huh uh… backward okay uh… back at it backpack though pahari back that at baxter battered
battle wouldn’t consider we actually right with no data we had to
do it on the show few weeks ago when he was definitely going to be doing the
koran burning he said i’d i would i would think you
like him because he doesn’t like homosexuals he doesn’t like jews he said
jews are going to hell which is something you told me before it sounds
like westborough and terry jones are on the
same page in a in a sense o etc believe that bad are dartmouth pakrats preacher our uh…
opt out uh… l o backpack dot do so now what you’re saying she really
is that the women if they’re true what christians they that they should
have a long here is that what you think c picture at uh… akbar packed up eleven here okay backed out no i don’t want to get off track built
specifically would that affect with the koran burning you where you’re going to
get the currents that at cut that actor debate but uh… here and dapat that dog letters parish at connotation back that actually red
balloon we will you get uh… now una at right cap okay uh… happy-go-lucky uh… huh backpack that that cracked acrobatic at backpacker expected at doubt that now at fairfax anti dot probably back by one but the packwood earning uh… e at that out know if the secretary if the
secretary of defense calls you and asks u not to burn the koran what will you
said oh got better etc etc okay it dr at the top happy pitter patter of the cockpit that
delete possibly do ok back-to-back you know it’s funny you know our audience who’s been with us for some
time knows that you called in to the show before you’ve told me that i’m
going to hell in yuba uh… you’ve you’ve called matar
happenings ap won a second i’ll hold onto pat by with big knowing of course that god
hates fags this kind of the trademark of the west for a baptist church i would
think you would be in line with a lot of these
hardcore middle east muslims who don’t like homosexuals i mean they’re talking
about putting homosexuals to death will be isn’t that isn’t that something you
can get behind him in a why the big conflict between you and the muslims if
if no if needed like that occupy ok sprinklers ok victor paprika
or perhaps yet oh it got cat people arc we talk victim o eight do you care dot surely
the burning coronas could lead to more troops going in the middle east you care
about at all okay etiquette attack white also has a
gimmick card packet and kept oh okay okay picked up your character actors why is it always come from your point of
view god that’s doing the heating in the killing is an input signal is that that
university toxic we’re okay oh and at safety it but surely hold on i thought it just
hear me out i thought god was the good guy and statement that guy but you only
talk about god died heating in killing and doing bad things what about satan uh… dot any put tractor paper value okay all right compete xd unit about ne peut uh… you know a lot of other than oh okay uh… dot budget make you a lot of our audience’s sense
in sending me emails and twitter messages saying shirley’s just upset that terry jones
one-up terror and that now she needs to take it up in the through some karadzich
that they just jealous of terry jones surely down practice at packet your book now o right out extraction at the park do uh… down and here so is their anything that anybody could
do to get you know bring these crimes tomorrow on nine eleven anything i mean
just make it up as their not thet oh cat jet backpack act of rebellion but the part that die yourself approx uh… it charity appetite i they parity
all i know all about that but in the last couple of minutes we have left i
got in one email from someone i guess uh… couple of people picked up
on the fact that interior t_v_ interviews a lot of the times it looks
like you don’t believe that all you just going to about once a minute and people
are wondering if you’re on a specific type of medication or if you just
holding your eyes are and how do you do that backpack work pat uh… eight-day that at arcade third perhaps when contacted ab allocate at backyard at work solak adapt you have any impact on so
you just able to still normally pat unit c chile pills roper was her about this
church and i think a little bit jealous of pastor terry jones in the limelight
is the trees each year sky but replacement doing everything uh… everything on the
map and apparently burning ca runs tomorrow i think it’s a bad idea but hey
willful follow-up and we’ll see what happens surely uh… will will will will
keep an eye on capita actually insured it and whats the website patrick backpacker okay surely folks wrote to thank you for
calling in

51 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Shirley Phelps-Roper Koran Burning”

  1. Shes Not Only, An Anti Christian Hate Monger, Shes A Complete Idiot, These Are Just Just the People to Harrass and Mess With to Shut This Christian Abomination To Jesus, Chruch Down and Shut Shirley Up, Messing With The Mulims is Like Playing With a Hornets Nest!

  2. What a nut job!. So disrepectful it's unbelievable. Perhaps these people don't know the violence and lives it took to spread Christianity.

  3. To hell with the Koran. It is from hell, and can go back there never too soon, and join that false prophet MUHAMMED, who is burning in hell.

  4. Come on this woman is a wacko. Lets do Bible burning, how stupid is that. Like there isn't another bible that could be bought for 99 cents. Is this Phelps lady a church leader? If so, then i understand why god doesn't put women in charge of anything./

  5. wow what a crazy bitch! everybody is going to hell but them lol. she needs to use that nice big one 🤣. so glad I'm Atheist.

  6. Unfortunately, this woman is fanatical and ignorant. She makes Christians look like idiots—-we're not. Read the Bible, know that God loves you and accept Jesus as your Savior.

  7. Listening to this today,this Bitch is fucking crazy,like most of all religion is fucking nuts and the enemy of the world.To believe in some man in the sky is Fucking Crazy


  9. I think since they burn the American flag and Koran they should be sent to Iran to see how their freedom plays out for them since they don't deserve to live in the USA with so much hate for law and order. Iran would hang their stupid ass and they know it .

  10. Westboro, hmm, they are not conservatives, they don't fall into liberal guidelines, so what are they? They are not Christians either. John 3:16 says God so loved the world… Wbc says God's hates everyone and thing. God says to love your neighbor, wbc hates everyone. Hmm, maybe they are escapees from the funny farm! They're comming to take me away hahaa!

  11. I don't hear any Good News is the attitude or words of this woman. It sounds like she has never heard the words of Jesus' actual teachings.

  12. Why is the American interpretation of religion so corrupted , evil and sick? Such a concentration of mental illness.

    Judging by the accompanying photograph, Matthew McConaughey could play her in the movie.

  13. Puke on Baptists.

    You come near me and burn an American flag, I'll wrap the burning flag around your slack face and laugh as the flag leaves its melted nylon print in your skin.

  14. The media absolutely loves showing these lunatics with hopes people will connect them with true Christians.
    There are over 320,000 churches in America and this one only has 40 members.
    You can’t even fill up a school bus with their entire church, but they love them in a strange way by giving them a platform.

  15. Did they live under a cave?. I mean she calls them ancient? then what is she?. I personally think she did not understand the Bible or the words of Jesus the right way. No God kills…. Jesus does not kill. Jesus even saved people from execution so what is she doing? she is not agreeing with the Bible nor with the words of Jesus. She will probably do not have a great life by calling people that they go to hell, while she is acting ridiculous to people and she creates more hatred than anyone I know in this world, such a waste. She should have read the Thomas story

  16. Lol what is burning Qurans going to make you accomplish? No one send Qurans to her and her cult she’s just going to pollute the world. :/

  17. Westboro or islam The worst of Christains vs. typical islam
    How many westboro wackos have murdered? islam says if you leave their terrorist cult of hatred and war they can murder you. 13 terrorist countries have that as law.
    Westboro baptists never raped baby girls. Men do that in islamic nations and don't get in trouble!!!
    Westboro has not murdered homosexuals. islam says murder them and yes they do it.
    Westboro doesn't murder for images of their paster. islam says murder those with images of their warlord.
    We can see no matter how screwed up Christians get, when they come together not even the wackos at westboro can murder. islam/terrorism on the other hand they get together and they get violent. Two different faiths. islam mainstream is EVIL compared to westboro.

  18. Why do the WBC Burn Koran when they are totally support JiHad and Islam with their actions. Like Thank God for IEDs and thank God for Dead soldiers.

  19. That witch like her will pay heavily for her sinfulness of hatred. She s not of christ. She has made herself a false idol. She sick.

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