Westboro Baptist Church Petition & O’Reilly on #YOLO – Alan Rosenblatt

of latin or music means it is time united afternoons
personal not meet you at the calendar rosenblatt doctor did a poll on twitter but of course is that the rule of all
things social media many think about everything that happened over the past
week the past week you have the does bill clinton you know you have that
uh… the doshi asians in congress you also have the swearing in of members of
congress you have those moments with joe biden during his swearing in recent some
things that some people that if i were low but inappropriate and then of course
and social media have big issues as far as was president obama gonna do uh… with the uh… with the debt
ceiling and president forced many there one of his briefings that that he will not negotiate he will
not negotiate with congress over raising the debt but spring in alan rosenblatt gardena
social media alan how you doing today and look at how are you pepto alibaba it’s kind of awkward
linkages and social media uh… mother a few things that are wanted to point out is that when you
look it up large list of what string of social media politics really breaks into
it and uh… that’s the that’s the case
uh… as always uh… but still among within the politics
space uh… some of the things that popped up this week included uh… alexi
operation uh… westborough power uh… church uh… the uh… uh… dead debbie daggara one who was our
guest last week posted uh… schedule of proposed pickets
against funerals and other events that uh… the uh… of the church was
planning and they’re recruiting people to come out and counter protest uh… act with the laid out and retrieve
instead between dante catching these so you can see that that that schedule as
well i’ve been out monitoring of the uh…
the two primary past extra conservatism and liberals
uh… com p two for progressives and county c_
o_ t_ four conservatives and woke the conservatives uti is always training is
the only political aspect to break into the top transfer the year uh… brief you watch it on a real time
basis you’ll see and sportswear p_-two antique car going neck-and-neck a loss a
c lot of people cross posting to the two your uh… your own uh… drama with
current t_v_ irresolute drama associated with uh… with with
committee couple who disagrees with happened in that context uh… one last time so they’ve been
uh… popping up is al gore’s europe uh… which i thought was that i thought
well that we had a fun is anybody using it and of course people were actually
using it it was interesting to see uh… butler ingrown has uh… uh… come out
really strong in really hit al gore for selling it to big oil
money uh… now she’s focusing on the uh… the the the conflict between his uh…
environmental climate positions and so it’s a big oil uh… i i i wanted to make a point that
uh… uh… the number two investor in newscorp is being saudi prince self-propelled
company is funded by big oil and uh… i did a
little trip that i think uh… many of our activist might be can now think
about if you go to bentley and you take the lead of any piece of
contacting you put in their and then modify it to become a custom link it
permanently links that custom version of the bentley to that destination so now if you do
bentley slash lauren graham worked at least slash ingram angle which
is that err twitter handle it goes to the
article it talks about how the saudi prince is a is the second largest owner
news corps and that is forever marked it attached to her knee dates of their lives saved all so uh…
it turns out that abdullah riley uh… started talking about the low it’s
hard to explain to people what yellow means uh… and unit which means you only live one
live once it’s one of the largest one of the most popular has tax on twitter uh… and twitter erupted with a bunch
of laughter trying to do that uh… it’s only if they can let’s get back
first to uh… to westborough baptist alan the the petition that data to declare
westborough baptist eighty terror organisation travels two three locations
as if the government able to do that it’s got over three hundred thousand
empathize signatories at the white house we have yet to see some of the white
house response his far as you know understanding of
some of the social media gurus over at the white house what would be a proper
response for them both to satisfy all the up of the people sped but also the
such a leading control of the story in social media well so you know the white house says that if if
you get when five thousand signatures they’ll
consider it as a uh… as a policy uh… request and so clearly expressed that threshold whether they engage in on social media i don’t think that that’s been that
certainly not part of the promise of the petition so i don’t think there any under any
obligation to do so uh… i think at some point you know it might make
sense for it uh… that the white house to
tweak that uh… that they but they find it distasteful for people to be
picketing the funerals of dead servicemen and i think that that’s one of the
extent of what seems to be appropriate because you know these are people who
died pursuing policy and war policies that
the president you know has been has put forth in is is implementing in you
know that he’s the commander in chief and so i think a statement simply saying you
know these if this is an appropriate and we don’t condone it at all even though they have the right to do it presents that sort of that the uh… the the delicate line to
tread and wouldn’t go any further that’s on

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