Westboro Baptist Church Negotiating NOT Protesting Newtown Funerals, Insults Anonymous

joining me is margie phelps from the
west for a baptist church immediately after the shooting at sandy hook school
the west for a baptist church announced that it would be picketing the visual as well as i believe some of
the funerals of margin-left coverage the chase what’s the reason do you still
plan to pick it urals and what the reason for that your return wired reaches down into this nation and matching arden picture ten-page when we come board before that the average on and permission one of the way he’s doing that’s
increasing it by the shooters uh… getting done during the numbers
are getting bigger who told u over twenty years which he talked into prior in we’re bringing him to blanked nine
blacks worse now urine deeper pretty ashamed experience connecticut was one of the for states to
come out thing picnics inventing thinking brute force away the standard dot i happen to critique your burp spoke
about myself what’s the plan would then the plan with the funeral
specifically eti many more shooters many more again and the plan would connecticut are you
kidding me there’s already in thousands of our work but apne airwaves will continue on the porch or on that
point okay but i do are you going to pick up
the funerals of the kids poor we can put the right now including those heel what will be okay and specifically i mean understand
that you believe broadly that anything bad that happens in this
country is god’s punishment for what you consider to be the acceptance of
homosexuality but i mean these kids and we have a lot of their pictures here i mean what what’d little jack pinto do
to deserve you jonathan belt there with the gods sent the shooter sign right
around the any any of these right at you know libya angle what did she do what
the point of being there jury utes and minimal whose children are better
off getting this nation without every child about age in this nation might work for a baptist church is
without hope they are on your mother’s milk top-ten proud centers unravel onion
they’ve got a glory there’s no hope we’re going to children now one of them they guide look at your hands david ackman their blood enzyme duran and all the
rest of the media and all the rest of the preachers several direct peters their bloody you’re on your hand maybe
ever cracked a bible you would be familiar with the facts that when you enrage pitching aboard the
lord god jehova econ racine where distraction and he’s not respect ur of aids the chill intent in his wrath furthermore no one is born enactment them get awful and i think that marlin
eggplant scriptural them on it’s not helpful acted backpacker you
know what more does get children stop what you’re doing margie um… that’s it you gave a raft back aren’t you or anyone up in this nation it you
really care dba rocked obama we’re gonna have to disagree on that warrant or hearsay and have you with ancient course before you have traveled
and dead laying at your feet my i wanna let let do you agree you know i don’t know who i
know the dino the bible stuff but let’s don’t try to keep it concise
overlook as there are more things incredibly there that we actually have a
lot of things to talk about with you i know that i’ll come as a shock to a lot
of people uh… underpinned about two hundred
articles id used to be clear yami thank you and i have talked
about today in connecticut anything expired
celebration part-time you don’t have a big enough
audience for me to waste my time with anything yeah tonight block any rectory no no i a about mistakes is that i think
if i keep my focus margie because i want to stick to another issue which is several hundred articles are now at the
ballot count on in this the physiological let me see if we can
have a question in here anek al dad were in a row left creek i don’t know carotenes named dot
no and who will let the criminal organs deal with then been that’s when i use my backing
telco so stated that issue today nationwide today the connecticut dan schulder from pursuing becks mary’s
and will continue to chaps but how does an attack to buy another out there working in the background
hometown anonymous irrelevant ever they’re still get stick oca gaby out meanwhile the real issue
here if he could shader wrap-up in your preaching a the lord god will punish someone else
did they teach or going back crisis ted alpine comes stoned finally
did so look for the stars work hard and
article on a of hate i think the shoot and he’s not that give
me an opportunity margie to talk to of one-on-one here left but i i i i i guess
my better judgment may be uh… i wanna maybe try to work out some ingeniously worse than you can still stopover market anonymous irrelevant enaku labor get
about anonymous per second trip uh… margie i’m sorry but the but let me just in cannes and make a proposal to you
will you listen to a proposal from is that and then you can reject that are
accepted it’s your choice in quality my goal is to keep you and your signs away from
the funerals of these kids in connecticut and as you said your goal is for as many people as
possible figure your message which you have made
and number of times on this show so and i’m a word correct this and i think
my audience may not like this but what i want a proposed to you as would you be willing to say you will stay away from the
funerals of the children in exchange i would provide you i thirty minute uninterrupted it won’t
be me interrupting you and say no but what about this and that we will give
you thirty minutes really to put together it can be a video that you put
together or whatever you want will put it on our youtube channel which
is twenty five million views ron a hundred and sixty tv and radio stations
across the country where i’m directv and dish network in thirty two million homes
by you know that my audience will not like this but i feel like i am maybe
doing something that i would be willing to compromise an offer you that opportunity if you
agree simply stay away from the funerals of these few
kids and then you’ll reach way more people this way which i don’t like i
really don’t but i just want to see if we can maybe broker some kind of
agreement well workload okay so we were hoping to hear back
about whether or not our proposal was accepted there were a number of of phone calls
and trying to a connect with them interchange we spoke to their proposal
relations person as of now we have not got an answer they’re considering our
proposal i’m very hopeful that we’ve negotiated something here to keep them
away from those funerals of those kids in connecticut as soon as we know more obviously will
present it to you and and uh… i hope that they will but they will do and he
will have done something very good if we can just keep them away from those you know

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