Westboro Baptist Church Dating Website

my brother also mean is really funny
clip I want to share with you guys I’m sure you order those groovy online dating sites there’s only about a quadrillion ovum and one
was well known as Christian mingle dot com or somebody took it a step further and
decided to make a site for the really really rabid far-right kooky christians anyone Brian Fisher
would go to or other evangelical maybe my cock in me
and never know or maybe even crazier than them how would though Westboro Baptist Church dating website
go well the first day be mad he came up to
me in the first thing he said he’s got he’s added Steve for me Westborough mingles this vehicle that
God did you use to put my wife and I together and that for me is a very powerful
powerful thing powerful like mom a good nuclear bomb yeah like a bomb blows everything out kills everyone when I met today and
Westborough mingle I was so relieved I finally found someone heats everything I he blacks gays shoes mexicans jamaicans anything quests in america Tuesday DNC vacation sinus or space travel modern
art purpose so I don’t remember this one time we
wouldn’t be making a funeral was it it was a kindergartners how was it were
is the soldier into soldiers and in my arms were tired
and his comes up to me takes a sign me games cosplay up to that enablers children in
reducing said your father’s burning in the u-turn
fires help hi my name’s minty and I met my husband Jay unless from Google Talk join Westborough
mingle dot com the first website made by God Westborough mingle dot com where Hayden
of come together how awesome is that and it’s not just good because its
colony but it’s also good because thats totally what the Westboro dating
site would be like anybody who knows it anything about the
Westboro Baptist Church I mean ace appear to be caricatures of
human beings but there are people like that in the
world that or that hey fall in that despicable I mean what
we discovered up all the other day where 37 percent the american people think human beings were created in our current
form within the past 10,000 years now what
people are or you know all PayPal like the Westboro
Baptist people are but they’re not a lab right and then
there’s all other polls where a 25 percent of the American people in
2007 said Jesus was coming back that year in
2007 I mean how that worked out didn’t work
out too well then it and what was it forty percent of the
American people said that by the year I forgot whether a 24 year 2050 Jesus was gonna come back really 40
percent I mean that’s they need meds they need psychologists are therapy for
meds for all over them so our while it is funny and we do love it that might exist one

82 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Dating Website”

  1. No no, that's all wrong! It should be a gay dating site, that would get a lot more traffic among the highly religious and "anti"gay members.

  2. Fred Phelps isn't actually racist though. He used to be a civil rights lawyer back in the day. He may be a psycho, but not racist, haha.

  3. Thank GOD it's a parody; saw the title and thought Westboro Baptist might actually have a dating site officially just for their own kind. Last thing we need is those little bastards multiplying… if anything, Westboro Baptist need a gigantic dose of POPULATION CONTROL. ^_^

  4. PS – Forgot to mention, the parody is massively hilarious and loved it… as long as it remains a parody… I know this world is lost beyond repair… but last thing the interwebs in all its stupidity needs is yet more means of promoting even more hatred, prejudice, etc. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. wtf man don't think people are dumb by there religion. it's what they believe in you should not say stuff like that.

  6. I think that's part of the joke, "Christian Mingle (an actual dating site) vs Westboro Mingle, kind of a parody I see going on here.

  7. Just because someone believes in something that you don't doesn't give you the right to call them stupid Mr. "secular talk". Just who do you think you are? That goes double for you Christians. WHY can't we just respect people's religions without insulting each other. I mean, it's the 21st century people, COME ON!

  8. "God hates everything west of America"

    Buddy I think you mean east…. everything you just mentioned is EAST and SOUTH of America.

  9. We Christians and atheists can both agree fuck the westboro baptists we can both agree on that at least….

  10. So they date and marry within their own family? Yeah I'm sure that might be off a tad, but there is no doubt validity to my analysis.

  11. this is a joke??? I was going to join just to mess with them. "hi I'm in my fifties looking for a woman 18 to 25 who likes serving me without talking, and likes to wear thongs

  12. Dude, I know this video's old but FUCKING FIX IT. I do NOT appreciate you yelling in one ear while I get static buzzing in the other. Couldn't finish the video…

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