Weekend Update: Six-Foot-Tall Steer – SNL

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  1. He destabilized central America and illegally sold arms to Iran in the 80's. He didn't pay for it in this life if there is a god he will get what he deserves. Countless people have suffered from his actions.

  2. I've not wathed SNL for years and now know why. Neither of these two has any personality. It's like they were plucked off the street.

  3. I agree with Pres. Bush Sr. That Carvey impression was a reach, lol. Happy he was able to laugh along anyway. Rest in peace.

  4. Weekend update = the best part of SNL. Good hosts best since like Fallon and Fey. Fey and Amy (yes because I’m going to spell her last name wrong even tho I’ve seen it a million times on Parks and rec.) and especially Norm Macdonald, the GOAT


  6. I'm looking forward to the eventual SNL tribute for Trump, where it's going to be less of a tribute but just straight mockery because of what a joke is he.

  7. Not allowing your videos to be viewed outside the USA is just dumb. All one needs is a VPN to view it anyway, so all you're doing is being an annoyance.

  8. I always loved those Dana Carvey "Bush" impersonations growing up…not only were they friggin' hysterical, I could always tell there was no mean-spiritedness on either side. In fact, if you catch Carvey's '95 special, "Critic's Choice", he goes into detail in his stand-up about his visits to the White House and interactions with President Bush, and Bush was a very humble, all-around chill dude about the whole thing, LOL. How low politics have degenerated. The nastiness is off the charts, really, on both sides of the divide now.

  9. The episode with Dana carvey (I think it's him) with George H W Bush was an awesome skit, that always made me smile and laugh. R.I.P 41st president. Now i feel bad how current times everyone just gets mad and can't take a joke, it is such a sad era now

  10. Bush was classy like other politicians who took SNL's jabs with grace and laughed along. Unlike some who throw temper tantrums and incessantly post about it instead of, you know, doing government work

  11. Fuck the bushes grand father bush helped Hitler old man bush had junior a war criminal who's responsible for thousands of deaths did he tell his moronic son not to invade Iraq no

  12. RIP George Bush I never saw what he was like I was born in 2006(dont even have my own account) maybe he was good maybe he was bad, depends who you ask, but the general consensus is he was better than trump.

  13. Look at the hand gesture Che makes at 1:53 when he sends condolence to the family of Bush. I guess they made him say it.

  14. George H. Bush could not recall where he was the day that Kennedy was shot! Just that he was "In Texas" and campaigning. The day after Kennedy was shot, Hoover sent a classified report to a "George Bush of the CIA."

  15. This should go to show you that when a left leaning show like SNL gives heart warming condolences to a republican like Bush that there is something fishy. Bush was an elitist who's Father collaborated with Nazis. Bush was in alliance with the same type of people who push the propaganda to be displayed on shows like SNL. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but you're just extremely naive.

  16. The new generation of smell devices. That allows you to send smells over the internet. Very cool tech but I am more focused on the humor of its day to day use lol. They better add a lot of weed, coffee, fish, penis, and poop smell cartridges. Or smell combiner fluids. Because those smells are going to be drained fast. I can see it now.

    Everyone in the future may answer the phone after spraying Febreze. So you don't answer the phone and you are taking a crap or fart. Or its the police or someone who would call the police if they smell weed. So you get into it over them smelling weed and not being you. So you both hang up and the smell vanishes instantly. Fun stuff =).

  17. I feel sick seeing some of this comments, I just hope their Russian trolls. They keep bringing up stuff about both former President Bushes that are inaccurate. One of the Bushes was forced to write the propaganda letter. Neither was a traitor.

  18. "and worse, they're only doing it because their boyfriend likes it that way" "so yes, dick pics can get worse"
    They are on a ROLL

  19. Why are we always so insistent on making ourselves, as a species, more obnoxious. Why, in any walk of life, would someone want to be sent a smell via text? And is it even possible? Surely there'll be a future estimate showing the amount of bastards who I'm sure are gonna send fart scented texts to people they hate, or for shits and giggles.

  20. Every time that a BRAZILIAN WHACKS an acre of trees, the entire eco-system of the Western Hemisphere is upset. Species from the Amazon have fled their loss of habitat and moved as far north as Canada, where they are pushing out the American Beaver. Soon, we will have no beavers at all. It's true that many a hardwood tree (tall, rigid, and stout) has met its match and fallen over after a vigorous and well-oiled beaver has had its way with it. But then saplings grow, and the forest gets wood anew, giving the eager beavers more to work on. It's nature's way. Save the beavers. Keep them safe and warm and contented.

  21. I would challenge the theory that older operating-systems are more likely to get hacked. Someone who should know once told me that nobody is writing viruses that can attack Windows 95 anymore because almost all virus attacks nowadays exploit the way in which the Internet is, more or less, part and parcel of the Operating System, something that wasn't true of Windows 95.

  22. I remember during a talk show interview Dana Carvey recounted the first time he met President George H.W. Bush. He told the hosts he asked the question, "Too much?" and the President knew exactly what he meant and simply shook his head and said, "No." while they were shaking hands. Now THAT is what class looks like.

  23. How many of you knew that Trump was going to be truly terrible, but he turned out to be much, much worse than you could have ever imagined?

  24. While some people didn't agree with George Bush, he at least had some class and knew when to be serious.
    Also, you gotta rescpect him cuz he could take a joke, unlike a certain persidant I know….
    You will be missed George Bush

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