Weekend Update: Blackface and Blackmail Scandals – SNL

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  1. You all went so easy on these racist assholes. But thats too be expected from SNL. Going easy on racist, bias Democrats. I'm surprised that Colin Jost and Michael Che aren't more upset about this. but again, leftist SNL defending racist democrats.

  2. Getting tired of this French Revolution "off with their heads' response to every scandal. I think there will be a similar response much like the election of 2016. I personally did not vote for Trump, but I understand why people did. I am tired of being told in 10,000 ways my race and my sex is somehow inferior to others. The victim mentality mob rule punishment culture wars only makes the so-called 'oppressors' start identifying as victims, which in turn leads to an equally caustic response. These social justice movements always evolve into power grabs by the alleged 'victims' and the only way they are kept in check is by a like-minded response. I laugh to myself when I read people who write that metoo will never have a backlash, that it somehow transcends that. Fat chance, when you treat an entire sex like crap based on the actions of a few, you risk your own moral reckoning, and when it comes it will be as black and white, vicious, and lengthy as the same movement that beckoned its response.

  3. I live in Virginia but I was born in New York City. This gives me a quasi-legit right to observe that this lunacy you are reporting on is, in fact, CRAZY, I mean fuggetaboudit zany. Governor Kevin has my vote.

  4. As someone who lives in Virginia
    I’m sorry for our representatives
    I’m not even old enough to vote and I regret them being in power

  5. So if 'blackface' and kkk hoods actually offend people, why does YouTube allow this video, and why does NBC think it's okay to profit from putting offensive photos in a skit??
    In reality, NØ one is offended by such nonsense, but just remember the Democrats were all KKK in the south until 1960.

  6. Googled a bit and as I suspected SNL did a black faced skit and not even that long ago. I figured I'd have to go back to the 70s or 80s.

  7. Wow, I'm surprised these libtards actually went there. I'm shocked they didn't somehow blame Trump for the blackface thing. Amazing.

  8. Black face isn’t racist. Racism is racist. It’s a sentiment not a costume, not an act, not an inanimate object. People are just hypersensitive looking for shit to be offended by. Anything can be deemed offensive if you’re uptight enough. I’m more concerned with the rise of this self-righteous bigotry than I am with what old people wore as costumes back in the old days.

  9. Liam Neeson did an honorable thing when he shared that story. This might not be the best place to go into this yet I hope all jokes aside big mike knows that Liam knowingly threw himself under a bus just to try and make the world a better place. This wasn't some kind of slip up from a racist followed by backtracking and lies to try to save his but. No… this was thought out and discussed prior to that interview. If you wonder why I take that stance I'll clarify. Liam and I were having a conversation in what was a dream for me and this came up and I asked him to share his story publicly. Just like I heard him say in a later interview, the goal was transparency. In my waking life I have actually met or known quite a few people who share similar experiences. These times scare me in how so many people need to apologize for anything questionable from their past & then often enough that isn't satisfactory enough for many or the public eye and even with people walking on glass, hyper self-censoring before sharing anything, people often enough have something get blown out of proportion for them or get completely crucified for something that is now completely out of their hands, right or wrong it's unhealthy how extreme things have gotten. It's like the new status quo is a PC Lynch Mob. So it basically goes without saying that people don't want anything questionable to surface. I'm afraid Liam is going to suffer the old no good deed goes unpunished and his movie will suffer and his public relations people are probably not happy let alone everyone else who had as nothing to do with the making of his upcoming film. It was wise for what he or we were trying to accomplish ( I may have had something to do with it yet he was the one who stuck his neck on the line when he didn't need to and I so very highly respect him all the more so for doing so) anyways him sharing when he did gave him a good platform and hopefully anyone who has been in a similar situation won't feel so alone or f-ed up or guilty now and hopefully the current human race can stop judging others and stop putting up some fake front like you stank don't stink and hopefully his movie does even better now than it would have if he just remained quiet. Oh and another thing, he went into this from a stance of being so far from racist, that us when he shared his story. Now I worry he might or already might have developed some kind race related radar where he now might feel like black people are out to get him or hate him while they missed the whole damb picture of what he did and why. Black people aren't the only ones who judged shen they shouldn't have yet from what I've noticed at least a good deal of black people, at least on tv, spoke up and out against him as though he made an ignorant racist comment when it was quite the opposite. He shared a reality that many wouldn't share and he did so in Hope's of having a positive effect and he put himself on the line in many ways by doing so and I feel he should be celebrated for trying. I worry that some people might give him a temporary (if it does or did happen I hope it is only temporary because focus on the individual rather than a collective let alone such a collective as a race, a grouping due to similar skin color… it's no good. Everyone is different while so many of us are alike. I still believe on focusing on the individual. I still do not want to see a damn race war erupt. I honestly dislike how self righteous some people are who have a public stage and how twisted they are without realizing it. I could care less what many people have to say until I notice the harm that is taking place. I want to call out some people by name yet I worry that ultimately doing so would take away from what I am trying to accomplish. Oh… as I was saying, I'm worried liam is going to feel as though he is getting attacked by black people while he knows he sacrificed for the greater good and I hope he gets the respect he deserves regardless of what color your skin is and I hope him trying to help me doesn't screw him over. I'm grateful for what that man did and by that I mean him being honest and open about a very serious time in his life that he is not proud of. If you ever read this I hope you realize how much respect I have for you and how grateful I am that you tried, regardless of the results I view you as a champion. Thank you Liam and much love to you. Peace & love to all. That goes for you too… BIG MIKE!!! Hehehe :]

  10. The satire is so fucking off. Shouldn't be making jokes about Bezos and his dick pics alone; you should be making jokes about AMI and fricking PECKER and not just shallow 'haha penis' jokes on the surface, but the whole rot and criminal bullshit corruption underneath. That's the story. That's the satire.

  11. No Democrat resignations, at least, not right now. We need to keep our Dems in office. They are publically exposed and will probably never hold another public office. At least they are not Republicans!

  12. For SNL, this seems a mild response to the blackface antics of the VA governor and AG. And, what about the sexual abuse accusations leveled at the Lt Gov? You treat that like a rumor to be ignored. Are SNL writers and producers hypocrites? Come on SNL, where’s your sense of outrage?

  13. Name one person who is not the least bit racist at all, other than yourself and please make it someone who is alive, not someone in a book, someone you actually know, I will check back in a year for the one comment.

  14. 2:45 the actual style of the clothing is the worst part…who the fuck pays thousands for something that damn ugly? also nobody would say ANYTHING about the Gucci sweater mouth thing if it was black/blue. white/pink, or literally any other color combination. It's just unfortunately coincidence people are automatically assuming a red rhombus on a black sweater makes them think of blackface….so arent they being racist too??

  15. Blackface in a school years definitely illustrates people's acceptance at the time of publication. Everything is NOW RACIST. People constantly throw that term around to the point it is often without merit. It is just often a put-down when nothing was meant by an action or statement. Perhaps people should not be do hasty to judge. That makes them 'judgemental'. Ha!

  16. You guys should’ve brought to attention how this tax ssn will continue to kill the middle class. These stories are horrifying.

  17. Liam Neeson is not from the UK, but Ireland. But, of course, it's ok to stereotype Irish people, despite the vast historical documentation of discrimination (Irish Need Not Apply signs in every business window in Manhattan), because they're white. Anti-white racism is the new liberal privilege.

  18. Gucci should apologised for being a bunch of assholes not for the shit Ugly sweater they produced…hey wake up we are in 2019

  19. Why would the enquirer threaten the public with his nudes???? How sadistic are they to put this where anyone could see them??? Someone could be permanently visually impaired

  20. Did Michael Che really just make a joke about the 19th century? 🙄 That's white people shit, the notion that racism ended centuries ago. The heart of the South. Rich white people. Who grew up in freshly desegregated areas. 1980s. That last anti-discrimination law was in the 70s. Y'all really surprised? Y'all demand resignation? Why you acting like you didn't grow up here? I grew up in Colonial Williamsburg. Plantation field trips were normal. We are still explaining that blackface is wrong in 2019 and y'all shocked about 30 YEARS AGO? Rich white Southern kids 30 years ago. My grandparents live down the street from people with a Blue Lives Matter Sign in their yard. YOU WANT SOME PEOPLE TO RESIGN OVER WHAT WAS LITERALLY WHITE CULTURE IN THE SOUTH 30 YEARS AGO? Won't nobody woke, didn't nobody know better. Meanwhile our PRESIDENT is PRESENTLY defending and being endorsed by white supremacists yet still in office. 😂 Am I the only black person who thinks calling for resignation over this is dumb af? Y'all act like you ain't never met a privileged white person or been to the South. In the public eye, these white people had black friends then went home and dropped the n-word. That's how white people are.

    And don't come in here going "not all white people" because obviously. Obviously not all white people. But just like every demographic, there's a culture. There was culture surrounding race for white people. There was a culture for weathly people. And a culture for Southerners. So you bet your ass there's a culture for wealthy white Southerners.

  21. the Neo Satanic Liberals should now do a Jussie Smollet sketches showing how he crafted his fake self attack all to further his ''noble'' and not at all ''self aggrandising'' fraud with loud mouth Feminazi L.Jones using whiteface paint chasing Che around throwing bleach at him and trying to hog tie him. socialist propaganda mogul Lorne michaels would roll on the floor laughing.

  22. Oh please Liam is lying and is a hypocrite piece is why because just a short time beforehand he was complaining about women getting in the way of males abusing and raping and harassing females which is what they mean when he like woody allen and don trump said “let’s not turn this into a witch-hunt!”

  23. Guys, you aren't the whole world. Blackface means nothing in Europe or anywhere else in the world except US. It's not racist here or anything. Your history is yours only, you deal with it. Don't force your problems on us.

  24. I want to know how much crack Gucci was smoking to make that sweater; Ignoring the racism, it's fucking hideous with that chin and open mouth part… good lord

  25. In today's culture and social climate, why would Neeson even admit something like that to some random reporter? Admit sure but not to some random reporter? It doesn't look good. At least he said he regrets those thoughts and feelings. That reporter probably also got spooked.

  26. SNL hasn’t been funny in years. People are tuning in just to have a I HATE TRUMP pep rally. Even this sucked.

  27. Meanwhile, the funny part is how SNL had a skit about Hurricane Katrina featuring a blackface impersonation of Aaron Neville in 2005. Don't get me started on how many times they've done Oriental Face impersonations due to the fact that they have never had an Asian cast member.


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