WEEK IN MY LIFE | Work, Elevation Worship concert, & fun! ✨

Good morning, friends!I’m kicking off another week in my life
video today is actually Tuesday I didn’t vlog yesterday wasn’t that exciting just
like grocery shopping and then worked from home but today I am headed into the
office going to work and then later this evening I’m headed to the elevation
worship con site which I’m so excited about it’s actually at House of Blues
which is at Disney’s Springs which is right across from my office perfect so I
decided to go into the office today instead of working in remote because
I’ll be over there anyways so today it is very cold and rainy so I just want to
cuddle up all day but I have a jacket on I’m going to take my umbrella and
probably gonna stop by Starbucks to get a nice and cozy so rainy and cold their own Starbucks
outside think I’ll make it this is such a known for today I got my coffee that’s right there it’s
hard to carry everything out once right now because I’m carrying this umbrella
my goat shoots Starbucks order hot drink has been a hot coconut milk from vanilla
latte and it’s so yummy and I feel better drinking it knowing
that coconut milk instead of like whole milk yeah no friends Alison I just got off work
and walked back to my car at diseased Springs and it freshened up a little bit
at Sephora I just stopped in the so for I just need a Springs I’m just like
there was a long day at work um but now I’m super excited to go to the elevation
or ship halleluyah here below Tori to my house
of lose their touring all over though so make sure you check their dates and
locations because they might be coming to your city who knows but I’m really
excited for that my friend Kayla is gonna meet me and come with me really
excited cuz I’m pretty sure we get to like me worship team so yeah it’s gonna
be amazing and of course I will be taking you along for the picture wow what an incredible night I’m
whispering because Brandon is sleeping but oh my goodness
today is so incredible the show was absolutely beautiful and just getting to
worship with so many like hundreds of other people was just the best and
getting take care like elevation worship live was just so surreal because I
listened to that whole poem all the time and we sing their songs in church but it
being there when they’re singing it live it was just really really special I got
some rich I’m excited to where I have this shirt and it’s really really cool
it’s the Hallelujah here below shirt I’m gonna wear it to bed tonight and then how cozy what shit I’m so excited to
wear I’ve actually breathing in Orlando today well you know I’m not freezing but
colder so I could read this to bet actually won’t stop now love it and so
being over tonight and I hope you guys liked seeing some clips from it and I’m
just like so thankful and god is so good and I’m just I’m just really glad I got
to see elevation worship live in worship tonight like what a great Tuesday night
all right well I’m gonna get to that I was in the raining good morning happy Wednesday morning
last night was so fun I’m wearing one of the shirts to work today I’m reppin
elevation worship so excited so it’s about almost 10 o’clock right now so
that’s pretty late but I’m going to run into work I have a lot to accomplish I
work today so I need to have a really productive day so I’m gonna do that and
then come home around 2:00 4:30 or 5:00 and then hang out with Brandon I’d
really go just be him out all yesterday and nice nice at home excited to hang
out with him have dinner with him and just chill and have a relaxing night
can’t stop Lilith stop it is so windy but it is seriously such
a gorgeous day the weather is perfect for my shiny much better than
yesterday’s rainy forecast just walking back to my car after a long day of work
my coworker Haley’s here and we’re tired we had such a busy day but we got to
spend time together so look on the bright side standard time having some
leftover sweet potato and black bean enchiladas and a little smiley yummy
yummy yummy eating up the TV tonight got morning friends happy Thursday morning
it is so early it’s about 6:30 right now and I already did a lot of work not
really a lot but a little so we’re off to a good start today just has to be so
productive I have so much just me work to do for my Disney job and I’m trying
not to work on Fridays um well we’re got Disney on Fridays and some lots of other
work but you know what I mean so I’m trying to get everything done today so I
got an early start to the day got my coffee yummy yummy yummy and just trying
to stay productive today so I’m just working from home oh no I’m not in focus
I’m just probably good cuz I look well great great I’m just going to work from
home and then I think my mom’s gonna stop by for lunch and then just work
from home after that and then after B gets home I’m just gonna try to go to
the gym and just have a chill night and relax after working hard all day so
I meet some yummy peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast amazing this
adorable little plate that I bought at Disneyland Paris little bit happy Friday
I am so excited it’s Friday yesterday was a super long day of work I worked
ten hours like you guys know it started working so early so I didn’t vlog much I
was just trying to check a lot of things off the to-do list but this Friday and
I’m really excited because Brandon has the day off of work he gets every other
Friday off of work which is the best ever and so I’m not working today either
I did a few things this morning but I’m not working today but we have a lot of
things to get done we’re going to the DMV so I can get my new license with my
new last name on it and we also have to go do my taxes my taxes are super
complicated so we’re actually going to make a tax expert today and they’re
gonna help us file so we’re doing that a lot of like adulting but we’re also
gonna go out to lunch a little date and then who knows what else I think we’re
gonna go to the bank and do the name change stuff there as well so again
another productive day but I’m so excited to be spending the day with me
driver’s license my new picture is so much lighter than the old picture
Brandon and I were joking that they used a magic drills here presets which are my
presets that make everything lighter I’m God that’s taken care of and I love how
you get your new license like right away because up Sunday’s you don’t delete for
it to come in the mail and all of that it’s really amazing actually how they
print them so fast it only took about five minutes if that so that was good
easy breezy and now we are going to the bank just to do the whole name change
for the bank then lunch I can’t wait my side is
already gone and I are back home now after a full day
of getting stuff done after lunch which was so good I’m sure you saw the
delicious food in it maybe made your mouth water sorry about that but then we
went to go to the tax person didn’t go that well it was ok but I just felt like
the tax person won that a right match for us because I don’t know I really
need someone who understands what I do as a job so that they can help us more
but it was fine and we’ll file it fine for this year and and hopefully find you
know someone who’s really like all missing pages us next time so alright
and then we just went to find a little photo shoot location and took a couple
photos and then we just came back home and we’re gonna relax tonight I already
changed my comfy little robe I’m doing laundry just I’m having a chill night
gonna watch our show when we’re obsessed with which is designated survivor on
Netflix yeah change way each other’s company and then tomorrow we’re going to
make me go to the farmers market in the morning because it’s Saturday morning
and I love spending time in the farmers market and the weather in Florida this
weekend is so lovely it’s about 75 degrees that’s just a really nice time
so hopefully we’ll have some time outside enjoying the weather and just
having a good weekend but I really hope you all enjoyed this week in my life
thank you so much for watching and I can’t wait to see you soon right

60 thoughts on “WEEK IN MY LIFE | Work, Elevation Worship concert, & fun! ✨”

  1. Your so pretty and have an amazingly beautiful and calm life! I love your channel and wish you could subscribe twice!!! 😂


  3. I love your week in your life! I love Elevation Worship! You da best!💛💚💜💙❤️💕💐🎉

  4. THAT’S MY CHURCH!!!! I love my church so much. Foreal. So awesome!! 😊😊😊😊 yay for Disney believers.

  5. Always love your “week in my life” videos!
    Love Elevation! I have led many of their songs at my church.

  6. I think I comment this on all your WITL videos but they’re seriously the best. Also, your Friday outfit is so cute!

  7. I’ve been watching Sherlock on Netflix but I’m about to finish it so I might have to try out Designated Survivor as a new show!

  8. Its so bautiful and perfect to go there ist like a disneyland and so perfection to see and your makeup was beautiful and awasone💖

  9. I get so happy when you upload new videos!! hope you have a fabulous weekend! what farmers markets do you guys enjoy around town? I usually go to the lake eola one 🙂

  10. loved this! you are always so cute! & if you would like I can send you the info to my tax guy! hes in Orlando and does a great job with me and the freelancing every year 🙂

  11. This video has had me listening to Elevation Worship music on repeat!! ahh I love it!! Your videos are sooo inspiring to me!

  12. Were you born a brunette? I used to be super blonde at one point but went back to my regular color. I’ve been tempted to go back to blonde after our wedding. Any tips? 😬 A little nervy, but want to switch things up. Thanks!

  13. Hi Allison, I just accepted an offer for a Disney PI starting in June! I am from Wisconsin so I just have a bunch of warmer work outfits and need to some new summer items. Could you possibly do a lookbook for summer/warmer work looks?

  14. I went to their concert here in Jacksonville FL!
    I was Like 10ft away from the band!

    And then Steven furtick walked up right behind me to go up and Preach!!!!!! And said, excuse me ma’am!

    I almost fainted. 😂😂😂jk.

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