We Ranked The Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

this has to be a sham this is what everybody was talking about please stop [Music] hi I’m Ryan hey I’m Joyce I’m kingsley and I’m Jasmine and today we are going to blind taste test chicken sandwiches and I know one of the chickens is the famous chicken sandwich that I have not been able to there’s been some talk about a new chicken sandwich in town yeah the Popeye sandwich mm-hmm which has led all these other chicken sandwich is to pop up on Twitter either woodwork claiming their territory yeah I’ve recently had the Popeye shinga sandwich loved it I think I can like guess that flavor black BAM I know what that one is I tweeted about it I had a chicken sandwich from chick-fil-a once okay and it was cuz it was cater to set I’ve never I don’t go to these places to get a chicken sandwich at all [Music] laughs and chicken Popeyes I already know what it is and I love it the button is maybe the buttons are what really give it away but just yeah buns will get everyone away I’m gonna rock this bright at the mainland obviously I’m gonna focus on the chicken right now let’s buy it saying that okay one two three Oh whoo oh my god those are naughty there’s something in chick-fil-a sandwiches oh I don’t know if it’s like they’re problematic views on the Oh what like oh yeah I’m not really talking about damn this chicken Meredith something there was time and in turn eight ever put into it she sat know whatever it is definitely a seasoning and food map definitely you can actually taste the chicken uh-huh you found nine yeah I’m gonna have unit nine mm-hmm oh god is so good little seven I think oh I feel like the bread – chicken ratio with nice I feel like we did taste a pickle yeah I’m gonna get rid of six and a half it’s pretty good [Music] do you feel this this is thick whoo this one smells really this one has the most I can smell it the most aroma mm-hmm it smells like lettuce yeah like that’s a chicken Caesar uh-huh salad or something it smells like my old friend oh that’s sweet yeah she’s a redhead this one smells really well-seasoned no I’m not trying to anything about this trick is that coleslaw on this every fast-food place has a smell I smell what’s the mouth what is this what’s my life I don’t know like freshly cooked something cuz they ain’t nothing they’re fresh never frozen yeah I think we know what this is it’s coming that that what you’re describing really helped cuz I’m like yes oh my god this soggy meth yeah okay I’m not here for this and this was done by someplace that tried to make chicken fancy when in reality we just need it to be good I’m gonna give this a 6 Ivan this one should be six I’m gonna give this a one because I I couldn’t taste the chicken it’s true okay I’m giving it a two I change mine it’s a two [Music] Oh in a minute oh it’s firm that bread is firm left down wait a minute the mint block the bring on this is like jam-packed flavor it’s scooping up like roses yeah oh wow this is I know exactly the places is this KFC hmm you think you’re gonna pop eyes at all this is not gonna be Popeyes Chicken mMmmm I think this is the best chicken I’ve tasted does that actually taste like chicken and you can taste that mm-hmm the way the chicken is so seasoned is really it’s well done it’s not the shape of a circle it has a pickle that makes you want to cry it has the sauce or mayonnaise it’s just like Popeyes was like I’m tired of playing games with all these chicken hoes mm-hmm let me show you the truth mm-hmm and now I get to finally leave this can’t be papaya there’s no way he’ll ever know are you kidding me stop it this has to be a sham this is what everybody was talking about and please stop Popeyes is gonna hinder I’m gonna give this a five because it wasn’t my favorite and I gave my favorite a southern this is like a fire from you I’m gonna give it a sense so this was gonna win it’s gonna be nine point five because it has the modifications the access to modifications that the chick-fil-a sandwich doesn’t have to give this a nine point five [Music] you

37 thoughts on “We Ranked The Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches”

  1. 1:58 ROFL

    Also stfu. Chick Fil A is a great one, but like ol girl said, "Popeyes said I'm tired of dealing with all these chicken hoes"

  2. Went back to Chick after months of not eating there and nope. You can tell itโ€™s a mass produced sandwich. Popeyes tastes homemade.

  3. Shame on you buzzfeead why are you giving them more food. One day they will end up with cancer and diabetes because of this body acceptance

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