We MUST talk about this in our predominantly white congregation

The Buddha said, “Your work is to discover
the world. And then with all your heart, give yourself
to it.” Our world has gotten very, very big. Our neighborhood is no longer just our block. Or just our church, or just our family. Our neighborhood is the planet. Our neighbors are across the world and across
the country. And what I know is that so many of you have
a heart to serve this neighborhood. I know this because so many of you have come
to me over the course of the last year and you have said to me, “Shannon, I want to know
more about #BlackLivesMatter I want to understand it. I want to know what can I do? How can I support? How can I help?” And maybe there might be some of you sitting
here who might be thinking to yourself, “Why are we talking about this in church? In a currently predominantly white congregation?” And I say to you, with all the love in my
heart, that we must talk about this in our predominantly white congregation.

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