We Don’t Back Down

Every day is becoming more of
a challenge to get out there. Rains coming in
heavier and heavier. Roads are sliding away. How do you cross that hurdle? And we’re still trying
to just plow through this and get to people. Let’s go. We hear gunshots. We hear bombs. It’s been an honor to serve
with some of these people who left their own families
behind to come here with the risk of not knowing
whether they would come back home or not. Ebola has now become
a part of the world. As staff at Samaritan’s Purse,
we go where nobody dare to go. Disasters come. Storms come. Every time we see the
news in the morning, I’m always asking
myself, I wonder if Samaritan’s Purse can make
a difference in that situation. Samaritan’s Purse– we go to
the hard places of the world. We go to the remote
places of the world. And then when we are there,
we meet their emergency needs. When people ask us, “Why
are you doing this?” I say to them, “We
are only showing you the love of Christ.” Haiti has been hit by
a massive hurricane. Everybody that’s
here right now walked in here three or
four hours, and today even with a bunch of pack
mules carrying supplies in. We do come to treat,
but really, mainly, we come to share the Gospel, to
tell people the good news– that Christ died for them. I love that Samaritan’s
Purse is in the darkest areas of the world. It’s 5:30 in the morning
here in northern Iraq. We’ve come a long way
to deliver these shoebox gifts to children living in
refugee camps this Christmas. Over 400,000 refugees fled
from the terror of ISIS. It’s cold. It’s damp. Samaritan’s Purse has been
providing mattresses, blankets, coats, shoes. The church in Niger is
a persecuted church. On the 16th and 17th
of January, mobs started burning the churches. People basically had to
flee for their lives. Samaritan’s Purse came
and helped them out. And they’re not forgotten. You see, I don’t
believe we ever back up. We don’t surrender. We don’t give in. What motivated
Jesus Christ to go to that horrible crucifixion? That same love is what
motivates us to not back down. You’ve got to be willing
in your heart to give it all up, surrender everything. We’re evangelizing,
disciplining, and multiplying across the globe. God’s going to take you on a
journey of faith, step by step. But our goal is to go along and
let them see who we truly are, let them see our
actions, and we’re going to minister to everyone. What part of the
world are you going to make a mark for Jesus Christ? I’ve had people
say, “Why don’t you wait till they come to you?” No, we go to them. Go ye therefore into all
the world to make disciples. People from all tongues, tribes,
and nations will come to faith.

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