Walking Into a Church on Acid (feat. Chris Reinacher) – Tales From The Trip

And somebody goes,
“Do you know any Bob Dylan?” And we’re like, “Oh, we do,”
and so now we’re like a band. Hey, I’m Chris Reinacher
and this is the time I played football
with Abraham Lincoln on LSD. There’s three of us
who are taking acid and one of our friends,
named Brick, is coming along, but is going to be
sober the entire time. We all decide that people
trust you more when you’re wearing a suit.
So, we all decided to wear suits for our day doing LSD
in San Francisco. We’re also playing a good amount
of music at the time, so we have musical instruments. So, we show up on this beautiful
Sunday in the middle of a park. We get our hands on a football
and, guys, I’m not an athlete. Something happened that day
where I clicked in, every throw I made was exactly
where I wanted it to land. It was like a video game.
I am Aaron Rogers. We ask if anybody else
in the park wants to play. Some kind of drifter guy
is like, “I’ll play,” and then a tall dude
who’s like seven feet tall, who’s wearing a top hat and, like a suit,
but like a half suit, and I look over at Brick
and I’m like, “Hey, is this real?”
And Brick’s like, “No, no, no, this is real.
You’re really good. That guy’s dressed
as Abraham Lincoln,” and we go back
to our little blanket and we go,
“Hey, let’s play some music.” We take out our instruments and we know,
you know, a few songs. So we start with Knocking
On Heaven’s Door. I start singing and I
close my eyes. The only way really
to describe it as that I see the music. I have this laser
that is my blue note, and the other guys,
like, green and orange and purple notes
are coming from here and they’re blending together
into this rainbow road of music. Finishing the song,
opening my eyes to literally
a round of applause. And now we have tons of blankets
of people and somebody goes, “Do you know any Bob Dylan?” And we’re like, “Oh, we do,”
and so now we’re like a band in the middle of a park
playing for everybody. Again, I’m looking over
at Brick, like, “Is this really happening?” And Brick’s like, “No, no, no.
This is real. We’re a band in a park now
playing a concert,” and we look over and there is
a cathedral across from the park and people
are starting to go to mass. We figured we’re in suits,
we can do whatever we want. So, I go into this church,
into the center of the pew. I stare up at the stained glass
of Jesus and Jesus turns into Buddha, and then he kind of turns
into an alien, and then he turns into me, and I’m having all these
revelations about oneness and about how it’s kind of
all the same, different holes to the same pool of water. And then I kind of get tugged
and it’s like, “Hey, we shouldn’t have
gone to church. Let’s get out of here.” I didn’t know that
this acid story was going to have a moral
at the end, but be with the right people
and have your Brick. Also, religion.
It’s all made up. Thanks.

31 thoughts on “Walking Into a Church on Acid (feat. Chris Reinacher) – Tales From The Trip”

  1. Oh, you mean Lincoln like this bitch?

  2. there was a study in the British medical journal…. that acid actually forces the brain to “hard reset” per say……. it’s science and British, acid is good it’s facts british facts those people are never wrong

  3. Lmao ayy that lil note at the end was great XD. I once did do DMT tho and it made me slightly question my fully atheist views. DMT is very different then Acid, it was very very weird but interesting.

  4. Being brought up religious made me realise that religion and god are total bollocks.

    Doing acid made me realise how beautiful and complex the world is, despite having no 'creator'.

  5. I stopped doing drugs after I did 1800ug of LSD last summer at a campfire, I was blown to pieces and put back together as a better version of my self, thank you LSD <3

  6. Why do you guys always put the all seeing eye in a pyramid, are you that fkn stupid you think people don't realize what you're doing.

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