Waka Flocka Pisses in his Shoe

WAKA FLOCKA: Hi, man. What do you do? It’s your boy Flocka. My wildest party night ever. My first time ever I drank
Cuervo Gold, all right? I was like 18. That shit right there
had me so fucked up. It was at skating rink called
Golden Glove on the East Side. I was so drunk. I swear to God, I was seeing
leprechauns and shit. And I had to pee, so I took
my shoe off, pissed in my sneaker, and put my fucking
shoe back on. I didn’t even know it. I went home with a girl– [INAUDIBLE] girl at the time. So I come back, and [INAUDIBLE]
like, maybe somebody pissed. Man, you pissed? My foot felt wet. FEMALE SPEAKER: What’s
wrong with you, Waka? WAKA FLOCKA: I was like, oh. That shit was crazy. I never drunk Cuervo
Gold to this day.

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