Virgin Mary painting shows ‘tears’ at Chicago church facing foreclosure: reports

Chicago worshippers on Monday flocked to a century-old Greek Orthodox church that is facing foreclosure to see what some say is a sign from God after a caretaker witnessed what appeared to be tears streaming from the eyes of a painting of the Virgin Mary over the weekend Rev. Fr. Nicholas Jonas told the Chicago Tribune he was in his office at Chicago’s Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church early Sunday morning when a caretaker told him about the painting  Jonas said he investigated and placed cotton balls at the bottom of the painting to absorb an oil-like substance pouring from the eyes of the Virgin Mary He posted a picture of the painting Sunday night that shows streaks of liquid residue coming from the Blessed Mother’s eyes, which give the appearance that she’s crying  HOW A NEARLY BRAIN DEAD ‘MIRACLE MAN’ SURVIVED AFTER BEING TAKEN OFF LIFE SUPPORT “I can’t explain why she is tearing, but I do know as human beings we are usually crying for two reasons: either joy or sorrow,” Jonas told Chicago’s WLS  The church is scheduled for a bankruptcy hearing Tuesday. Following Jonas’ social media post, many people visited the church to see the painting More than a hundred candles were lit, according to the Tribune. Some worshippers viewed the phenomena as a sign of a coming miracle indicating the church would be saved from foreclosure “Mary weeping is a sign, and the miracle is actually in our hearts,” Laura Tovar, whose sister was married at the church, told the Tribune  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP  Jonas, however, said he’s not sure the tears are a sign the church would be saved and he “would just rather say that the Virgin Mary is talking to us I would just let her finish her conversation. And, let’s see what happens.”

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  1. Does anyone have any idea why she keeps crying? Anyone hear of the Chastisement? She cried in Sri Lanka right before the CC was bombed. She was crying just recently in Canada. She was crying in many places this year alone. I believe as far as I can see this is the 7th time already this year. AS far as I found and heard about. The media usually pushes this sort of thing under the rug. They want to keep people stupid and in sin. But GOD will not be mocked. And no one has listened to her please for over 500 years now. Not even at Fatima or Akita. But it is coming soon. By the way these sort of things are tested. And none were found to be a hoax. Oh! Well, times is running out now.

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