Vince Gill vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Hi guys, I’m Brooke Burgstahler. And sometimes
people are just dip*shits* At least that’s what Vince Gill thinks. And
I can’t help but agree with him. Gill, a country singer, went to confront a
group of Westboro Baptist Church members who were protesting his concert in Missouri because
he’s a divorced man who remarried. Um…. welcome to 2013 Missouri? Ignorant
sheltered fanatics. Anyways, Vince approached the protesters fairly
peacefully but rightfully stood his ground, let’s watch. (:1-:40) Divorce+remarriage=adultery? Well lady, I
don’t even want to know what you would call the things I do…. The Westboro Baptist Church is best known
for its anti-gay rhetoric, views on marriage, and their unwanted appearances— everywhere.
They’re basically a bunch of bored shmucks who haven’t ever left their front yards and
deserve to be kicked in the shins for their displays of hatred. But that’s why I’m not in charge. A nonprofit
group, Planting Peace, announced that in October it will be staging a drag show at the Equality
House in Topeka, Kansas– just across the street from the WBC. The church compound is
set to be the center of the parade to raise money for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
equality. So WBC, suck on that!

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