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  1. May God keep utilizing and blessing you and your ministry Pastor! Thank you for encouraging me in The Lord and reminding me of my worth. Love you! 🙏🏼👊🏻

  2. Why can't I let completely let go and let God. This pain hurts so much. I know EVERYTHING happens for a reason. But my heart is so broken.

  3. Amen! Great message, though with the thumbnail, yes, we must be content with our gifts and use them to build God's kingdom, but the Bible also says to eagerly desire the greater gifts, and that we should desire other gifts. (1 Cor 12-14). Yes it doesn't mean others are more important, but if we use what God gives us, why wouldn't God give us more to grow his kingdom. You see the enemy will try to convince us that our gift is enough, and yes it may be in part, but the deception is that that is all God has given us, and that he won't give us more.

  4. I pray for you all the time Pastor Steven, God bless your amazing gift. God always shine through you to be a blessing to the kingdom . We love you Pastor Steve

  5. This man Steve is definitely a gift of the Lord grant stays elevating why all his haterz still in the same place ain't Good good amen.

  6. Thank You God for using Pastor SF…
    I've Always watching you In TBN …Love watching you Always..GOD BLESS YOU MORE 😊😊😊

  7. Opened my heart , I would react to my husband saying, stop being so insecure or doubtful, but it's not insecurity or doubts it's feelings that are caused by a fear that the devil makes him think he has. And I actually just need to remind him, HE HAS NO FEAR , HE IS A SON OF THR MIGHTIEST GOD. AND HE IS GOOD ENOUGH, AND STRONG ENOUGH.

  8. Hi Pastor Steven, thank you for coming over to Singapore New Creation Church! It has blessed us a lot. If you do get to read this comment, I have a question! In your sermon you shared that you came from a small town, and you always felt like you don’t belong there, and then you linked it that it’s not about the vessel, but about the oil. I don’t really understand this part! Hope you can help if you happen to read this! Thank you so much 😊 God bless you Pastor!

  9. I know this is a long shot but I don't want to miss out on my miracle. I feel like God has placed in my heart to talk to you pastor Steven. I not only want to share my story,but the Need for Action and Manifestation over my family. The story is something to know, but God Needs the Action and Manifestation to give the inheritance for my family. I can't fear the fear that my calling is coming alive in the now. If I live in fear I cannot go to the depths God has placed me to go. What is so crazy is I know the devil has been trying to make me despise my oil. So, if there is any way and you see this could you pray for the confirmation to speak to me as child of God.

  10. We all have our gifts and interests that became skills. There are males within my family members and associates who are good and thorough with house work; tidiness, cleanliness, babystting, cooking.. And females who are good in maneuvering boats, hunting and cutting woods. Go figure. God nade is unique and we are matched with our compatibles. He is perfect in His will.

  11. If you’re reading this ! I pray God will deliver you from putting limits on your gift that God has given you . Use your gifts ! God gave them to you for the purpose he has for you ! God bless you all , Keep receiving your Jesus juice , always pray , & last but not least, Keep God first ! 💛🙏🏼 (Apologies for my bad typing ✍️ lol)

  12. I don't wanna be a preacher. I remember my uncle preaching, i found myself laughing at the pastor. But now i will never laugh again

  13. Idk if it’s God or the Universe but every time I click on a video, it’s a video I need to hear in that exact moment. Amen! And may God continue blessing everyone!

  14. I had a biopsy last Week i get the Test results back this week , i have 3 Children and im married Lord be with me and Pray för me.god bless

  15. I thank God for showing me yours and Hollys videos. I’ve been going through the longest and hardest season of my life, and without hearing the word of God through you all I don’t know if I would have any hope left for my life. I’ve been finding strength in God more and more as I hear His word being preached through y’all. I still got a long way to go, but I’m trusting God. Thank y’all for what y’all do. Most of all thank God for letting me discover this channel.

    God bless,

  16. Does anyone realize that every man preaching the word of GOD on tv is a prosperity preacher and talks about GODS gifts. GODS GIFT IS YOUR LIFE, yes. But he absolutely does not help you prosper in life. ITS OBEDIENCE AND LOYALTY THAT GIVES US THE MOST PRICELESS GIFT OF ALL!!!! All of those commandments that were separated throughout the KING JAMES BIBLE, weren’t in there to ignore. THAT THIN NARROW PATH IS THE ONLY WAY TO GODS KINGDOM!!

  17. Much appreciation from me all the way in Kenya. Your teachings have greatly helped me in believing and trusting in God. Am a different man because of you. God bless you pastor Steve.

  18. Your videos have nearly saved my life. Your messages and style of preaching makes it easier to understand the sermon and has helped me grow as a Christian . Thank you!!!!!!

  19. Hope some day b4 I get old I will be able to meet pastor Steven face to face becuz he has always been a blessing to my life no matter the problems, God bless you and your family

  20. God, I love you! Steven, thank you for your empowerment!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙌🏽🤙🏽👌🏽

  21. Amen! Aw pastor pray for more and more wisdom, for I can see the wisdom of the Spirit in you! Amen!!!!
    God bless you, pastor! May the Lord be with you always. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

  22. AMEN! I may not know how to speak well, I may wear my converse with my dress but if God chose me and said I would be a preacher I believe Him!

  23. I feel like I have no passion other then making tiktok videos, I dont know how to make I have no skills, I'm worthless only one who sees the light in me is God.

  24. You know what we are all worth it because God’s worth it!!! Amen pastor Steve god works hilarious miracles on you brother!!! So blessed mate 🙏😂👍💯🇦🇺👏😎

  25. This Brother preaches the Truth like no other….. The anointing pours out of him like rivers of living water from Jesus , it gives life to the hearer …..I'm gifted from God and undergoing fiery trials and I thank God for the messages Pastor Steven gives…….
    God Bless You Brother,
    Your truly touching lives

  26. One question just something that crossed my mind while replaying this astounding and divine message; Could it be possible that since the enemy can’t steal our oils that God gave us be the reason why the countries fight over natural oils from the earth? Wouldn’t that be considered one of the many causes of global warming? Whoever can answer this question best I would appreciate it I pray that God grants you proper knowledge and understanding and bless his words on your tongue and make your tongue the pen of a ready writer so that you may deliver God’s Anointed Word of Truth and shed light upon hundreds of thousands of God’s Children ❤️🙏🏽

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