Unlocking Sandham Memorial Chapel

We’re about to go into the chapel and this is the amazing key that we still use today and which is depicted in the picture you’ll see on the left hand side when you get into
the chapel. Your eyes will need to adjust when you go in but prepare to be wowed. Come on in. The Sandham Memorial Chapel or, perhaps
more affectionately known as Stanley’s holy box represents the, the wishes of Sir Stanley Spencer. One of the most important twentieth
century artists in reflecting the experiences that he
had, while serving in the First World War as a medical orderly at the Beaufort
Hospital in Bristol and subsequently in Salonica and Macedonia. This is a very
special site, it’s a very spiritual site. We’re in a beautiful village and the paintings are amazing and people I think need time
just to be able to think and reflect. With 2014 being the anniversary, the hundredth anniversary of the First World War, the Trust felt that this was a very
appropriate time to ensure that Sandham’s legacy, was protected. We’re the only National Trust property dedicated to the First World War. I feel enormously privileged to be looking after these amazing paintings. It doesn’t really seem like a job and
every time I come into the chapel every morning I sort of say ‘hello Stanley’ and it’s alright, and tell him what’s
happening today and it is, it’s a privilege. It’s a fabulous place to be and I just love being here.

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