Of course Hugger and then your video like taking buckwheat Jack miles. Look, this is the best Remember, I really walked into a brand of Hot Topic. I was like road tripping for a hot second I think the middle of nowhere is a hot topic win in Jesse page merch a Funny story about the way I bought my own merch at Hot Topic Before the Disney buggery and then they’re like insurance or final sale and I go did you see Paige? My own meeting green He goes you sure you don’t lose that so you don’t miss the Jesse Paige meet you drink it I was like, how do you think I want to meet that girl? You literally are kind of Montana? We should you rocks are covered shit. If you want to see that give this a thumbs up and comment dad. Hello Jesse Paige has had a beauty phase. So I thought I want to have a beauty boy things So what today I’m just gonna turn her into a day and I’m no idea what that means Yeah miles is like, okay I’m gonna turn you into like a person and you’re not gonna know yet and the only hint he’ll give me does this person – Daddy don’t like are you turning me into a one who is just like? Embodies the word daddy very recently hip-hop culture and in all of our hearts still today. That’s just like mo daddy Look at my emerge Oh And First we’re gonna get really rosy cheeks. Okay, cuz this daddy is just a kid in a candy store, you know Stop let me tell you something know your meme. I watch a lot of music videos I want to say that I’m not positive yet though. So I’m not gonna say anything. I’m sorry What is this and like how do I get? Us a brief. Mhm. Oh Yes, wait you remember there was like this one girl. She was so annoying and she got all the powers, hahaha So need that girl. Okay. Do you give your guitars names? Do you wanna name my guitars have never named? That one has to be Sarah? Okay, a sparkly one just looks like yeah Sorry a moment. Where? Your hair is gonna be in a ponytail and it’s just gonna be like really really high like your high tops Oh, this is a good question. I Feel like grab your hair from Vikon Jessi page. How did you and miles meet? That’s a good question Jimmy. We met before a guilty party day We I think we did did we I think so, too I think I knew you because I think I’ve ever was seeing you and being excited. Don’t be playlist live Did we meet wait, you’re right. I remember that playlist live we met it was like a second When is guilty party season two coming out? Not only we can say shit about that no, look at this. Yes. Yes. Is this my calling You might actually be the boy. Yes. You look so good really look guys. I was thinking to gymnastics Extension showing right therapy, I’m gonna pull that we I know who it is Kennedy candy store Hahaha Jojo the Queen the daddy we were on set together and I don’t know what happened everyone left He was just me in this bitch Watching Jojo school videos back to back back We tweeted Shane Dawson new video width of the swamp but in ten minutes before After at some point user to give me a dance lesson Miles is such a good dancer and all-around off your do these like but dances on Nickelodeon calm They have a how well do you know JoJo’s Ewok quiz? Let’s see. Wait. Look at that’s Bobo Wait, what’s your dog’s name? Bobo papa? Ruff ruff her fake fans, its Bobo Her but like with a heavy eyeliner like Jo Jo Jo ders just listen to her first I write sins like G No, Jo Jo’s had rainbow hair. Why is she coming here? Brad? No, she got it first I came for her brand I wish I was Jo Jo Disease, we’re making you like an emo Jo Jo like us I like that like Jo Jo, but she’s like starting to rebel and say no style me Miles. So when asked if you’re an emo rap is well if I’m gonna go red as well Yeah, listen, they think very highly of me. It’s okay to be you also a pin This is savage and a rainbow very Jojo. We did two boats because JoJo’s dog is Bobo Symbolism Wow represented represented. How big is your Boo-boo energy. How do you say it? Oh, it’s um, I always imagined someone like Straight and then someone else goes. Yeah. Yeah, which Disney princess do you relate to the most? Okay, listen to the soundtrack of Pocahontas Bow-bow so You just got a like like a ray of sunshine with a halo like our Lord and Savior that she is we got these high Top honey. Okay, who’s the ultimate daddy shrek a ratatouille? wave Linkle simply go literally, it’s a catchy a song. It’s like ever since we heard it I’m like, I’m a combat because I’ve been the best part of 2018 Jojo see what We’re all on set and just looks mean she’s like like do you want to know the moment that I realized? We’re living in a simulation And I’m like what and she’s like go to 21 pilots their Twitter She’s like tell them so they went on a hiatus for a year So the last week they liked before hiatus was literally in June It was Smash Mouth and then the first tweet they like sins are heinous Frank and then me so if you’ve been went to learn pilots their last three favorites its Smash Mouth Frank Craig that for a game and Jesse page and that’s just like The question is the picture of my dog It was cute I’m still wearing the slipper. Do you regret the most definitely not this look thing that you’re glad that you did this? Think about the other person. That’s so cute. That’s so nice Okay miles his first off really good skateboarding told me to skateboard That was the first time we hung ups about life, although that literally was like, what’s your sign Pisces? Okay Pisces my moons and Pisces Scorpio Pisces moon thing ever We escape waiting for the first time Toxic we talked about like everything from like identity to like our are you close? Like do that is it for our video? if you want give us the name of our trek cover bands and Be sure to check out the video we did on miles channel Ah, we made a fan accounts for both of us and tried to like get followers. It was very difficult. It’s really hard But we did it. I love you

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