Trump Attends Christmas Eve Church Service in West Palm Beach

A busy Christmas Eve saw President Trump calling
U.S. troops stationed throughout the world and attending Christmas Eve Church service
in west palm beach. Per PalmBeachPost, the president and first
lady Melania Trump were greeted outside the church by Lead Pastor Jimmy Scroggins, his
wife Kristin, and their son and daughter-in-law, James and Reilly. The Trumps arrived just
after 6 p.m. and departed roughly an hour later. Inside the church, the Trumps were treated
to an eclectic modern Christmas service featuring a brass orchestra, electric guitars, a Baptist-style
choir, acapella and floating artificial snow flakes. It was a different atmosphere than
the Episcopalian service they usually attend. Leslee Bennett, the church’s communications
director, said church officials were notified only a short time before the 6 p.m service
that the president and first lady would be in attendance. Bennett said she was not aware of what prompted
the Trumps’ visit, but noted that the president and the first lady were welcomed to the church
by Campus Pastor Derek Simpson. “Our church is made up of people from all
different political parties, all different races, all different walks of life,” she
said. “We welcome everybody, regardless of where they stand politically. The president and first lady stayed through
the church’s traditional Christmas Eve candle lighting and singing of Silent Night, departing
just before the end of the service. After the service, parishioners said they
welcomed the president. “Out of the 11 years that I’ve been here
and he’s been our president for … four years, he’s never come,” said Angelica
Perez, who said she did not know the first couple would attend. “So maybe there’s
a sign that maybe he wants to make a difference in his life … I was more excited, but it
didn’t change the message. It was good as always.”

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