True Blood – FOTS Showdown

You see? Just as our lord, our savior, was betrayed
for 30 pieces of silver, a few ounces of silver can betray a child of Satan
to the world! That doesn’t make any sense. How can you people
listen to him? I… I offer myself in exchange
for Godric’s freedom. And the girl’s as well. That’s noble, but she’s just
as culpable as you are. She’s a traitor to her race. The human race. She hardly deserves mercy. Maybe we should tie her to you, so you can meet the sun
together. Bet this marshmallow
would roast up nicely. [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Sookie! One more step, vampire,
and the girl dies. If you shoot her,
everyone here will die. Let her go now. Honestly,
what do they see in you? Soldiers, some silver chains
for our friend. Don’t. He’s done nothing to you. Sookie, I will be fine. JASON: Newlin! [GUNSHOT] Ah! Ah! [CROWD GASPS] Let her go, fuckwad! [GUNSHOT] [CROWD MURMURING] Ah! Ow! [GRUNTING] Son of a bitch! Sookie. [GROANING] SOOKIE:
Let’s go. [GRUNTING] Eric, do not kill him. JASON: Kill him. Kill the motherfucker! NEWLIN:
Go ahead. Murder us.
Murder us before God. We are willing to die. [LOUD RUMBLING] [GLASS SHATTERS] Steve Newlin. Huh? STAN:
You have pushed us too far. You expect us
to sit on our thumbs while you round up your men
to come lynch us? We’ll kill you first. Same way we did your father. Oh, God, no. Murderer! Ah! Destroy them. All of them. [GROWLING] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Bill, Eric, stop them! We have to go now! GODRIC:
Enough. [♪♪♪] You came for me, I assume. Underling? Yeah, sheriff. These people have not harmed me. You see? We can coexist. Mr. Newlin… I do not wish
to create bloodshed where none is called for. Help me set an example. If we leave you in peace,
will you do the same? I will not negotiate
with subhumans. Kill me. WOMAN: No! NEWLIN:
Do it. Jesus will protect me. I’m actually older
than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him,
but I missed it. [GASPS] Good people,
who of you is willing to die for this man’s madness? GODRIC:
That’s what I thought. Stand down, everyone. People, go home.
It’s over now. Oh, thank God, Bill. It’s all right.
You’re safe now. You’re safe. NEWLIN:
Please, don’t leave me. [GROANS] GODRIC:
I daresay my faith in humankind is stronger than yours. Come. Sir, after what these humans
have done to you? I said, come. Are you sure you’re okay? She’s fine. Go with your maker. S-Sookie. Sookie, come here. Oh, I’m so sorry.
Will you please forgive me? What were you doing with those
people? You out of your mind? Yeah, I was. Just… That son of a bitch,
it’s like he sucked out my brain and planted all his own babies
in there. NEWLIN:
You know nothing. On the final day of reckoning, we’ll see who goes to heaven
and who goes to hell. I reckon I’ve already
been to heaven. It was inside your wife. Oh! Ow. Jason, come on. What about that? Come on. Take your ring. JASON:
Honesty, my ass, shithead. White-suit motherfucker. Go home, preacher boy.

18 thoughts on “True Blood – FOTS Showdown”

  1. "we CAN coexist" says the only one vampire there who actually looked for peace and the one who wanted to meet the sun, to the vampires who attacked the FOTS and the humans who want to kill the vampires.

    godric really did go too soft in his old age

  2. if u haven't noticed that sookie has a wedding ring on its because she is married to bill. (in real life. Anna paquin and Steven moyer)

  3. Take that Steve I don't care face in your stupid face a paint gun seriously you acted like it was a real one

  4. I hear from friends who play paintball that even w/padding,those globs hurt..if that actor playing Rev.Newlin actually took a paintball hit on bare skin…fuck!

  5. I like eric it would feel nice with him in between my legs f***ing me like crazy I love vampires I wish I was one love u eric

  6. I think the best part is that the actor who plays Newlin actually got shot with a paintball gun on the forehead. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. that is why Jason Stackhouse is my favorite character of True Blood. Jason will do whatever it takes to protect Sookie and anyone else that he knows and loves dearly.

  8. There really should have been more Godric. Frankly there just wasnโ€™t any scene he didnโ€™t improve.

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