Top 10 Notorious Hate Groups

history is filled with groups that have advocated hate and violence against others many such groups still exist today I’m a part of a family that has some hard hard man in it welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten notorious hate groups for this list we’re looking at the most infamous groups that promote hate and/or discrimination by focusing on the origins of the group’s the causes that led to their growth as well as their influence during their Peaks number 10 the Aryan Brotherhood you know you go to the penitentiary and you pick a side and that is the side that you were stuck with and a lot of whites you know they don’t they don’t have really a choice you know you have to you know represent yourself and or it’s gonna be bad thought to have originated in the 1960s at San Quentin State Prison the Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist prison gang that is reputed to perform much like an organized crime syndicate the blood in blood out was you had to kill somebody to get an ax especially within prison society and making money why shouldn’t it often known as the a/b or the brand the Aryan Brotherhood has been accused of running a structured system that arranges for murder drug smuggling and other activities within prison walls prosecutors say there are more than 2,000 abt members in Texas 2000 members who have pledged to unconditionally follow the orders of their gang leaders orders that authorities say include violence and murder number nine the new Black Panthers I hate white people every last iota of a crack on Haiti the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the new Black Panthers a virulent ly racist and anti-semitic organization and in fact its leaders have blamed Jews for the 9/11 terrorist attacks while its manifesto states the white race intends to commit genocide against all non-white peoples freedom they wanna kill some crackers founded in 1989 the new Black Panthers have even been denounced as a racist hate group by members of the original Black Panthers who were few connections with the new organization number eight the Jewish Defense League we are here present where Jews noble and cruel we’re well trained well equipped we’re not afraid our enemies should be more afraid of us than we are of them organized in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahana the Jewish Defense League advocates against anti-semitism but frequently uses violent and dangerous tactics to do so by weapons now the JDL is also explicitly anti-arab one member killed 29 muslims as they prayed at a mosque in 1994 an act that the GDL defended as a preventative measure for this and other activities the league was named a right-wing terrorist group by the FBI do not get in our way because we’ll hurt you very very very badly number seven the National Socialist Movement Detroit is the birthplace of the National Socialist Movement which in 1994 was formed by Jeff scooped out of what had previously been the National Socialist American workers freedom movement it’s not hate or racism to speak of on pro-white terms do you approve of race-mixing absolutely not why not race mixing in my mind is the destruction of all cultures the party is one of the largest neo-nazi organizations in the United States with 61 chapters in 35 states and it’s known for its public use of Nazi symbolism and clothing and s/m material has proclaimed Adolf Hitler the beloved holy father of our age and a visionary in every respect in recent years immigration protest has become a more prominent feature of the party’s activities define anti-semite number six skinheads violence we should part of our culture loads of the girls were sexually abused loads of them cause these kids are going to react to that they’re gonna be violent they’re gonna take out their anger any way they can working-class British youth formed the first groups of skinheads in the late 1960s originally with no racist agenda result of social conditions the time and we’re unconscious youth looking for direction perfect dehumanization and over time however a number of white power skinhead groups developed and while there have also been anti racist skinheads those with a racist theme are most often identified with the name the white supremacist anti Jewish skinheads grew in prominence in the u.s. in the 1980s with many allied with such groups as the Aryan youth movement Aryan National Front and the Ku Klux Klan skinhead gangs are associated with frequent violence against minorities we are haters you know we do hate you it’s time to leave and get out of our face or you’re gonna suffer the consequences number five the Taliban [Applause] an Islamist fundamentalist movement that began in Afghanistan the Taliban governed that country from 1996 to 2001 kilometers nadir masala Haqqani I’m a gay man at the kawaru kana yakulani Cecilia for hashida and Chicano national cannibals emulation were to help you during that time the Taliban was condemned by international agencies for its massacre of Afghan citizens and it’s brutal treatment of women in addition the regime is said to have kept UN food support from reaching 160 thousand civilians and two abdessamad massive amounts of fertile land and thousands of homes the Taliban was overthrown by us-led forces due to its association with al-qaeda and now operates as an insurgency movement with many of its activities now classified as terrorism but but benito sumatra love Mother’s Day Mother’s in chorus that podium the coffin number for the Westboro Baptist Church we taught these kids from the time they started school that it’s okay to be gay so therefore you busted their moral compass same God that said thou shalt not kill said thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind and I fixed the death penalty for both sins although the Westboro Baptist Church was founded in 1955 it only gained prominence as a hate group in the 1990s the church which is unaffiliated with any recognized Baptist Alliance is known for picketing with signs declaring God hates fags and frequently holds public intentionally provocative protests against homosexuality take much we got to drive those openly promiscuous homosexuals out of the age clock the group first gained prominence in 1998 when CNN filmed members picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard eight murder victim the group claims that the deaths of American soldiers are payback for American support of homosexuality the church is mostly comprised of members of the family and friends of its founder Fred Phelps who died in 2014 number three al-qaeda the militant Islamic group which masterminded and carried out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon al-qaeda believes in a global jihad a holy war against those not of the Sunni faith founded by Osama bin Laden and other leaders in the late 1980s al-qaeda engineered the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa that killed more than 200 people as well as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and many other acts of terrorism after bin Laden’s death in 2011 al-qaeda became fractured and less powerful though it still continues on a smaller scale number two the Ku Klux Klan we are the Ku Klux Klan the violent and infamous Ku Klux Klan has its origins in the post-civil war years and then gained its greatest prominence in the 1920s the group is a white supremacist organization that is also bitterly opposed to Jews Catholics homosexuals and immigrants known for its white hooded robes cross burnings and lynchings the Klan orchestrated a campaign of terror for many years in the south it ain’t aspiration God will burn we lied them for the glorify the light of Jesus Christ come back from the world of darkness to light that’s the reason we lied on currently there are estimated to be between 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members in the u.s. before we reveal our top pick here are a few dishonorable mentions what do they call you convicts Maximus that’s the Latin title that the Pope uses to is as well from ancient Rome yes isn’t that a little pretentious a little wacky no because we are founding we founded this church of course out of nothing is one day it will rule the world the BNP is the only political party which will stop the islamification of Britain what they were telling me was like you know blond hair blue eyes now are going to be extinct one day and their fears you plan their anxieties you plan the fact that some of them just don’t fit in the group moved into Syria but when Abu Bakr al-baghdadi tried to bring another jihadi group known as a nusra front under his control al Qaeda disowned him our children should be able to go into a safe environment they should they should be safe from bullying and they should also be safe from indoctrination into homosexuality I mean we’re talking about kids that are graduating from wearing jur animals to having their sexuality compared to animals number one the Nazis beginning in the 1920s as the National Socialist German Workers Party the Nazis under the leadership of Adolf Hitler governed Germany and started a genocide alene aimed at destroying those not of Aryan blood from the 1930s on this culminated most infamously in the establishment of a system that slaughtered six million Jews as well as hundreds of thousands of gypsies homosexuals disabled individuals and other groups Nazi scientists also performed brutal experiments on unwilling prisoners in the present-day neo-nazi groups continue to promote the Aryans premises goals of the original Nazi Party so if I told you I was Jewish would that create a problem between us well because you’ve got the camera right now I’d allow you to stay if not I’d probably kick your ass and put you in the street somewhere for real pretty much because you wouldn’t be here on my property do you agree with our choices what other notorious hate groups deserve to be on this list Heil admirers Adolf Hitler and says he became a racist at age 12 when he saw an interracial couple at a dance in Peoria four more in throwing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Music]

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Notorious Hate Groups”

  1. I do not blame inmates prison is a very racist place racism is good at times I guess blacks fuck with whites who let it happen and Mexicans I fought side by side with rhe Mexicans because thats life in that shit hole never go there kids and do not bring racism home with you that is ghetto white trash behavior just survival we are all meaning ieveryone better then that jailbird crap life.

  2. When you think these guys are Aryans then yet their apperance doesn't count as aryans and if the true aryans were still alive I'm sure they won't recognize them

  3. Lol racist this racist that racist he is racist we are racist they are racist country is racist the world is racist police is racist school teachers are racist so if everyone is racist must be ok part of our life鈥檚 …human nature, Obama Sanders is a racist so as Oprah but that don鈥檛 count I guess …..unless they can stamp the white supremacy bs on an individual

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  5. where is Black Lives Matters and La Rasa? WTF?Where is SCOTTISH nATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY/ SNP, WHERE IS THE YOUNG TURKS?

  6. Well im both gay and a jew and black(kinda) so fuck the kkk and the nazis 馃檪 also i hope the kkk and the new black panthers fight each other so they would both extinct

  7. So, the KKK where more dangerous than the Talibans ? Really ? You compare skinheads, jew haters , the wbc, The New Black Panters with talibans and al qaeda ?
    BRO ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ? Isis is just a mention ? bro isis and talibans make terrorist attack and behead people who are not supporting them and you compare them with a groups who will beat the shit out of you (and maybe lay in hospital for 1 month) ? Really ? KKK and the New Black Panters are on the same level with the Talibans and Isis ? Cool bro…

  8. The 2nd Klan era, (1915-1944) and the modern Klan era, (1946-present) had beginnings in the same place—Atlanta.

  9. The original skinheads werent racist. The boneheads are trying to steal our scene but we wont let them so stay out of our scene fuckers. Nazi punks fuck off

  10. At nr 3 you said that they are responsible for 9/11 and Penthagon. Can you show to us where is the fuckin' plane who crush into Penthagon and how ?!

  11. So there鈥檚 a difference between the KKK and the aryan brotherhood

    So most of these are sub genres Of the KKK

  12. I'm glad I don't have this overwhelming need to belong to any group. I'm am oddball I fit in nowhere and I'm happy. These people are just not happy and want to blame everyone for their problems. I know the U.S. has done things overseas that they don't us to know about but to keep it real America has been in bed with a lot of countries until they don't suit their needs anymore then we end up in some war.

  13. It's so sad and depressing to see people discussing about all this shit in the comment section, it's like they are infesting hate in them,it's like there is no humanity left…please don't spread hate, we all are all human beings out here, made up of flesh, blood and bones, no race is different than any other race, for God's sake man..we are all humans. Please don't spread hate.

  14. This list proves that unnatural and voilent hate does is not limited to any single religion, ethnicity, race or nationality. Put enough lies into someone's head and u can turn many seemingly normal ppl into bloodthirsty monsters. The very existance of such hatred sends shivers down my spine. I don't beleive in god or devil, but I do believe ppl who harbour such hate do have the heart of the devil…

  15. ANTIFA should be in this list. They are pure evil, beating conservatives of any kind in the street and leaving them to die.

  16. if I would to form a hate group based on my own beliefs the groups that would be approved and the groups that would be the targets here are the following groups good and badGroups approvedLGBTQ groupsRefugees of corrupt regimesAncestral minoritiesCivil rights activistsfire arms supportersLiberalslegal immigrantsmentally disabledGroups targetedIslamic terrorists (Jihadists)CommunistsAuthoritariansTotalitariansillegal immigrantsConservativesEuthanizationSubstance abuseabuse in general all this under the group known as聽The Stars Of Orion

  17. No black lives matter movement? Or feminists? You'll deny the war on boys and the lies by fake black victims?

    No. All white or Christian extremists but one group was mentioned. They didn't even mention the Mexicans in California committing ethnic cleansing of blacks or the dyversity agenda to force out whites jobs within democratic dominate states.

  18. Sad to see that kids get involved in that shit way before they can build their own opinion. But probably fair to say that their parents aren't far ahead in terms of education anyway. But well as long as they're people in this world who won't accept they are responsible for their own miserable life most of the time, there will always be groups of people making others responsible for their shit lifes.

  19. You鈥檙e really gonna put some idiots with signs at a church over Skinheads and the Taliban? Come on

  20. Moral of the story don鈥檛 bully or eventually they will retaliate and teach their own to hate those that bullied them for what reasons those were. Love each other man we鈥檙e all humans there鈥檚 gonna be a day where we鈥檙e gonna have to unite together as a planet to defend ourselves from other planets possibly, maybe not in our time but we gotta prepare the youth for that day

  21. Who here also thinks that KKK spokesman sounds like a drunk crackhead running outside with no underwear at 2 in the morning?

  22. Facebook oldies hate group, Instagram's shaderoom black group.. All these groups are even worse spewing hate.. Just go read their comment sections

  23. ISLAM IS PEACE!!!!! Btw it was proven some of the 9/11 suspects where Jewish( my point is psychos don鈥檛 have religion )

  24. 2014: let鈥檚 name real hate groups

    2019 would be: let鈥檚 name all right wing groups

  25. Nazis a hate group? Hate 鈥済roup鈥 ? Its a government that hated / Hitler and cuz he had the power in the country many people followed him.

  26. Not only do I hate their pronunciation of Adolf Hitler's name, but they also left out that they also started The Worst War in human history, which caused the suffering of MILLIONS of People!

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