Top 10 Disturbing Secrets KFC Doesn’t Want You To Know

We all know that the food at KFC is finger
lickin’ good. The super secret recipe used in making their
chicken keeps people coming back again and again. Much like other famous food franchises, KFC
also has its fair share of skeletons in the closet. Unlike those secret ingredients, let’s indulge
ourselves with the top 10 disturbing secrets KFC doesn’t want you to know. The Da Vinci Code of the KFC recipe Ever wondered why KFC products are lip smacking
good? Well keep wondering. Everyone and anyone who has paid a visit to
a KFC might have at least once thought of what goes into the chicken that makes it delicious. Yes it is bathed in tons of oil and deep fried
but what makes it stand out are the secret ingredients very few people in the company
know. The precise recipe has never been revealed
because the company thinks that people might try to duplicate its products, thus diminishing
the franchise’s spotlight. It has been passed on to the trustworthy in
hushed tones and references and is going to stay that way. Believed to be a complex mixture of eleven
herbs and spices, the actual handwritten recipe is locked up and stored at the company headquarters
in Kentucky, USA. You might have heard about other popular food
chains being imitated easily, but that’s not the case with KFC, and this secrecy revolving
around the recipe is proving to be working in the company’s favor as it makes it more
exclusive – as opposed to other fast food restaurant chains. No secret code to crack to join our notification
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bell if you’re new to our channel. The unfaithful KFC Colonel The recipe might have remained faithful to
the core ideology of how the chicken should taste and keep the integrity of the Colonel’s
specific taste and preference intact. The same cannot be said for the man with the
glorious moustache who started it all. The man sure made the KFC brand reach global
recognition and the chain might have sprinkled some positive information regarding the Colonel’s
life, but it ‘forgot’ to mention his affinity for infidelity. Married to his first wife Josephine, her bearing
his three children, Sanders later moved onto other pastures when it came to having affairs
with other women. Claudia Ledington, a former waitress, was
one of them. Thanks to the help given by Claudia, both
would transition KFC from a restaurant to a brand. Apparently it wasn’t just Ledington who
caught the eye of the Colonel. His biographer John Ed Pearce revealed information
about a woman at the Chamber of Commerce, who used to avoid Sanders as he couldn’t
seem to keep his hands off her. KFC Taste vs your health Yes the taste succumbs us all and forces us
to make multiple trips to the nearest KFC. Yes the company markets the brand as finger
lickin’ good, complete with a smiling face of Sanders, holding a KFC bucket. But no there is not even a fine print detailing
the health concerns of the fried chicken. Its not like the public and the health department
are unaware of the risk that comes with having their food. Throughout the years many eyebrows have been
raised regarding the harm it does to the body. According to many medical professionals, avoiding
KFC is the best decision to make. Now that proposition does seem understandable,
but doctors have emphasized that meat and oil are the least things to worry about. Ingredients like maltodextrin can cause diabetes
and increased blood sugar levels if you decide to make it part of your lifestyle. Knowing the health risks involved with having
KFC products, healthier options are the best route to avoid complications. Well in case you want the blood pumping as
it should, devoid of such substances and fat, time has come to abandon that bucket and think
of what benefits you can reap if you bury it six feet under, not digging it out again. In the wise words of Arnie himself, “if
you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to give 100 percent and never stop believing
in your dream.” Now lets hope you all take it that to heart
and dethrone the Colonel, we mean, the bucket. Sander’s secret KFC recipe for success We have already talked about the supposed
secret recipe that goes into the KFC items. But did you know Sanders and the company always
had friction between them when it came to the business practices and the implementation
of certain recipes? While many people still believe that the famous
11 herbs and spices recipe is still used to this day, according to the Colonel himself,
the chain stopped using the secret formula a long time ago. Even though it’s safely locked up behind
a billion embedded codes at the headquarters now, some of us still want to hold onto the
thought of tasting a chicken with the recipe to this day and it would be hard to fact check,
given the company’s protective nature regarding the handwritten note by Sanders. Whatever the case may be, Sander’s friction
with the company was not that under wraps as he despised the KFC menu during the latter
part of his life. According to him, the quality wasn’t up
to par with the standards he had in mind, but after his passing, things have changed
and the chain decided to improve the food quality for the better. Chicken breeding at KFC KFC has been accused of breeding its own chickens
of a certain genetic form. The animals are believed to be kept in inhumane
conditions and are malnourished. If you thought mutated chickens sounds like
a far-fetched idea and your imagination was going haywire, KFC has been accused on that
front too, although it is a speculation. Also the chickens are crammed into small spaces
and are grown large to the point that they can barely carry their own weight. The abomination doesn’t end there as they
are conscious while they are slaughtered. It’s not just KFC but McDonalds as well
who have come in the light when it comes to animal cruelty. In a leaked video, supply workers were seen
punching, kicking and stamping the birds. Animal cruelty is a big no no and those companies
who endorse their products, while the animals are being mistreated in unfathomable fashion,
should be shut down at the least. Recycle, rinse, repeat at KFC KFC has had to bear the brunt of many things
and on top of the list has been the unhealthy price one has to pay for momentary happiness
the crunchiness brings along. Children have been prone to obesity and many
mothers and health groups have coined the franchise as a ‘Kid Fattening Centre.’ It looks like having KFC and getting fat is
the least of the worries as in 2013, a video popped up, showing an employee reusing old
food and eventually repackaging to sell it off. Mac and cheese, green beans, and fried chicken
were apparently the food items that were being recycled again. This turned heads and in order to extinguish
the fire, a KFC spokesperson came out, claiming it was an isolated incident and that the actions
in the video were not what the company represents when it comes to their food handling procedures. Whatever the case, knowing the history of
the food involved in the chain, one has to remain cautious as to where the food comes
from and how long it has seen the light of day. Knowing how the food is handled sometimes,
the thought of it being ‘finger lickin’ good’ does not exactly come to mind. The KFC shootout showdown The last thing you would expect from Colonel
Sanders is a fiery temper, especially with the way he has been advertised with the KFC
brand. Having been part of popular culture, the ever
smiling bucket grabbing Colonel actually did have one according to this interesting story. Back in the 1920s, Sanders managed a Shell
gas station and in order to attract customers from the highway, he painted a large sign. This did not go down well with a man named
Matt Stewart, who owned a competing Standard Oil Station. Both hot headed, and both having a thirst
to be on top of their game, there was a lot of friction going on there. Stewart on multiple occasions tested Sander’s
patience by messing with his signs, despite multiple warnings. During one of Stewart’s escapades, Sanders
and the district managers he was meeting at the time, spotted Stewart destroying his sign
again. As the men approached Stewart, the guy took
out his gun and started shooting frantically. In the heat of the moment, one of the managers,
Robert Gibson got killed and Sanders grabbed his gun, returning fire. The aftermath of the showdown led to Stewart
serving 18 years in jail for murder. What’s in a KFC name change? Everything! Before it was called KFC, the franchise used
to call itself by the name ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken,’ after which it decided to shelve
that name and go by the acronym we all now know. After the change in 1991, a lot of speculation
started floating among the people as to why the move was made. Because of such widespread curiosity, KFC
officially came out and elaborated on it on their website. According to the ‘official’ info, the
chain wanted to showcase their diverse menu and it wasn’t just solely about fried chicken. According to the website, the PR move would
help encapsulate what they were trying to sell to the consumer. During the time when Craig Kyle was the President
of KFC, he let it slip that the move was made because the word ‘fried’ was synonymous
to all things unhealthy. Knowing what kinds of products KFC has been
endorsing all these years, this version of the story seems more plausible in our opinion. However, the official reason seems to actually
be that the state of Kentucky trademarked the word in 1990, and KFC didn’t want to
have to pay licensing fees forever – so they made the acronym official. A change in name does not steer away from
the fact that the food being sold and marketed by the company has been and always will cause
harm if eaten regularly. What we now need is for the franchise to shake
things up a bit on that menu for healthy options. After all, if we don’t change, we don’t
grow. A case of ‘unjustified’ KFC identities Marketing is part and parcel of every company
out there so as to reach out to the masses and attract more customers, keeping them aware
of their presence. KFC’s intention was just the same when they
recently started a new series of commercials, starring Darrell Hammond, playing the famous
Colonel Sanders. It seems like the new commercials haven’t
been in the good books of people and Mashable noted a bunch of reactions to gauge the general
perception towards it. Former KY Governor John Y. Brown Jr. found the advertisements as ‘tarnishing’
the Colonel’s reputation and that they were making fun of him. Others followed suit as well and also thought
of them as not giving justice to what Sanders actually was. But KFC on the other hand doesn’t actually
care about the hatred spewed towards their marketing gig, as for them any publicity is
good publicity. This doesn’t seem like a surprise because
of the friction Sanders had with the vision of the company. Both of them didn’t see eye to eye on food
choices and recipes. The iconography of the man behind what KFC
is today is so popular that certain layers of ‘creative’ narrative have been cooked
up by the chain to sell their product. The KFC drug racket KFC might be all things crispy and delicious,
but the one thing anyone can’t associate it with is a portal to smuggle drugs. That sounds more like a Hollywood script. But unlike all fictional stories, this one
is actually true. Yes we do live in a world where all impossibilities
are on the brink of becoming a reality or have already become one. But that doesn’t mean there are alligators
living underneath the sewers of Manhattan or Ninja Turtles for that matter. An abandoned KFC in San Luis, Arizona consisted
of a 590 foot tunnel. It ended at a residence in San Luis Rio Colorado,
Sonora, Mexico. Ivan Lopez, the owner of the place was nabbed
by the authorities as he was found guilty of holding 168 kilograms of hard narcotics. The revelation didn’t just end there as
the tunnel was used to smuggle the drugs between the US and Mexico. Looks like you never know what you might come
across in abandoned places nowadays. So what’s next? A hidden UFO underneath trap doors and secret
tunnels? All conspiracy buffs, take note. Order up more by staying right here and help
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