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It’s no secret
that church attendance among young people
has been dropping. Church is becoming less popular than a Michael Jackson
impersonator -at a children’s birthday party.
-(gasping, laughter) And for a lot
of the same reasons. But some churches, some churches
are trying to fix that. And they’re turning
to technology to bring those millennials back. For more on this advancement,
we turn to Ronny Chieng in his segment
Today’s Future Now. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Thanks, Trevor. As a kid,
I loved going to church. The stories had magic. They gave you snacks and wine. You didn’t even need a fake I.D. And they taught me
how to judge others with a smug sense
of superiority, a skill I still use today. Thank you, Jesus. And now there’s a church
in San Francisco that’ll let me do all of that
from the comfort of my own home. Welcome
to Virtual Reality Church. REPORTER:
DJ Soto’s divine calling is to bring Christianity
to virtual reality. So, we have worship music. I deliver a sermon.
There’s a prayer team. DJ Soto even officiated
the first baptism in virtual reality. I say it’s probably what
your church is like, just in VR. Okay, that is the most unholy thing
I’ve ever seen. God created man
in his own image, not in the image
of a purple dildo, okay? And, also, does
a virtual baptism even count? Just seems a little risky, okay? “Virtual” means “not real.” I don’t want to get to heaven
and God says, “Uh, hey, your-your name
isn’t on the list.” And I’ll be like, “Oh,
no, no, no, no. No, it’s okay. I got virtually baptized.”
And God’s like, “Oh, great. Then I’m
literally sending you to hell.” Although I would hope that
what you do in the virtual world doesn’t count, because
that would mean, in Mario, I’ve committed turtle genocide
repeatedly, okay? But I will say Pastor Morpheus
is onto something, because VR church
could be the key to finding salvation
from boredom. I mean, if a sermon’s
going on too long, I’ll just throw the headset
on to my cat. And the pastor will be like,
“Wow, “Ronny enjoyed the sermon
so much, he spent the whole time
licking his butthole.” Now, at least VR Churchers
require some effort. Okay? On the other hand,
the Church of England is letting Alexa do
all the work for you. The Church of England
launched a new project aimed at teaching faith
through tech. Users can now ask Alexa
to recite daily prayers or say grace. ♪ ♪ Alexa, ask the Church of England
to say grace. ALEXA: Bless, O Lord,
this food to our use and us in your service. How lazy is this? (laughter) You’re outsourcing prayers
to Alexa. Like, how does that work? Uh, hey, Alexa,
my granny is sick, so, uh, please pray for her. And also,
I’m out of toilet paper. Uh, do the toilet paper first.
It’s an emergency. (laughter) This could also backfire,
because Alexa knows everything about you,
which could get awkward. You’ll be at a family dinner,
like, “Hey, Alexa, say grace.” And Alexa’s like, “Okay. “Bless the Lord,
bless this food, and please help Ronny
with his pornography addiction.” Wait, wait. Shut up, Alexa! And where’s my toilet paper? Anyway, what might be surprising
is that the newest Jesus tech seems to be coming
from the oldest church. NEWSMAN: The Vatican
is getting into video gaming. A Catholic evangelical group came up with this
smartphone game, similar to Pokémon GO, except you chase
Catholic saints and other biblical figures,
even Jesus. The game is called
Follow JC Go. The Church sees it as a way
to reach younger Catholics. Okay. I know
what you’re thinking. Okay? Catholic Church,
kids, video games– here comes the pedophilia joke– and you are absolutely correct. -(laughter)
-I don’t think an institution known for priests
luring children should be putting out a game
to lure more children, okay? I mean, where do you even catch
the final Pokémon Jesus? Father Gary T.’s
Tickle… Tickle Room? Okay, okay, okay, okay,
Ronny, Ronny, Ronny, look, I think it’s easy for you
to criticize what the church is doing,
but what do you think that they should do
to attract a younger crowd? Easy. Trevor, they
don’t need to update the tech. They need to update the Bible. -Make if fit the times.
-Actually, you know what, I’ve heard a lot of people
say that– it makes sense. Like, you want them
to get rid of all the judgment -and the violence.
-No, no, Trevor. I didn’t say make it for cucks. I said make it for the times. So instead of a whip,
give Jesus a gun, a slick suit,
and let him shoot the bad guys. Also, we need more dogs, okay?
Everybody likes dogs. Ronny, that
doesn’t sound like Jesus. That sounds like John Wick. Oh. Yeah, it kind of does. And blessed be his name. Ronny Chieng, everybody.

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