Three Simple Truths To Live By – Pastor David Uth – First Baptist Orlando

Three simple truths. Number one: live like
God is in control, because He is! Our God reigns today, amen.
He’s in control. He knows what’s happening.
Trust me, God is not in heaven going, “Oh what do I do now?”
No. He’s in control. Number two: live today. Live today. I know our focus is on
the end. Just live today! Number three: live like Jesus is coming
because He is. Now I don’t mean by that what I saw a bumper sticker one time
that said, “Jesus is coming, look busy.” No. That’s not what we’re talking about. What
did He tell us to do? Go share. What did He tell us? To go and be a witness. Then
that’s how we ought to live today. So that when the moment comes and He’s here…we’re ready!

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