This is key to forgiveness | Pastor Steven Furtick

so as I think about forgiveness today I
wonder where you’ve been wounded Jesus it was in his hands when
they saw the hands they realized this is not an impersonator this is not an
imposter they had to see something they had to see something that let them know
what he went through and you keep trying to prove God’s presence by your
successes but when it came time for Jesus Christ the Son of God to prove his
presence he said look where the nails were see my hands see where they
drove the spikes between the bones so they would not break so that it would
support the weight of my body long enough for me to suffocate see see see
it killed me but I didn’t stay dead it broke me but I am now whole I was
dead now I’m alive see my scars my scars tell a story I’m not ashamed to show my
scars Christianity is not cosmetic surgery so you can hide what you’ve been
through to try to get people to think you’re perfect
Christianity Jesus Christ didn’t come to conceal the pain he came to reveal
his glory and he showed it in his scars but there was one God is always looking
for the one who wasn’t there and the Bible tells us that even though the 11 minus
Judas got to see him there was one who wasn’t there named Thomas can I talk
about Thomas for one minute let me teach you about Thomas oh man Thomas he gets a
bad rap they call him in the church they call him doubting Thomas have you ever
heard this before doubting Thomas because church people
will label you by one moment in your journey doubting Thomas adultery Annie I’ll stop
right there something’s going through my head that’ll have to be edited out for
YouTube because life will label you by what you did and the Bible gives us a
little only John tells us this because John had this sensitivity to him
when you read his Gospel he tells you things other people don’t mention he
said now Thomas also known as Didymus I mean if we’ve just got a label Thomas a
doubter can we at least call him doubting Didymus because the
alliteration works much better doubting Didymus the Bible says that
doubting Diddy one of the twelve was not with someone
say he wasn’t there so now Jesus and Thomas got something in common when they
went to look for Jesus dead body he wasn’t there when Jesus showed up alive
and resurrected Thomas wasn’t there and Thomas wasn’t there the Bible doesn’t
say why he wasn’t there I’ve always heard it preached like he wasn’t there
because he didn’t have enough faith to be there but the boys inside had the
doors locked they weren’t any better so if we’re
gonna give out nicknames let’s talk about Simon Peter inside with the
doors locked how about scaredy-cat Simon Peter
scaredy Simon how about locked door Levi lock them up Levi and doubting Diddy and
we all have doubts that’s what I’m trying to say we all have scars
we all have dysfunction you might have long sleeves but if I could roll up your
sleeves you’ve been through something you struggle with something your
wife may not know it but God does I gotta hurry
I gotta hurry I’m getting really indulgent I got to get you out of here
cuz the next crowds coming in somebody say nails nails nails nails so
the other disciple told him we have seen the Lord but Thomas said this is why they call him doubting Thomas I call him honest Thomas
I don’t call him doubting Thomas I call him honest Thomas truthful Thomas cuz Thomas
is like I’m not buying it I’m not buying off what you said I
need to see for myself I got to see Jesus for myself this has to be real to
me so hey unless I see the nail marks in
his hands unless I see where he suffered I will not believe in his glory and
unless I put my finger where the nails were and put my hand into his side I won’t
believe watch Jesus now I want to point out one thing in verse 26 look at
it seven days later seven a week later seven seven miles seven days God will
leave you in a space where you don’t understand to create faith in your heart
so Thomas says I need to see the scars Jesus could have showed up on the spot
he waited seven days Jesus could have walked up to Cleo and said see my scars
it’s me but sometimes he wants to let you walk and wonder and walk and wonder
not because he doesn’t love you but because if your faith needs an
explanation it cannot sustain the trials of life so we wait seven days y’all help me
preach this he waits seven days have you ever had to wait
seven days have you ever had to wait through a custody battle have you ever
had to wait to see if this is ever gonna feel better have you ever had to wait
through pain wait through depression wait through anxiety attacks wait
through bad reports wait through a newscast have you ever had to wait awaiting a waiting period and then when
Jesus shows up a week later seven everybody say seven seven days seven miles seven
days seven miles it’s the number of completion and then Jesus shows up maybe
just at that point where Thomas is tired of waiting and the disciples were in the
house again and Thomas this time was there and Jesus walks in look at the
next part though the doors were locked they still locked the doors still scared
but they stayed still scared but they stayed I still got some addictions but
I’m in church today God can work with that I’m still on the road I don’t get
it but I’m still and this time Thomas was there he’s not gonna miss it this
time and Jesus came in stood among them and said peace watch what comes next yo Tommy hey Diddy hey honest Thomas I heard you wanted to
see my scars now this is important put your finger here where where the
nails were isn’t that what you needed to see Thomas where the nails were now
notice something he didn’t say where the nails are yo Tommy I’m back from the
grave and I need you to see something look Thomas no more nails look Thomas
they’re not here put your finger where the sin was put your finger with the
shame was put your finger where they tried to crucify the creator of the world no more somebody shout no more nails no
more nails in other words what held me doesn’t hold me anymore I came to declare today is the day of freedom I wish you would push your neighbour till they almost fall over and
say no more nails no more nails now I’ve heard so many sermons about forgiveness
because we’ve all been wounded raise your hand if life hasn’t wounded you yet
I want to see where the liars are in the church because I want to have a special
prayer for all the liars who would have the audacity to lie in the presence of
God and act like you haven’t been wounded we’ve all been wounded Rock Hill
Gaston County it doesn’t matter Toronto Canada you can’t you can’t walk the road
without being wounded you can’t go to church without being wounded he didn’t speak to me that’s why I left he didn’t speak to me I was in a church
one time and the preacher got on this thing about wounds and it was so weird
y’all cuz he was like he was preaching about wounds his thing was
trying to get everybody to go back and remember all the ways they’ve been
wounded throughout their whole life he had me thinking of stuff in the third
grade just the craziest stuff like that was gonna
bring healing look at this Jesus didn’t show Thomas
his wounds he showed him his scars there is a difference between being wounded
and being scarred so when I prayed about this first word
of forgiveness the Lord told me to talk to you about the nails
whatever has wounded you whatever you hide whatever happened see when Jesus
shows Thomas his scars I’m glad he kept his scars I’m glad he kept that part I’m
glad he didn’t stay dead but I’m also glad that he came out scarred because
that gives me hope and that’s how I try to preach I don’t want to preach wounded
because if I preach wounded I’m gonna inflict my pain on you and I don’t want
to be a wounded parent I don’t want to be a wounded spouse I don’t want to walk
around God spoke to me a couple months ago and he said if I’ve really healed
you like you claim I have why are you still so touchy Thomas said I want to
see where the wounds were and when I teach preachers Jonathan can tell you I
tell them don’t you get up and tell the church all the ways that you woke up at
5:30 a.m. and you know if I put you in my pulpit show the church some of your
scars you can show them the stones that God has rolled away that’s fine that’s a
part of it he is a God of miracles he is a God who makes dreams come true and
we’ve all got some stones that he’s rolled away but we’ve all got some scars
too so show them your scars show them where you didn’t get up at 5:30 in fact
show them where you pretended like you didn’t hear the baby crying at 5:30 and
Ana got up tell them that story tell them how you almost quit tell them how you wanted
to throw up the first week you went out to preach after the news media ran a
story about you for four days straight saying things about you tell them that
tell them how you were in the bathroom and you came out smiling
show them where the wounds were and it’ll give them hope what wounded me
doesn’t have to hold me forever come on it’s time to be free its been long enough its been 7 days forgiveness doesn’t mean it didn’t happen the scars shows it happened Jesus didn’t show up and
say what cross cross I don’t remember cross I heard a preacher say one
time this guy’s an idiot he should have his credentials revoked
he said if you’ve really let’s get a preacher voice going if you’ve really
forgiven someone in your heart you will not even remember the offense there is a
word that comes to my mind to describe what he said but I’m gonna just say
it’s inaccurate it’s not denial when I say forgiveness
cuz I got to be careful because I’m a pastor right I’m not just passing
through preaching one week leaving I’m not trying to just get something I’m
trying to go on a journey with you and to let you know that when you
let go of whatever wounded you so that you can be free and go into the future
God has for you it doesn’t mean that you pretend it never happened this is not
denial the nails were there my dad walked out on me not not my dad I’m
saying that you could say my mom had an impossible standard that I could never
live up to and I believe that part of my eating disorder today has to do with
that I’m not saying it didn’t happen but I can’t let it hold me I cannot blame
her forever not if I’m a Christian not if I am a Christian
not if I worship the one who was wounded for my transgression see I need to let
you know something because the hardest person you’ll ever forgive is not your
ex it’s not your mom it’s not your dad it’s not your neighbor who came over
your fence on your property line the hardest person you will ever have to
forgive is yourself see the truth be told it is myself inflicted nails that I
have the hardest time letting go of but I want the devil to know when he
comes to hammer at me with accusation I don’t know where you go when that starts
to happen how worthless you are have you noticed the devil loves to hammer you
and he’s got a big hammer but let me tell you a little secret he ain’t got no
more nails somebody shout no more nails the next
time the devil hammers you with accusations shout back in his face you ain’t got
no nails all my nails are in that cross all my
shame is on that cross somebody shout no more nails there is therefore now no
condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the
law of the spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death the
devil might have a hammer but he doesn’t have any nails reach out and touch the place where the nails were where
they were it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it happened I fell short it
happened I ruined the relationship it happened
they abused me and wasted I don’t even want to tell my own spouse it happened I
deal with the traumatic memory see it’s not that it didn’t happen and it’s
not that it doesn’t hurt that’s not what forgiveness is forgiveness doesn’t mean
it doesn’t hurt I mean the nails might be gone but the memory is still there
and it’s really easy to forgive sometimes when the person that you’re
forgiving is gone but when you still have to work out shared custody when you
still have to live with the memory when you still can’t be touched without
recalling the shame of when you were touched the wrong way and now you’re
trying to learn how to love the right way when you’re trying to learn how to
trust it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt away with the preaching that will teach you
that the pain will go away when you forgive the offense it’s not that the
pain goes away I’m helping somebody I’m setting somebody free you keep waiting
for the feeling of forgiveness to come it’s not a feeling it takes faith I said
it takes faith I said it takes faith I said it takes faith
it takes faith to believe that the same place where the nails were is the same
place where the healing is they saw it in his scars Jesus needed those nails if
they hadn’t nailed him to that cross if they hadn’t
if they hadn’t puncture if the blood didn’t flow from that place the power
wouldn’t be released I’m saying not that God’s gonna take the scar away but that
he is going to release the greatest strength in your life from the place
where the nails were come on shout no more nails hey thank you for watching make
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  1. Your style of delivering the word of God is so powerful pastor, its so clear and easy to understand. It really touch my heart while listening and watching you at the moment. God has given you the power to draw attention around the world. I have been watching your videos twice. Ur amazing Pastor. May God bless you and your entire team.

  2. I can't seem to forgive my sadistic bully father for the lies, criticism and beatings. He's been dead for several years and I still resent him.

  3. The word of God alw bless me whenever I hear u gospel message
    And one day I want to attend u service this is I am praying for

  4. Forgiveness shows you have been set free from treating yourself, or the other, conditionally, no matter how often you are reminded of what you or the other, did to you. There are no exceptions when it comes to true Love.

  5. A shame stain on the name of the one who came to lead us in serving and in swerving from the fame inherent in this lame game. Furtick is for sure a tick on the vein of the Body!

  6. I just accidentally clicked this, and it is the same preaching as of this morning in our church (June 23, 2019 b/w 7-10am). It's all about freeing yourself from being pierced by nails. And I say no more nails, I have decided this and it takes faith, faith that I know came from the LORD. And finally what made me turn to this path is my current situation. I've lost someone, so dearly in my heart, that I know for sure God gave me. And now God took him away from me. (Job 1:21) At first I really don't understand why did He let this happen. And it hurts. But it felt to me that GOD allows this to me. So I could be free from the nails, that's been piercing me and hurting me. And while I've been walking through this place, where it felt like darkness clouds up my mind and the storm inside is raging. (He calms the storm, so that the waves are still.) That little spark inside my heart finally started igniting. I know its JESUS. So I have decided to follow that igniting fire in my heart. I won't walk alone from peace, I will walk with HIM through peace. And I know I will be healed. And one day I'm going to show everyone my scars. Proof that I have been pierced by nails, but been freed from it through the love of Our Heavenly Father brought by His beloved Son. I am healed by His never ending love.

  7. Hi SocMed Team of Elevation Church!
    May I ask for the link of the whole preaching wherein this was from? Thank yooouuuu.

  8. Another con man after your money. Go ahead. Give it him. He'll gladly take it and tell you what a bad person you are.

  9. LISTEN THIS IS NOT AN ADD… GOD showed me many things confirmed by 200,000 thousand people and i knew these things were happening but I was petrified even maybe still am but not nearly like i was… I was throwing up late 2017-2019 and over dosed (2017) and trembling from when i woke up until i went to sleep I couldnt even hide it at a party after knowing God exists and the power to work unexplainable miracles by humans standards but God blessed me with those 200,000 and a follow from a producer of The Wolf of wallstreet and more blockbuster movies and a talent agent… And i still struggle knowing God is for me because im still flawed and I know people wont be able to handle the message God has put on me so I am scared he will for sake me… but he didnt when i got an eviction notice directly after taking to a witch or years ago when I was HAMMERED edged in the Head and beat up by 4 men… BUT THE HAMMER DIDNT HURT!!!!!!!!! I was stabbed in the leg but it didnt hurt!!!! I backslide over and over and judge people trying to protect myself from feeling alone and HE STILL BLESSES ME IN WAYS ONLY I KNOW… BUT WHEN YOU SEE AND KNOW ONLY JESUS CAN DO THESE THINGS AND HEAVEN AND HELL DO RIDE ON THE LINE… ITS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO FORESAKE THE GOSPEL BECAUSE IT LITERALLY GAVE ME LIFE ABUNDANTLY

  10. Woke up this morning thankful for being able to forgive. Most who practice will understand what this means It feels amazing to have my free will back. Freed from darkness/ magic my situation may not be what i desire but my soul has been set free. To you out there I'll always love you and i understand and i forgive you.

  11. Not for them but for me even if the healing is a process ,that only god can provide the first aid for..

  12. My best sermon ever, can watch it all day everyday, to God be the glory for such an incredible revelation of the word.

  13. You have nothing to offer what you're doing is like acting, you go on stage like a rock star and saying emotional things, that's it, non of you could really understand Jesus.
    What you do it's all about money…
    Just tell me what have you done for people?

  14. It's so difficult … So hard to let go. How to do it?? 😭😭😭😭 I'm done with all the wounds… How how??

  15. I'm not angry with anyone. I'm always confused for different reasons and yes,wow,those nails but also I've list the use of about a third of both lungs from an injury I got from someone I loved. I kind of have a permanent Greenfield filter now so it can't just go away. I also have a clotting disorder so I always have it stuck in my mind that a clot will clog my filter. Because of my renal issues,I can't take my loveknox,they say. I was told by the doctor who implanted it that I could never ever be without that one blood thinning agent because it completely keeps clots away in lupus anticoagulant gene cell mutation . I have this mutation but my doctor told me the other day I don't need to take aspirin anymore either. It's my anticoagulant for a long while now. He said I don't need it anymore. I know gene cells don't go away. It's in your genetics. Why am I going through this? ! He then did an x ray and said I'm hurting so bad around my kidneys not only because of the renal failure I just went through and I'm still pulling out of but there's bone spurs. It's my scars of the old injury from ten years ago. No one ever told me it shattered my ribs in any way. I didn't know. It hurts bad. Trust me. Another ,probably the most bone chilling testimony I have : I was sent a city over from mine to have what's called a chemical stress test done. These tests are done to test the strength of the heart muscle but in special forces,to see how long your body can tolerate being constricted from air. … before the heart will panic. It was administered and I laid there. I laid there. I laid there,felt a little funny but just relaxed. One of the doctors, there were four total in the room,one said ,ok give her the reversal chemical. It's not working or something. He asked if I felt anything. I said no I'm ok. I didn't know what a chemical form of stress test even was. He said ok try it again. They readministered it. I felt a little glitch in my chest and relaxed again. He and the sonogram tech decided that maybe the main frame of the entire computer system had burned up so everyone left the room. They went diwn the hall and came back. He said what he checked and that it was indeed not burned up but it was,making no sense because he said hed done that test for many many years and this had never happened. I still had no idea what a stress test was so he explained what it was i was meant yo go through. He asked how i was causing my heart to beat on its own after a small glitch ,hiccup occurrence. I said i had no idea. I still dont get it. He said give it to her one more time. He asked would i mind panicking because even special forces panic in the heart muscle when air is restricted away. I tried my best and he could see that . He said once in his career a man with one percent body fat passed the treadmill from of the stress test but the chemical is not made to be beaten. It's just impossible. I'll wonder forever why I go through so much craziness plus my heart beats fine if I'm at code level. In fact I've kept my bp at 80/48-50 for years till only recently because it keeps the pain down in my everything because it reduces the blood flow thus reducing the hypertension around all of my organs and vascular system and nervous system that I'm plagued with. I work circles around anyone around but suddenly a couple months ago my heart ,hypertension and non opioid pain meds, they teach your brain to receive a pain signal differently. They are hitting my nervous system badly because you can't take a nervous system stimulating anything away but when it was adjusted, my first round of acute renal failure occurred within about a month of the cut backs. I've been through the valleys. I've fought to stay alive and did better than that. I turned health but with my intake and lost from 280-130. I lost an entire person with that hypertension medicine that's in my bp medication. Long story short,I could tell you any true story from my life and I'm still simply ,a country girl from Texas. I'm no one special. I have no pedigree or whatever. I have my testimony and it only makes people wanna see more which means in today's society, more pain for adrenaline rush and winning through overall power. Of course I can't be my own doctor. .. so I'm having to beg as if my pain isn't significant enough to not reduce myself to dropping my head as if I should be shamed for hurting. My boyfriend has Parkinson's. If I can't clean because it hurts,we're both in trouble. If I can't cook ,he'd have to be a security guard at night and then cook too. I'm behind on everything. It's like no one hears me. I'm not used to having to feel the struggling my heart does by now without my medicines, I'm having to feel it . I can't laugh without almost having a heart attack now simply because I'm having to feel how bad it is which keeps u from healthy living aka active lifestyle like I always practice. I'm grounded. This is the opposite of helping me to get healthy. I was laughing, smiling, working and now I'm sitting for almost two weeks. Why the active girl? Why the one who doesn't take opioid? Why do I feel like this is craziness/ insanity/a fight to show sovereign power of the pen and who holds it?

  16. 1 makes no sense to forgive a ETERNALY dammed being to the lake of fire that's going to be eternally DEPRIVED of everything except pain suffering TORMENT torture's and foul oder by common sense alone

    2 it makes no sense to forgive someone that is going to cease to exist because they don't have a soul or chakras like a clone synthetic Human Android robotoid organic robotoid there just going to cease to exist anyway so why the hell would you forgive them makes no sense

    3 energy out energy back/karma/what goes around comes around/sin is punished is one of the absolute laws of God meaning with that law Alone forgiveness makes zero sense

    4 all with the mark of the beast can't repent so why the hell would you forgive someone who can't repent makes no sense on any level

    If they can't repent makes no sense to forgive them

    If there going to the lake of fire for eternity makes no sense to forgive them

    If they are going to cease to exist makes no sense to forgive them

  17. Brought me to tears.. really needed this, so glad I pressed on it when I did. Thank you Pastor Steven for another powerful life changing message, God bless you.

  18. #BeenHurt
    The nails aren't there anymore. I was wounded. I am scarred. I am healed.
    I had to come back and re-listen. It's been months but the Word of the Lord stands forever

  19. When he said the devil has a big hammer it made me think of an art piece I did a while back in which i cut out images from magazines to draw the story of God fighting Satan. Welll…. I think it’s crazy because I actually cut out a piece with one marvel guy with a big hammer fighting the Hulk. Funny enough, I made Satan be the small dude with the hammer and the hulk was God crushing him with a big rock!

  20. Amazing words!!! I am so trying to live better. There’s nothing that can makes me feel better than the word of God.

  21. Why scream man? Good true story and a great sermon, but why scream, it is not how Jesus preached. Chill dude………

  22. I have always thought this I can forgive but it’s sometimes hard to forget! I know God is still working in me and I wouldn’t be myself if it wasn’t for him! So thank you God for the continued guidance❤️


    John 20:23 WHOSE SOEVER SINS YOU REMIT, they are remitted (cancel or refrain from a debt or punishment unto them; AND WHOSE SOEVER SINS YOU RETAIN, (continue to have, KEEP POSSESSION of) they are retained. (to continue to hold or have: to retain a prisoner in ccustody)

  24. Dear ps Steven! thank you for the powerful message.
    i know now how to deal with this heartbraking pain.. not through time or avoidance .. but recognizing it ,accept it .. and move forward from it with God's promise and healing!

    powerful! God bless!

  25. we have been wounded by a massive shooter here in El Paso killed 22 and 26 wounded just because were Latinos and Mexicans cause of our color 😢 we forgive him but were hurt 🙏

  26. This message was very powerful ! I prayed to God on when I should forgive my spouse and I came across this message ! Amen !!

  27. I have scars on my body but now I’m Jesus soldier thanks pastor your sermons are always heart touching love to hear and follow Jesus stay blessed always ❤️

  28. Thank you Pastor Furtick for letting God use you in this message. I needed this reminder, just the way you dilivered it. Plain and simple. It blessed me in so many ways. Thank you Lord.

  29. I needed to hear this. I got dumped 2yrs ago after 8yrs of been cheated on and used for all my money. My husband died 10yrs ago my kids changed big time they turned against me. All I did was try to give them the best life. I work hard to provide now they are all grown. I’m hurting I feel lost and lonely. I feel like everything I ever love I loose. Im in depression and having anxiety attacks often. This message brought me to tears. I just try to love and give. I just wanna be happy again. I just wanna laugh again. But it hurts.

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