The World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Institute at Bossey

…to see how interpretation can help the churches overcome their divisions… to work towards visible unity …and we will go through all the different traditions which we have represented here in order to see what are the differences because then only you understand the problem Jesus Christ was including the people
by healing them. I’m Qui Yun. I come from China. Danladi from Nigeria. Dedi from Indonesia Ivan from Mexico Guram from Georgia Lissy from the United States Theodor from Bulgaria Valentyn from Ukraine Bossey is a place to be experienced Students come here.
They live together, they eat together, they pray together. This is so special in Bossey:
that you live together, that you share lifetime together. You are not stopping after 90 minutes of lecture, but during meals and in the evening and social programs in your leisure time you go ahead talking about the topics. Our former students they look always forward
to coming back to Bossey for what Bossey is. What does hospitality look like now in
our in our different regions and different contexts of the world How to respect other students from different cultures, different traditions, with our identity Giving me an embrace as though we’ve met before to meditate, to have a real encounter with our own heart but also
with other hearts and religions meeting people as people and not as stereotypes learning how we can stay together in spite of our differences very sensitive atmosphere of love and mutual respect Sometimes I don’t think it’s the
questions that’s as challenging as much as how much they mean to us In prayers, I have discovered our unity. In prayers I’ve discover our diversity. The silence that is present here:
a silence out of which honest communication between people
emerges always

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