The Time Is Now | BEST Motivational Speech | Jeremy Anderson

I never thought I’d be traveling the
world like yo don’t let the the t-shirt and jeans fool you like you know what I’m saying.
I’ve accomplished a lot when I changed my brain. So I want to
challenge y’all real quick. Like ask yourself right now all eyes on me. What
kind of life do you wanna live? Like where do you want to be in the future? Because this
world out here it’s ugly I promise you you mess around and go out here and you
don’t really harness education you in trouble. Listen to me, I want to be an
advocate for those of you that feel like I don’t have much, I grew up in a messed
up situation, my paps not there I live with my auntie. I met a girl yesterday she like yeah mums strung out on crack, dad dead. I live with my auntie. You know what I’m saying but she’s like but I’d be dogging my auntie out. And I’m like yo we got to get over that. You want to be
treated like an adult let’s start acting like one because the success that you
can experience will mess around and blow your mind. So I got to a point I was like
shoot I want it! I want everything I’m supposed to get out of life.
Your DNA doesn’t determine your destiny your decisions do. What decision will
you make today? Will you make a decision to be great? Will you make the decision to like
put in the work in, as opposed to asking for the hand-me-down? I promise you like
I’m on some other stuff now. I’m trying to get everything I’m supposed to
get out of life and I’m here cause there’s potential inside you. So like
what’s your story? Some of you when you go home you look around your environment
you don’t like what you see. You can change that! Like you can make that
adjustment. You don’t have to be like this always but if you’re not
intentional about being a success, then you’re accidentally become a failure. I
promise you don’t nothin come by chance. Less talk more action. You want to
really show your mum you love her? You want to really show your family
you love them? Some of you don’t live with your folks. Somebody took you in. You was adopted, you got foster parents. Some of you, you live with aunties and Grand-mama’s and
relatives and you still doing whatever you doing. Like you really want to show
them you love them? Your behavior, like how you respond, how you produce, how you perform at school. That’s where you going to show them much you love them. I was just like
everybody who talked negatively about me I’m about to show them they was wrong about me and everybody who believed in me I’m about to prove them right. Hey what’s
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  1. hi Jeremy Anderson I go Ewing middle and you help me a lot I love u so much u learn me so much u made my life so easier and by that when you speak to my school I lesson and it helps me A LOT

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