The Taliban in Pakistan

Pakistan comes on the news these days, the context is
either floods, the Taliban, political assassinations, or
violence at the hands of suicide bombers. We wanted to see it for
ourselves, so we got on a plane and flew to Peshawar. It’s a city right on the border
of the tribal areas, a lawless region sandwiched
between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Back in 2006, we came to the
region to film a story about the largest illegal gun market
in the world in a town called Darra Adamkhel. [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOTS] [LAUGHTER] SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: Our
host was a guy named Naeem Afridi who was the Director of
Protocol for the provincial government. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING:
On the recent trip, we called Naeem again. And as soon as we met, he
explained that things in Pakistan and Peshawar,
specifically, had spiraled downward into a cesspool of
militancy and fundamentalism. SUROOSH ALVI: Now, I was here
four years ago, and it was totally different. And now, everyone’s scared. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: We drove
to the Pearl Continental Hotel, the same place we stayed
on our last visit. SUROOSH ALVI: So, that’s
the driveway coming into the hotel. There was a car that drove in
very fast, and there was a bomb blast here six
months ago. And four years ago, those little
walls didn’t exist. And there are about
25 to 30 armed guards inside this compound. I feel like I’m the only
person staying here. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: After
9/11, the US bombed the hell out of Afghanistan and
toppled the Taliban. The remaining soldiers scrambled
over the porous border into the tribal areas of
Pakistan, and that’s where they started to plot
their comeback. What a lot of people don’t
realize is that because of all of this, a second Taliban
movement was formed called the Pakistani Taliban or
Tehrik-i-Taliban. SUROOSH ALVI: You know,
there’s two Talibans– the one in Afghanistan and
the one in Pakistan. And the ones here have created
a lot of fear in Peshawar. This is the office
for The News. It’s one of the largest
newspapers in the country. We’re here to meet Rahimullah
Yusefzai. He is the most respected
journalist in the country. He was the first guy to ever go
visit with the Taliban and interview them. And he was also the last guy to
ever get an interview with Osama bin Laden, who he’s
interviewed twice. And he is regarded
as the foremost authority on the Taliban. And he’s made some time
to meet with us. Could you explain the difference
between the Afghani Taliban and the Pakistan
Pakistani Taliban were inspired by the Afghan
Taliban. They have the same values. The Pakistani Taliban look
to the Afghan Taliban for leadership. The Pakistani Taliban were happy
to fight in Afghanistan until the Pakistan government,
under US pressure, started action against them
in Pakistan. Then they started
looking inwards. They began fighting the
Pakistani state. So I think their main battle
now is in Pakistan. SUROOSH ALVI: So, buddy, this
road looks familiar. We’ve been on it before
when we went to Darra to the gun markets. NAEEM AFRIDI: Yeah. NARRATOR: And so why can’t we
go into the tribal areas? SUROOSH ALVI: We’re driving up
to a site where there was a bomb blast. The Taliban tried to
kill the police. It’s a checkpoint. I’m standing here on the border
of the tribal areas, and just four kilometers that
way is the gun market where we filmed four years ago. That area has been taken
over by the Taliban. And these guys here, they battle
with the Taliban on a regular basis. MALE SPEAKER:
in Darra, they do knock off this gun, but this
one has come from abroad. MALE SPEAKER:
[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]. OK, it’s definitely locked. I won’t shoot the farmer
[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] So this was built in 1986. This is a very important piece
of history here because this is where all the problems
stem from. When the Soviets invaded
Afghanistan, they came in. And there was a lot of leftover
Russian artillery. And since that time, this
Kalashnikov culture has been pervading Pakistan. MALE SPEAKER:
it’s pretty heavy vibes around here. They’re scanning
suspicious-looking people and trying to find guns, explosives,
and what not. There was a single bomb blast
that blew up the market over there, the mosque behind me,
the armored vehicle over there, and the police station,
and about 50 people died. One of the guys who
died was wearing this bulletproof jacket. And the soldier who died, they
buried him right here. Yikes. That freaks me out. There’s all kinds of shit
target the police here because they’re saying that they’re
infidels, they’re anti-Muslim, they’re friends of the West,
they’re collaborators. And that’s why they become
targets, when in reality, they’re practicing Muslims. It’s ridiculous. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]? MALE SPEAKER:
it’s time to go. I’m pushing my luck here. OK. RAHIMULLAH YUSEFZAI: I think
that suicide bombing and the use of IEDs– Improvised Explosive Devices– that’s the two most effective
weapons now available with militants in this part
of the world. The young people who agree to
become suicide bombers, I think their numbers
are really big. They can even afford to
send bombers to attack insignificant targets. They’re all willing to die. I remember one of the Afghan
Taliban commanders, he claimed once that he had about 5,000
suicide bombers. The way they recruit people, the
way they brainwash them, that is very effective. In fact, I remember once
receiving a phone call from Qari Hussain, the master trainer
of suicide bombers. So he said, I can turn a young
man into a suicide bomber in half an hour. And I said, how come? He said, it’s very easy because
there is so much anger among Muslims against America,
against the allies of the Western countries like
the Pakistani state, Pakistani army. He said, our villages
have been attacked. Our women and children
have been killed. So we can very easily motivate
these families to supply us fighters and suicide bombers. And he then told me that you are
an old man, but if you sit with me for half an hour,
I can turn you into a suicide bomber. So he’s so confident of
The Taliban puts out videos like this. They used to be available in
shops around Peshawar, but when I went to buy them, all I
could find was Bollywood and pornography. So I got my local cameraman to
put out some feelers, and a militant ended up delivering a
flash drive to my hotel that was full of these videos
glorifying suicide bombers and successful missions
and executions. As if dealing with the
Taliban, widespread fundamentalism, and suicide
bombers wasn’t enough for Pakistan, in July, 2010,
terrible monsoons hit the country, and 20% of it
ended up underwater. In a matter of months, more
than 20 million people got fucked by floods of biblical
proportions. The water cut a swath through
the country, from the very top to the very bottom. MALE SPEAKER:
aftermath of the floods, this total devastation. There’s nothing left. They’ve had no aid. They have no money. No one’s helping them. They’re trying to pick up the
pieces of their lives, pick up these bricks and rebuild
their homes. They literally have nothing. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: To get
a better sense of how the government was responding to the
floods, I arranged to meet with the Bureau Chief of
the Daily Times of Peshawar, Iqbal Khattak. MALE SPEAKER:
homes around me have been rebuilt by the Taliban. MALE SPEAKER:
government fails, the Taliban is stepping in and helping the
rebuilding process, thereby engendering goodwill and winning
the hearts and minds of these people. How many other towns are
there like this? NAEEM AFRIDI: So many. SUROOSH ALVI: So many. And it’s all the same story. NAEEM AFRIDI: The same story. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: The US
government’s response to the floods was to donate about
$150 million in aid, which is great. But it’s nothing compared to
what the US is spending on fighting the Taliban
in Afghanistan– about $165 million every day. Part of that money is spent on
remote-controlled Predator drone planes used to bomb
militants not just inside of Afghanistan but also
inside of Pakistan. The drone plane attacks piss off
not only the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but everyone, from
civilians to the government. They often miss their targets,
killing innocent people. They’re a blatant violation of
the nation’s sovereignty. In 2008, Iqbal Kjattak met with
the Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud, who explained
to him the effects of the American drone attacks. SUROOSH ALVI: We’ve been in
Peshawar for a couple days, and I’m just trying to wrap my
brain around everything that’s going on here. There’s many groups and factions
and splinter groups. Within the Taliban itself,
there’s probably 30 militant groups under the
Tehrik-i-Taliban umbrella organization. Then there’s al-Qaeda. We are just driving into
a neighborhood called University Town. It is where Osama bin Laden used
to live, and it’s where he started al-Qaeda. It’s the birthplace
of al-Qaeda. And from here, we’re going
to go meet with the Jamaat-e-Islami, who are a very
established, conservative Islamic movement. And they are al-Qaeda
friendly. MALE SPEAKER:
people I interviewed, the clearer it became. The Taliban and al-Qaeda in
Pakistan have abandoned the holier pursuit of
imposing strict Islamic law in the region. For now they’re simply young,
pissed off, and vengeful beyond belief. RAHIMULLAH YUSEFZAI: You need
religion to motivate people. In Sharia, or Islamic, law,
jihad, these slogans are very handy, very effective. But I think that the suicide
bombings, even the attacks against the security forces,
the police, the Pakistani state, the ruling party
politicians, is an act of revenge. It’s just plain revenge. There would be people who would
be radicalized because of the policies of the state,
because of this alliance with the US, because of American
policies in the region. That’s why, even if there’s a
solution in Pakistan, I don’t think the problem will end
because there’s a fallout on Pakistan of whatever is
happening in Afghanistan. SUROOSH ALVI NARRATING: So
after nine years and $370 billion spent fighting against
the Taliban in Afghanistan, the US still seems to be
pretty far off from accomplishing much besides
pissing off the entire region. And all this is inspiring a
whole new generation of militants and suicide bombers
in Pakistan, a country that has been considered for
years to be a key ally in the War on Terror. So it seems to me, they’ve
got a bigger problem now. [THEME MUSIC]

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