The RIGHT Way To Enter A Church Pew [CC]

Now hold it right there, mister! That is NOT how we enter a pew at church! Go back and try it again. Nope! Try again! That is still not the correct way we enter a pew. Maybe you need to be reminded why entering a pew reverently is important. Inside this box, which we call a tabernacle, dwells our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. It is truly His body, blood, soul, and divinity within.
Therefore, we must show reverence to Him every time we enter a church and enter a pew. When walking to the pew you want, make a complete stop. Make eye contact with the tabernacle ahead, where dwells our Lord. Genuflect. This means kneel down with one knee making complete contact with the floor. While genuflecting, slowly and reverently, make the sign of the cross. Then, stand back up and enter the pew. Once there, kneel down on the kneeler and say a prayer. Don’t just sit. Try again! THAT’S how we enter a pew at church. Spread the word.

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  1. This is AWESOME to share with my young daughter!
    Because I care and I want to do this the right way!
    You have just made it so much easier for me by showing a good physical model I assume this is likely Mike, And we can see what his legs are doing, and we can see the tabernacle.
    This is SUCH a PERFECT lesson for a child.
    Thank you so very much!
    Love michele

  2. Thanks for posting this important reminder, and also the Rosary and other great things you are sharing.  God bless!

  3. This is the way it was at St. Anthony's Church, in Kent, Washington back in the 1970s. . . We don't do this anymore! The priest doesn't seem to be in charge anymore!. . .Now that same church doesn't even look, or feel Catholic. They took the Tabernacle from the alter, put it in a side room, the beautiful alter was stripped down, and "modernized" The crucifix was replaced some modern art, made by a couple of Protestant hippies in Seattle.   I miss the old Mass, and the old priests from that era. 
    I may go join the SSPX. . .I think they still take Mass seriously. . .Mass should not resemble a rock concert.

  4. Now I dont see the need for a tuxedo but, certainly not wearing shorts and a pulled out shirt is what i would call appropriate. Solemnity, Collared Shirt, Slacks, Shoes, Slow and deliberate steps, genuflection with a mental prayer like the Act of Hope. This is our Masters home. We should have some class and dignity in his house. There is a time and a place for being casual. This should not be it. I am a fan of your other videos, Im not trying to be hard on you just my opinion.

  5. if I'm not mistaken you should only genuflect towards the tabernacle, and If, unfortunately the tabernacle is hidden or not present you should make a deep bow towards the alter, this also applies when Christ is not present within the tabernacle.

  6. Do you mean the RIGHT way if the Blessed Sacrament is present on the altar? I don't see or hear that in the video. I'm confused. In some Churches, the tabernacle is not on the main altar. Is this the right way, then?

  7. As a Catholic thanks for posting this video. Too often I see irreverent attempts at the reverent. It's not a requisition to cross yourself, although it's a pious practice before a Tabernacle. But yes, genuflect slowly. Also bow before an altar without a Tabernacle, and at the Name of Jesus.

  8. Those of us educated by "Old School" nuns know the proper way to enter a pew. How about touching on entering a pew during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament?

  9. It's just missing one step! Move ALL the way into the middle of the pew – don't be a bookend that blocks other people from getting in.

  10. Is it the same for all Christian churches? And also, if there was a funeral mass going on, with the casket in front of the alter, would people also kneel and pray directly in front of the casket, or just in the pew?

  11. It is easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle than a sinner who is broken and imperfect to become Catholic. This church is best suited for sinners who are whole and perfect with their personal integrity good enough for the Salvation sacrifice of the Lord.This is a different standard from Ephesians 2:8-10 for other Christians.

  12. Yeah, but he was NOT dressed appropriately for mass. SHORTS are NEVER appropriate. You are not going to a theater multiplex or a golf course. Show some respect! When possible, business casual is appropriate. I've been told personally NOT to wear shorts!!!!

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