we always invested a sacrifice today for tomorrow’s betterment but we don’t know that betterment is the one factor what we’re really doing it for we can’t win this war guys if you had six months to live what would you do differently with your life what would you do differently if your life is not what you want it to be if you’re not living the way that you want to live if you’re not experiencing what you want to experience if it’s not giving you what you want you’ve got to ask yourself what have I sold my soul a real man in the dark when nobody’s watching he put me in work a real man when coach ain’t even watching he’s studying film on his own but he’s and he loves the process everybody wanna be a big everybody got a lot tattoos Alliance most of y’all think that a lion is who he is he cause him out for roaches here when he catched that gazelle when when he catched that zebra if a lion see an animal that’s wounded or real hunter see an animal that’s wounded what do they do they don’t kill him why don’t they kill him he already heard and they beast a part of being a beast just saying even gazelle a part of being a beast is the heart it’s the heart today excited bout cuz real lions like to heart they love the process just as much as they love the prize and some of y’all just want to score you don’t like the process you’re not in love with the process well they say when people take the courage to journey into the center of their fear they find nothing it is only many layers of fear being afraid of itself we put in a hundred and twenty percent every time or you don’t put in nothing because listen to me very closely today this opportunity you have there might not be here next year it might not be here two year after next it might not be hitting yet today this is the only moment you got and you better take advantage of this particular moment you’ve hit the wall someplace you’ve looked in the mirror too many times and haven’t smiled you want to change the situation move from where you are the journey is not easy before you start that journey mentally you must fuel yourself with the right reasons the right fuel to sustain the entire journey everyone’s hot off the start it does not take time you don’t have to be talented right you don’t have to be gifted you have after be the quickest the strong is you don’t have to be the most intelligent to get what you guys just got a grind no your glide you might come from privilege your daddy might look you up with a car you might know you’re gonna get your job but you will not work me you better grow up and get your brother’s a man that if you ever get better you be by somebody that just that’s just purely more talents than you are and Brett might ever get me by somebody because you beat yourself

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