The Problem With Imagination | Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. And also pastor Steven thank you. Ur message was awesome I am going to listen to more of them now! I believe that God is going to use u to do wonders in people's lives!🙂

  2. Lord Jesus Christ please heal our minds and put ur thoughts in there. Please forgive my mind for bad thought s. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  3. We must adress the cycle of thoughts (neuropathways) to begin with- not to make the symptoms to go away.. The symptoms go away when we break the cycles of thoughts…

  4. I thank the Lord for your messages they really helped me understand a little more of why I think the way I think. And how in Jesus name the cycle can be broken.

  5. God bless you Pastor ! God is using you greatly and I have come to Love the word of God more and more !

  6. Hi Pastor Steven. In this difficult season of my life this is what is being happening to me. My husband left with 2 child and pregnant. I have been betrayed by so many and been living in obedience to God have never been so hard for me. Everything I do ended in to waiting for the next. Trusting in God is only what I have.

  7. All things that are conceived in your brain can be a reality if that is God's will. Nothing is impossible for God to do he has all power and knowledge of everything that was, is and is to come. Imagination is a powerful tool and should not the used as a thing for selfish fun. But it can be used to exist to not shape shift but mind shift. Like putting yourself in someone shoes. Have u ever imagine being someone, sister or teacher or mother or uncle. A flower the sun the moon the earth. The dust the worms the dead. At each state you will learn valuable information. It's like you you tune in to there frequency so you establish a line of communication so you understand and feel there emotions. Father for wisdom and understanding to the ends of creation is yours and yours to give unto your faithful ones let who is able to receive it let them receive it through your son and our savour Jesus Christ, Amen.

  8. This is the message everyone needs to listen. Thank you so much Pastor for sharing. Its been such a great blessings listening your sermon which always encourages me to continually seek the will of the Lord! Praise God! ❤️

  9. Oh my God, every word he says, is just so so so true. I was suffered in depression, then because of my faith, God has opened my eyes about the situation that traps me for a long time. It was an vicious addiction, I grew close and attached to the depression. And it had become the way I think things and I thought that is who I am. But Pastor steven is so right, it is just a cycle and it is hard to realize the way we think is wrong. We need to jump out of it, forsake old ways and let God's word and work lives in our heart.

  10. In jesus name.thats why I don't trust intuition cause the devil plays on my imagation and he does alot.satan will bring up old memorys and glad im happy married I don't need no one from the past I forgive them but I don't miss them.when you miss sometimes the devil place that in your imagination cause god said he creating a new thing don't you not see it.god also said put old things behind you.all fears are from the enemy that he planted in your mind.everytime I imgain the past or think of it I know satan is doing it.satan is a lizard!

  11. I’ve been watching you on and off for a year and you have no idea how much your sermons have helped me! You are so inspirational and I love how honest you are and real! Thank you God for speaking through Steven and thanks you Steven for sharing it with us. I’ve struggled tremendously and even lost a daughter but God has a plan for me. My daughter saved my life! Praise God

  12. What i like about him is he never say like his video ahaha. But i did ☺ God Bless pastor Furtick 😇 I'm loving your sermon. 🤗 To God be All The Glory ☺

  13. Thank you for what you are doing with your life – God is doing incredible things through you and I am so blessed to be a recipient. He always speaks right to me through you, thank you 🙏🏻

  14. Thanks God is using yo to let others people hear the Word of God !! Tremendous word , it help me so much right now ! Amen for that ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. Hi pastor… Jen. You tell my story as I live it day by day. You said meet a need with a need. Well I've been going through this I am 4 months behind on my bills so I have a great need I only have two weeks before my house goes into foreclosure my birthday is July 19th 1976 I'll be 43 years old I have three children 1 things biscuit the he's him and work release I have a daughter is 17 and another daughter whom I do not want to let down I really been going through it I typed a dollar to my church and I have a great need I'm not sure how God's going to work it out but has mutinied with a need so hopefully that works but if you have any suggestions or ideas I've been praying I've been standing but I am definitely our cat sound and the story that you tell City Summer's over the last couple years are my story for sure you've been truly inspiring thank you for your word…jmdt

  16. I have suffered and struggled with a terrible spirit of religion and earning my salvation. It has left me utterly open and defenseless, because as long as you are earning your salvation, you are not receiving it from God. EVEN SO God took my sinners prayer more serious than I did, and has pursued me all my life. Recently, God has shown me that my torment and suffering has been because Satan has trapped my mind in a fantasy. The fantasy of having to (And thinking I even could) earn my salvation. It's a fantasy. It's all in my imagination. One of the things God showed me was, thinking I wasn't saved was actually pride. Because when God says "I have secured you, saved you, even in spite of your lack of faith, how proud are you to doubt My ability to keep you safe and secure you, even in your doubt and unbelief?"

  17. Thank you so much🙂 All your videos are amazing. God has blessed you so beautifully. I like your pronounciation and way you reach towards us. Keep rocking and Pray for me and my family.

    Once again thank you so much👍

  18. Thank You for this powerful. Message. I struggle with my thoughts each day. Trying desperately to turn my thoughts around. I think I have forsaken me. God bless

  19. Is there a link to the full message? I really needed this message! God bless you Pastor Furtick and leadership of Elevation church. 😊

  20. I'm not kidding…. i start watching one video about fighting my fears… then I get off of youtube, and then another video of God telling me to stop worrying comes up as a first on my youtube feed…. then I get off and you won't guess what's next… This video came up on my feed as a first…. I'm right here right now, all cause of God's glory…. honestly, i've been going through too much, going through too many fearful situations in my mind, going through so many suicidal thoughts, almost stabbing myself…. God is restoring me, He is the best, He is King above all kings, He is the greatest, and it breaks my heart how much He loves us all when we don't deserve his love and mercy…. God is the best…

  21. Praise the Lord!! I needed to hear this today..God is good..Today is the day my cycles is broken!! .. Praise the Lord.. soo blessed pastor steven..God bless.. Amen Amen and Amen!!

  22. Steven, know that at friend of mine introduced you to me. I have only watched this video, but, have been inspired to subscribe. Thank you and God bless you. -Tom

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