The Priest – (Hard Lads) – Foil Arms and Hog

Stop it, Ma Hurry up, light the candle
we’re going to auntie Breda at 2 Hello Johnathan! Hello Did you have a nice communion Johnathan? Yeah.. Do you know who I am, do you? Do you know what his name is Johnathan? No They call me.. The Priest Not an actual Priest Not a religious priest It’s a criminal nickname That’s it My Mam says you run a collection racket I’d like to refer to it as a tax Not an actual tax I’m not a tax man It’s criminal tax, you see Now, did you make a few quid this morning Johnathan,
did you? Yeah, I done deadly Ah, did you now? Hey, that’s my money He looks like he done alright, didn’t he? Where you going next Johnathan? Nowhere Oh, but you’re not going nowhere Double negative, you see No, you’re off to your auntie Breda and then it’s on to Granny Byrnes, isn’t it? and if I’m not mistaken, next is the Treasure trove Out to Castleknock to the rich cousins The Brodys Are we forgetting any body Johnathan? Does he have amnesia Johnathan? We didn’t think so Now, my associate here, The Altar Man
will be around to you tomorrow to collect a tax And I’ll see you again in 5 years via confirmation We’ll take a new name Oh, and Johnathan.. I almost forgot Your communion bread That’s too big In this world there’s 2 types of people Hard and soft And you my little friend
are soft AHHH, I’M HARD Lads We got a job to do

27 thoughts on “The Priest – (Hard Lads) – Foil Arms and Hog”

  1. We love this video guys, we have subscribed and liked – we showcase the very best and very latest comedy from your country. We'd love to get some footage of you guys or maybe even an interview? It's for a really good cause too! Would it be cool if we contact you via email or facebook?

  2. Hi guys I'm your fan from Italy. I really enjoying your skits!What's the title of the song at the end of this clip?

  3. The proddies are the rich cousins, not in my family mate! Youse lads are so hysterical I'm after peeing a little bit from the laughter. Cheers from Upper Canada!

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