The Power to Innovate | Ram Heavy Duty

Power is a diesel engine that breaks new ground. Locked on a frame made of the strongest steel. But when you pair it with 20/20 vision… …take all the guessing out of hitching. And watch as it heaves more than its peers. That’s the power to innovate. The new Ram Heavy Duty. Part of America’s most powerful lineup of pickups.

19 thoughts on “The Power to Innovate | Ram Heavy Duty”

  1. Ok the 2019 dually may have best in class towing, however the 2020 GM duallys are already out and tow 35,500 lbs. Just saying.

  2. I know it's a ram cause it says so on the grill. I grew up with a 2000 ram 1500 that we always called big red. It was my favorite truck in the whole world and I finally got one of my own 12 years later, it barely runs but I couldn't be happier to have one and one day hopefully it will run strong again. My family always taught me ram is best and I never saw anything to tell me different. When you saw it on the road you just knew what it was and who made it. Now, I only know cause it says so on the grill. Every year I see more and more cars just blur together. No passion no soul

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